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Bradford Woods Elementary Third Grade CURRICULUM NIGHT


Bradford Woods Elementary Third Grade CURRICULUM NIGHT 3A Miss Garrity 3B Mrs. Tarchick 3C Mrs. Harvey 4 chapters of multiplication/3chapters of division (division ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Bradford Woods Elementary Third Grade CURRICULUM NIGHT

Bradford Woods Elementary Third Grade CURRICULUM
  • 3A Miss Garrity
  • 3B Mrs. Tarchick
  • 3C Mrs. Harvey

Curriculum Night Agenda
  • Transition to Third Grade
  • Communication
  • Homework
  • Curriculum
  • General classroom/Building Information

Transition to Third Grade
  • Non-consumable Textbooks
  • More Homework
  • Must Study for all Tests
  • More Challenging Vocabulary
  • Responsibility for His/Her Own Learning

  • Assignment Book
  • Weekly Bulletin
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Report Cards/Tyler System
  • Email
  • Office (724-935-5081)
  • Thursday Email Blast

  • 10 minutes per grade level (30-40 min.)
  • Expect math and spelling 3-4 times/week
  • Homework Folder Green Plastic
  • Assignment Books
  • T Together
  • Parental Help
  • Holidays and special school nights
  • Classroom Time Missed

  • Responsibility of
  • Student
  • Parent
  • Teacher
  • Why?
  • Reinforces what has been learned in class
  • Helps students develop positive study
  • habits
  • Prepares students for upcoming lessons
  • Teaches responsibility and independence

Report Card
  • Letter Grades
  • Reading
  • English
  • Spelling
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Writing only receives a marking indicator twice a

Grading Scale
A 100 90 B 89 80 C 79 70 D
69 Tyler System
The PA Core Standards have been incorporated into
the NA curriculum
  • The PA Core Standards are designed to provide a
    pre K12 continuum to reflect the demands of a
    college- and career-ready graduate.

No more CA (communication arts)

ELA (English/Language Arts)
Reading, Writing, English
- 3rd grade does include a phonics/word
analysis component, however the focus is more on
comprehension skills.
3rd grade comprehension skills include..
  • - Making Inferences
  • - Character Analysis
  • - Determine the moral or lesson of a story
  • - Cause/Effect Relationships
  • - Point of View
  • - Authors Purpose
  • Use context clues to determine word meaning
  • Use text features to locate and interpret
  • Main idea and supporting details

Citing evidence from the text to support answers
is required.
Harcourt School Publishers Storytown
  • Lessons
  • 6 Themes (5 lessons per Theme)
  • Every 5th Lesson is a REVIEW of skills
  • taught in the previous 4 lessons.
  • Each lesson consists of
  • - 1 story or nonfiction text
  • - 10 vocabulary words
  • - A phonics/word analysis skill
  • - A comprehension skill
  • - A grammar lesson
  • - A writing skill
  • - One other focus skill

Tests Each lesson will include.
1 Vocabulary Quiz 1 Weekly Test 1 Spelling
Vocabulary Quiz
Words introduced and the list goes home on Day 1
of the lesson. Quiz is usually about 5 days
later. Words are discussed and reviewed during
the week in class, but should be studied at
home. The quiz is usually a matching quiz along
with questions about a selection of the words.
The questions must be answered in a complete
sentence . They must restate the question and
use proper mechanics and spelling.
Example Explain a time you felt
frustrated. Poor answer when I kept doing
belly flops Great answer A time I felt
frustrated was when I was
learning how to dive, and I kept
doing belly flops in the pool instead.
Weekly Test
Weekly Tests consist of 10 multiple choice
comprehension questions related to the story An
essay question related to the story (evidence
will need to be cited) Multiple choice questions
related to the comprehension, grammar, and focus
skills taught that week.
Lessons are generally taught over 5-6 days with
the weekly test given on the 5th or 6th day.
Students are required to use their books when
taking the weekly reading tests in order to
facilitate the citing of evidence used to support
their answers. Every 5th lesson is a review
lesson and no vocabulary quiz or weekly test will
be given during these weeks.
Monday Pretest List goes
home Mondays HW is to write
missed words from pretest 3X
each due Tuesday Packet goes
home/due Thursday Friday - Test
If student scores
100 on pretest, a 100 goes in the grade book
and student is exempt from Fridays test.
The student must still complete the packet.

