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Welcome to AVID 11 Parent /Student Night


Welcome to AVID 11 Parent /Student Night Matt Bean: mbean_at_murrieta.k12.ca.us 951-894-5750 Ext: 6608 (Teacher/ Coord.) Char Gempeler: cgempeler_at_murrieta.k12.ca.us – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to AVID 11 Parent /Student Night

Welcome to AVID 11 Parent /Student Night
  • Matt Bean mbean_at_murrieta.k12.ca.us 951-894-5750
    Ext 6608 (Teacher/ Coord.)
  • Char Gempeler cgempeler_at_murrieta.k12.ca.us
  • (951) 894-5750 ext 6605 (Teacher)
  • Denise Peterson dpeterson_at_murrieta.k12.ca.us
  • (951) 894-5750 ext 6617 (Teacher)

VMHS AVID Expectations
  • Individual Determination (AVID is a choice not a
  • Adopt the AVID Methodologies- Must be willing to
    change some of your personal habits. Do things
    the AVID way!
  • Maintain a Competitive Grade Point Average
    (Tutoring/ Probation/ Dismissal)- Effort Wins!
  • Complete a Rigorous Course of Study (minimum 1
    Advanced Placement/ Dual Enrollment Course before
  • Actively Participate on Campus (sports, clubs,
    band, leadership etc.)

AVID Protocol
  • All schedule changes go through AVID teacher/
    coordinator AVID counselor AVID
    administrator. Communicate with us about
  • Priority of schedule changes are based on Core
    Teachers who support the needs of AVID students.
  • Allow your student to handle his/her issues (They
    must communicate with teachers)
  • Rigor- Expo English/ Take at least one Advanced
    Placement (AP) course during high school (AP US
    History ?). The Program dictates the students
    schedule not the student or the parent
  • Hold your student accountable!

How does the AVID program contributeto the
success of the students?
  • Teaches study and organizational skills
  • Uses writing as a tool for learning
  • Gives tutorial help with college/AP tutors
  • Enhances collaborative thinking to ensure success
    in rigorous courses
  • Students visit colleges and universities
  • Assists students with the application process for
    four year colleges and universities
  • Students explore college majors and careers
  • Students complete self exploration and receive
  • Students create college admissions essays and
    actively seek out scholarship opportunities

11th Grade AVID Highlights
  • Students interested in the UC System Do not
    require SAT Subject Tests for Fall 2013
    admission, but you may submit scores on these if
    you want to show your mastery of a particular
    subject. Some campuses may recommend certain
    Subject Tests for some competitive majors. Also,
    you may use them to satisfy "a-g" requirements.
  • All Students should actively participate in the
    college search process (Fit School)
  • www.csumentor.com
  • Google college search many options

11th Grade AVID Highlights
  • Grade Point Average Counts for College! (50)
  • All Students should challenge themselves w/ level
    of Rigor (40 increase in College Readiness)
    The GOAL is to take at least 1 AP Course before
    Graduation! Rigor Thinking / Difference
    between Doing Work and Studying
  • Develop a plan to Use the Tutors!

11th Grade AVID Highlights
  • All students should take the PSAT (Wednesday Oct.
    17/ Register w/ bookkeeper by Oct. 10th- 23)
  • All students should take the Practice Full-
    Length SAT (January 26th/ 20 to bookkeeper).
    Based on results, students should consider taking
    a preparation course offered on campus
    (BeCollegeWise.com) Discounted Price 195
  • All Students must take the SAT/ACT in the Spring.
  • SAT- www.collegeboard.com March 9/ May 4/ June 1
  • ACT- www.act.org Feb 9. /April 13/ June
  • All students should establish study time for
    the SAT/ ACT
  • 2 hours per week during 1st Semester
  • 5 hours per week during 2nd Semester

Test Type Aptitude Achievement
Subjects Critical Reading Math Writing English Math Reading Science Writing
Sections 9 Sections Essay 4 Sections Essay
Testing Time 3 hours, 45 minutes 3 hours, 25 minutes
Test Price 49 48
Register www.collegeboard.com www.act.org
Test Dates March 10, 2012 May 5, 2012 June 2, 2012 February 11, 2012 April 14, 2012 June 9, 2012
Scoring 2400 Total Score Critical Reading 200-800 Math 200-800 Writing 200-800 1500 Average College Bound Score Composite Score of 36 Average Score from 4 Sections 21 Average College Bound Score
Additional Information ¼ point deducted for incorrect answers (no guessing No penalty for guessing
Question may be worded in a tricky manner, challenging vocabulary Slightly higher Math, but questions are more user friendly, English and vocabulary are more manageable
  • Occur at least once per week
  • Students break into groups based on core subjects
    in which they need support. CONCEPTUAL LEARNING
  • Students engage in collaborative inquiry and
  • A tutorial form MUST be filled out before the
  • Tutorials are turned in at the end of the
    tutorial. They should not be taken home except
    as a study tool!
  • Missed Tutorials (due to absences, etc.) must be
    made-up on the assigned date (usually offered 2x
    a month).
  • Tutorials are NOT a place to do HOMEWORK!

