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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Addressing

  • Addressing Bullying Social Aggression
  • Student Support Services
  • Humble ISD

Maintaining a Positive School Climate 100 of the
students, 100 of the time
  • Humble ISD utilizes a 3 tiered approach in
    addressing social aggression on campuses.
  • The following pyramid outlines specific
    interventions used to address bullying social

Bullying Social Aggression Intervention Pyramid
Level 3 Interventions Classroom change,
EBSP/DAEP, Campus Transfer, Behavior Facilitators
  • Level 2 Interventions
  • 1. Investigation
  • Disciplinary Action for Perpetrator
  • Personal Counseling for both the perpetrator and
    the victim

Level 1 Interventions Making Connections
Why Try Guidance
Campus PBIS Be The Change
Level 1 Interventions Making Connections Why
Try Guidance Lessons Campus PBIS Be The
Making Connections
  • Life is not a destination. Life is a journey.
    As long as you continue the journey,
  • you will always be a success.
  • Albert Camus

Humble ISDs Guidance and Counseling Program
  • The guidance curriculum teaches students the
    skills they need to prevent, to identify, to
    respond to, and to seek help for acts of social
  • To meet this goal, every counselor will present 1
    guidance lesson per grade level in each grading

Why Try? Connecting Students to opportunity,
Freedom, and self-respect
Positive Behavior Intervention Support
  • Be the Change 
  • Addressing Bullying Social Aggression
  • Student Support Services
  • Humble ISD

Bullying Defined
  • Texas Education Code Definition Section
  • Bullying occurs when a student or group of
    students engages in written or verbal expression,
    expression through electronic means, or physical
    conduct that occurs on school property, at a
    school-sponsored or school-related activity, or
    in a vehicle operated by the District that
  • Has the effect or will have the effect of
    physically harming a student, damaging a
    students property, or placing a student in
    reasonable fear of harm to the students person
    or of damage to the students property OR

Bullying Defined
  • Is sufficiently severe, persistent, and pervasive
    enough that the action or threat creates an
    intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational
    environment for a student.
  • The conduct is considered bullying if it
  • Exploits an imbalance of power between the
    student perpetrator and the student victim
    through written or verbal expression or physical
  • AND
  • Interferes with a students education or
  • substantially disrupts the operation of
  • -Humble ISD Board Policy

Humble ISD

Any student who believes that he or she has
experienced bullying or believes that another
student has experienced bullying should
immediately report the alleged acts to a teacher,
counselor, principal, or other district employee.
A report may be made orally or in writing.
How we can make a difference
  • By working together, we can create a place that
    is free of relational violence.
  • Commit to Be the Change

The Social Majority
  • While some individuals bully, and others are the
    target of bullying, approximately 84 of a
    student population is in neither of these two
    groups. These students are the Social Majority.
  • Data from Grays Guide to Bullying

Reducing Bullying Social Aggression
  • Bullying
  • One or more individuals inflicting physical,
    verbal or emotional abuse on another
  • Types of Bullying
  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Relational
  • Cyber

Did you know?
  • The average bullying episode is 28 seconds
  • If a bystander intervenes, the average drops to 7
  • Not knowing how to respond is a common deterrent
    to intervening

Adapted from Michael Dreiblatt
Balance Educational Services
I was just kidding . . .
  • Playful Teasing
  • Teaser and person being teased can easily swap
  • Maintain dignity
  • Pokes fun in lighthearted manner, meant to
    entertain both parties
  • Stops when the other person objects or becomes
  • Bullying Behavior
  • Imbalanced, one person has the power during the
  • Intended to harm
  • Involves humiliating or cruel comments thinly
    disguised as jokes
  • Repeated and continues when the target becomes
    upset or says, Stop

Adapted from Michael Dreiblatt--Balance
Educational Services
What Can We Do?
  • Kids notice what adults do (response vs. no
  • Bystanders will often not respond unless they see
    others routinely respond
  • Create a school culture of collective concern
  • and empower bystanders in 3 easy steps
  • 1. Stop the interaction
  • 2. Name the behavior
  • 3. Remind students of school expectation
  • Treat others with Respect!

Adapted from Michael Dreiblatt--Balance
Educational Services
3 Steps in Action
  • Non-Confrontational Communication
  • Stop that. It looked like you were trying to
    trip your friend. We want you to be kind to each
    other here at school.
  • I dont think Matt likes having his backpack
    pulled. Remember we treat each other with
  1. Stop the interaction
  2. Name the behavior
  3. Reminder of school expectation

Non-Confrontational Communication
  • Words should be.
  • Short
  • Sweet
  • To the point
  • Serve as a reminder
  • Tone should be.
  • Neutral
  • Calm
  • No sarcasm
  • Not a reprimand

Adapted from Michael Dreiblatt--Balance
Educational Services
Be The Change
  • 3 Step approach
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Could make a big difference in how our students
    treat each other
  • Utilize the 3 Steps daily in the halls,
    classrooms and duty stations to address hurtful
  1. Stop the interaction
  2. Name the behavior
  3. Reminder of school expectation

Be the Change

Any staff member who learns that a student may be
experiencing bullying should immediately report
the situation to the principal or counselor.
In Closing
  • Encourage others to Be the Change
  • Look for the good in others and within ourselves
  • Kindness is soft and subtle. It permeates
    everything it comes in contact with, and remains
    as a permanent reminder of what could and should
  • -Daphne Rose Kingma