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What Does Democracy Mean?


What Does Democracy Mean? What Does It Mean to You? Roots demokratia Greek and middle French democratie Could roots inform us about its world-wide applicability? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Does Democracy Mean?

What Does Democracy Mean?
What Does It Mean to You?
  • Roots demokratia Greek and middle French
  • Could roots inform us about its world-wide

Are There Minimum Standards of Democracy?
  • Can we really define democracy?
  • Lets try and make a list, shall we?
  • Definition
  • Elements
  • Processes
  • Necessary vs. sufficient conditions
  • Democratization
  • Democratic consolidation

Waves of Democracy
  • Or democratization - courtesy of Samuel P.
  • 1st wave flawed, slow, Western-based
  • 2nd wave post-WW II - 30 countries
  • 3rd wave mid-1970s 70 countries
  • Need two successive peaceful transfers of power

Is the 3rd Wave Dead?
  • Rise of authoritarianism
  • War on terrorism
  • Illiberal democracies (aka electoral or partial
  • Substantive v. procedural democracies
  • Middle East

  • Americas allies in the Middle East are
    autocratic, corrupt and heavy-handed. But, they
    are still more liberal, tolerant and pluralist
    than what would likely replace them (w/
    democratic elections.) If elections had been last
    month (Nov. 2001) in Saudi Arabia with King Faud
    and Osama bin Laden on the ballot, I would not
    bet too heavily on His Royal Highness fortunes.
  • Fareed Zakaria, How to Save the Arab World,
    Newsweek, Dec. 24, 2001

And then, theres Iraq
  • Main Sunni party pulls out of Iraqi
    electionIraq's largest mainstream Sunni Muslim
    party pulled out of the election race yesterday,
    saying the violence plaguing areas north and west
    of Baghdad made a "free and fair vote" on January
    30 impossible. The Guardian Tuesday December
    28, 2004

How Does Democracy Develop?
  • Organically?
  • The Good eastern Europe post-Soviet period,
  • The Bad Chinas attempt at free markets
    without human rights emphasis
  • The Ugly Russia, too much, too fast,
    regression as Putin increases control

Can Democracy Be an Imposed Solution?
  • Can you import a value or political system?
  • Religion Crusades
  • Economics/Culture Colonialism
  • Political Spread of democracy Bush Doctrine,
    War on Terrorism
  • Arab Spring
  • Can democracy be influence through incentives
    e.g. trade and aid? EU for instance

Americas History of Democratization
  • Pre-revolutionary Shining City on the Hill
  • Revolution/Founding Empire of Liberty
  • Jacksonian Era Christianizing savages
  • Imperial America Cuba, Philippines
  • Wilsonian Internationalism Making the world
    safe for democracy
  • Cold War Liberalism Fighting Communism
  • Post-imperial or neo-imperial War on Terrorism

Do Democracy and Free Markets Go Hand In Hand?
  • Not according to Amy Chua, author of
  • World on Fire 2003
  • Too much democracy too fast is BAD
  • Need certain conditions for democracy to grow and
  • Ethnic minorities at risk
  • Indians in East Africa, Jews in Russia, Han
    Chinese in the Philippines

Are newly formed democracies at risk?
  • The Economists Intelligence Unit surveyed new
    democracies in Eastern Europe between 2006 and
    2008 finding that their democracy scores had
  • But no serious trend away from democratic
    leanings due to globalization.
  • Economic hard times undermined the government of
    Latvia trouble brewing in Ukraine

What About Your Country?
  • What is the status of democracy in your assigned
  • What elements of democracy does it have?
  • What elements of democracy does it lack?
  • Will democracy work or is it just a Western

Survey says!
  • Fully democratized UK and Mexico
  • Partially democratized Russia and Nigeria
  • Democracy? LOL! China and Iran
  • (College Boards AP sourcebook, democratization
    briefing paper, 2005)
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