Notebook Checks
  • Used as a way to check organization and note
    taking. Notes are checked daily!
  • Note guidelines (for core classes)
  • -1 pages for every block period (Front and Back)
  • -1/2 page 5th Period (Front Only)
  • 5 pages every two weeks for each class
  • --Notes must be complete and include heading,
    name/date (in pen!), topic, notes, and summary
  • AVID GENERAL STUFF\AVID Note Verification Form
    11th 2009.doc

AVID Tutoring Program
  • If a student is struggling in a class (grade is
    less than 75), students are required to get
  • Identify if Concept Based/ Effort Based
  • Tutoring consists of two hours a week of
    mandatory tutoring in the subject area. If a
    student has multiple unsatisfactory grades, he or
    she should divide the tutoring time among all
    needy areas, but he or she should not exceed four
    hours of tutoring.

Tutoring Process
  • Always contact the Core teacher first!
  • Communicate with your AVID teacher!
  • AVID Lunch Tutoring
  • 1st Lunch Mon-Fri (E217) By Appointment 2nd
    Lunch Monday- Friday (EE28)
  • Late Start Tutoring 730- 830 in Library

  • Probation is assigned to any student that
    receives a D or to the students that do not
    maintain a competitive G.P.A.. Any student with a
    10th grade GPA below a 3.0 at the start of 11th
    grade is on probation. (Anything under a 3.0 will
    result in very few college options.)
  • Consecutive grading periods on probation will
    result in dismissal from AVID. (It is an
    academic program!)
  • Summer School and/ or ELO is required for all
    grades lower than a C. Failure to attend may
    result in dismissal from AVID as well as
    incomplete college eligibility.

College Field Trip
  • General Guidelines
  • 3 or 4 day charter bus trip
  • Time Period- Early February
  • Visit 6-8 Colleges (State/ Private/UC) Extra
    Educational- Fun Activity
  • Estimated Cost 250- 4 Day Trip (Two Payments of
    125 Due November 15 and January 15) Price
    includes charter bus, hotel accommodations
    (Holiday Inn Express or
  • equivalent), daily breakfast, campus tours,
  • Significant Requirements Good Academic
    Standing-Not on Probation (No Ds or Fs)/
    Registered for SAT or ACT/ Clearance Forms (Core

University Academic Requirements
A-G Coursework Minimum Requirement Recommended Path
A History / Social Science 3 years MWH , US History, Govt
B English 4 years Expository English 11 and 12 minimum path
C Math 3 years (must complete Algebra II) 4 years Precalculus / Statistics or beyond
D Lab Science 3 years Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Anatomy
E World Language 2 years 3rd year preferred
F Visual and Performing Art 1 year 1 year
G College Prep Elective 1 year (College Path automatically completes this)
Recommended courses set the students apart
from the minimum requirement students.
Course level, Advanced and AP, better develop
students to be college ready. (1 AP or Dual
Enrollment Course before Graduation)
College Admissions Profile
CSU System UC System Private
Admissions Formula Eligibility Index (GPA x 800 CR M) 2900 minimum score (10 X ACT Comp.) (200 x GPA) GPA, SAT (CR M, W), Essay, minimum 3.0 GPA to apply SAT IIs only special majors Comprehensive Review- Varies by school May need SAT IIs
Admitted Averages San Marcos 3.3 GPA 1011 CR Math Fullerton 3.48 GPA 1028 CR Math SDSU 3.78 GPA 1148 CR M Long Beach 3.6 GPA 1100 CR M Cal Poly SLO 3.9 GPA 1292 CR M SF State 2.8 GPA 900 CR M UC Riverside 3.62 GPA 1675 Total SAT UC Irvine 3.99 GPA 1877 Total SAT UC San Diego 4.07 GPA 1980 Total SAT UCLA 4.14 GPA 2035 Total SAT UC Merced 3.55 GPA 1653 Total SAT Santa Barbara3.98 GPA 1887 Total SAT Varies
Additional Information 23 Campus in State Traditional Majors 9 Reg. Campuses , Research and Theory Based Majors More Expensive / Give More Financial Aid, Smaller Classes, Higher Graduation Rate
AVID Funding
  • Current Budget- 10,000 District to cover tutors
    and all expenses
  • Goal to Fundraise 20,000
  • Average Yearly Expenses
  • 15,000 College Tutors
  • 5,000 (1,200 for 50 students for one day
  • 3,000 (Prog. Contribution to Junior 4 day
    Field Trip)
  • 3,000 Consulting/ Supplies/ Staff Develop.
  • 15,000 - 20,000 Desired Purchase
    (Portable Laptop / Tablet Lab)

AVID Funding
  • Fundraise/ Donate- 50 per student ( Equals 5
    per month)
  • Donate - Pay Cash to Bookkeeper or Online with
  • Card at the Trading Post Online Tax
    Deduction(By October 1st)
  • OR
  • Fundraise ????? Sell the equivalent to
  • 50 profit (Average return about 25 means
    you sell about 200 worth of product)
  • Corporate Sponsorship - ???? (Tax Write
  • 50 X 340 students 17,000

How can parents help?
  • Encourage students to come to school daily!
  • Be active with www.vmhs.net and the abi portal
    (passwords sent home 2 weeks ago).
  • Discuss with students selection of tutorial group
    they will join on tutorial day.
  • Occasionally review a page of notes.
  • Use questions developed by students to help
    review for concepts and tests.
  • Have weekly checks of organization

How can parents help? (cont.)
  • Discuss colleges and if possible, visit colleges
  • Develop a Family College Plan!
  • Force your children to Develop an Attitude
    about their education- Dont let them cruise- the
    competition is not!
  • Encourage/ force students to use the resources
    provided them in AVID.
  • Good resources
  • www.csumentor.edu
  • www.collegeboard.com
  • www.avidonline.org

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