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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Student-Led

Student-Led Conference Welcome
  • In Language Arts
  • I have learned about how to write a proper
    paragraph. A proper paragraph should have about
    five to eight complete sentences. A paragraph
    must be indented. Also a paragraph should be
    descriptive and should stay on one topic.
  • I also learned about writing plays a play can be
    easy to write if you know the right things. Some
    important things you should know to write plays
    are you should stay on the main topic and dont
    skip through time, in the beginning of a
    scene/play you should introduce the main
    character and the setting.

  • My Favorite Story or Novel from Language Arts
  • One of my favorite stories/novel that I read this
    year was Akiak because it was about a dog that
    was on a dog sled team racing the Iditarod dog
    sled race in Alaska. Akiak got hurt and had to
    get taken out of the race but she wanted to stay
    so he ran away from his handlers to come to his
    musher. His musher was nine miles ahead but Akiak
    caught up to see his musher win!
  • Another story I enjoyed was The Parcel Post Kid
    because a kid wanted to go to her grandmothers
    house who lived far away, her family didnt have
    a enough money to send her but the kids father
    worked for Parcel Post. The kids father shipped
    her to her grandmothers house.

Here is a picture of me pretending to read a book
for this PPT.
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  • In Social Studies
  • I learned that Michigan had a war about Toledo
    with Ohio. We lost the war. Toledo belonged to
    Ohio and Michigan got the Upper Peninsula. It was
    an interesting war because it was two states in
    the same country fighting a war with each other.
  • We studied about the Civil war, Here is a link
    to my Civil War PowerPoint.

Another faux-to
  • In Science
  • I learned that if one living organism in an
    ecosystem becomes extinct it could disrupt the
    whole food chain. Which would be a disaster
    because if most or just a small part of a food
    chain is destroyed many helpful creatures may
    become extinct, and you know all the problems
    that could cause
  • We studied Ecosystems. I learned that there are
    many different ecosystems and each different
    ecosystem is unique. A ecosystem consists of
    living and nonliving, terrestrial and aquatic
    organisms. We live in an very big ecosystem
    called the Great Lakes ecosystem. We need to take
    care of it, or else Michigan will be known
    through out the country as the dying industrial
    state, which would be bad.

Me reading my science folder
  • In Mathematics
  • I learned methods for multiplication, addition,
    and subtraction. For multiplication Im learning
    lattice, and partial products. For addition Ive
    learned partial sums, and traditional. For
    subtraction Ive learned traditional, and
    counting up.
  • We studied fractions, angles, number models with
    parentheses, and geometry. We also studied
    multiplication, division, addition, and
    subtraction. I have learned many strategies for
    those topics and with the help of the strategies
    I find the topics quite easy.

Me studying a math book.
This is a link to my wiki page. Lets spend
some time looking at my favorite work that I did
on my own and with the class.
  • Strengths
  • One of my strengths is math I am proud of this
    because I can get my work done faster, Im
    sometimes ahead of the class, and I get good
  • Another of my strengths is spelling I am proud
    of this because a dont need to run a spell check
    many times, I can help people, I can get my
    spelling homework done faster, and I do good on
    spelling tests.
  • I am good at math because I practice almost
    every day and do my extra packets.

  • One thing I want to work on
  • I think I can better at using The Traits of Good
    Writing when I write.

  • My Goals
  • My academic goal this year was to learn my times
    table one through twelve.
  • So far, I have learned most of the times table
    one through twelve.
  • My personal/character goal this year was to
    become more organized and to complete and turn in
    my homework on time.
  • So far, I have become very organized but I still
    sometimes struggle to complete/turn in my
    homework on time.

April 22, 2010 Dear
Mom, Thank you for coming to my conference
today. I have worked hard this year in all
subjects . I hope you enjoyed the PowerPoint. I
have many strengths and many challenges. I hope
to overcome these challenges and make my
strengths stronger. Once again thank you for
coming. Love, Ben