The Sentence Nouns Pronouns Possessives Adject
ives/Adverbs Verbs Mechanics
Writing Projects
Personal Narrative Opinion Essay Instructions F
ictional Narrative Friendly Letter Descriptive
Essay Compare/Contrast
Book Reports
December and April
oral report presented to the class -
summarize the book/memorization encouraged -
written component - creative component
Place Value/Rounding Addition/Subtraction
Time/Money Multiplication Division Data
Collection/Interpretation Measurement
Geometry Fractions Patterns Probability
Decimals Multiplication 2 digit by 1digit
Division with remainders
Multiply 1 digit numbers by multiples of 10 ex.
4 x 60 240 Generate/recognize equivalent
fractions ex. 2/6 1/3 Express whole numbers
as a fraction ex. 24/6 4 or 3/1 3 Represent
fractions (including mixed numbers) on a number
B 3/5
Solve multi step word problems using one or more
of the 4 operations (addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division) Measure to the nearest
¼ inch Find area and perimeter of a rectangle
including problems where a side is
unknown..solve area using L x W
formula. Interpret and create line plots
Third Grade Rocket Math
  • A research-based program which incorporates
    effective practice to move students toward
    automaticity with basic math facts.
  • No more than two new facts and their inverses are
    introduced at one time.

Key Points
  • Parents should
  • Use flash cards and/or the childs oral practice
    set sheet
  • Practice only facts on the oral practice sheet,
    emphasizing the 3-4 new facts

Key Points
  • Parents could
  • Create/purchase a set of flashcards Practice a
    cold run of deck 2-3 times
  • Separate deck for mastered facts

Sequence of Subtraction Facts
Math Criteria for Math Placement Grades 3
through 5
  • End of Book Test
  • ITBS Math Concepts
  • ITBS Math Problem Solving
  • ITBS Math Computation
  • Basic Fact Test
  • All students receive the same curriculum.

Social Studies
  • Map Skills
  • Earths Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • How Communities Change Over Time
  • Our Countrys History
  • Citizenship
  • Government
  • Our American Culture
  • Economics

Earth Science Water, Weather, Rocks/Minerals,
Earthquakes/ Volcanoes
Physical Science Properties of Matter, Changes
in Matter Force/Motion, Simple Machines, Energy
Space Planets, Star Patterns, Sun, Moon, Earth
Bradford Woods Annual Science Expo
  • Friday, February 19, 2016

  • The Bradford Woods Science Expo is an opportunity
    for BWE parents and other community adults to
    share their knowledge and expertise in some area
    of science.
  • Topics may include physics, earth and space,
    biology, technology, or any science related
    topic. Formal demonstrations or informal exhibits
    are welcome.
  • Demonstrations will be for BWE students and their
    families. Students will rotate through areas of
  • Exhibits will be on display throughout the
    evening and may include slide shows, experiments,
    hand-on activities, lectures, visual displays,
  • Interested parents Expo Registration Forms will
    available on the BWE web site or from your
    teacher. Please mark your calendar!

NA Web Page
Online Textbook Resources
Dont Forget! Online MATH Book tutorials,
practice problems, games
Online Reading book has a link to awesome MATH
Standardized Testing 2015 - 2016
Iowa Test of Basic Skills Reading Math
Jan. 11 Jan. 15 PSSA ELA Apr.
11 Apr. 15 Math Apr. 18 Apr. 22
Absences Building Procedures
  • Illness Building Procedure
  • Day 1
  • Work will be saved and sent home with
    student the next day.
  • Day 2 or more
  • Requests prior to 10 am will be accepted to
    guarantee availability at 330 pm
  • Educational Trip
  • Assignments will be given to the best of the
    teachers ability. Due to schedule/curricular
    changes additional make-up work may be required.
  • Days missed days to complete
  • Fill Out Form for Approval

New Opportunities Available to Third Graders
  • Orchestra
  • Student Leadership
  • Variety Show

Elective class Students meet twice per week Ensemble every Wednesday for 45 minutes to rehearse for concerts - During Ensemble, orchestra students DO NOT miss any direct instruction Lessons 30 minute small group lesson/will be at the same day/time each week - students MAY miss direct instruction during lessons and will be responsible for making up missed work. Students who are not at Ensemble will be Participating in enrichment/remediation activities Working on special projects
Thank you for sharing your child with us at
  • Please visit your childs classroom
  • Feel free to write your child a letter