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Organizing Your Adult Education Independent Study Program


Sweetwater Union High School District Division Of Adult Education Independent Study Organizing Your Adult Education Independent Study Program November 17, 2014 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Organizing Your Adult Education Independent Study Program

Organizing Your Adult Education
Independent Study Program
Sweetwater Union High School District Division Of
Adult Education Independent Study
  • November 17, 2014
  • Presenter Michelle Dullea
  • Teacher on Special Assignment
  • SUHSD Division of Adult Education

History of Adult Ed Independent Study at
  • Began in 1999 at Chula Vista Adult School
  • C.C.I.S. Member since 1999
  • I.S. is currently provided at all 4 adult
    schools National City Adult, Chula Vista Adult,
    Montgomery Adult, and San Ysidro Adult
  • Serve 74 regular adults and
  • 191 concurrently enrolled students in the
    comprehensive high schools in the Sweetwater

Overseeing a Large I.S. Program
  • 11 mile span from North to South
  • A system was created Sweetwater Division of
    Adult Education Compliance Handbook
  • Training new I.S. teachers
  • Handbook posted on our Adult Secondary Education
    website http//
  • Self-Audits once a year
  • Program meetings 3-4 times a year

Community Building in Adult Education Independent
  • Its time to come together in adult education
    Independent Study through C.C.I.S.
  • AB86 Consortiums throughout the state
  • Laws and I.S. compliance rules are changing
  • Funding streams
  • Hopeful and positive- Upswing for Adult Education
    in California

Sharing what helps your Independent Study Team
stay organized and compliant
  • Quick Reference Guide (Board approved guidelines
    to run I.S. at SUHSD)
  • Audit Folder with a check-off list (order of a
    clean file)
  • I.S. Self-Audit Check-off sheet
  • End of year procedures
  • Sweetwater Division of Adult Education
    Compliance Rules Handbook
  • Annual Calendar with block-out dates

Highlights from the Sweetwater Division of Adult
Education Compliance Handbook
  • Annual Calendar with block-out dates
  • Returning student procedures
  • Audit file order
  • Subsidiary files
  • Master Agreement and dates
  • Course Contracts
  • Work Samples (Holidays versus regular weeks)

Returning Students
  • Start Fresh
  • If a student was with you in the 2013-2014 school
    year, and continuing with you this fall 2014, you
    MUST start a new blue audit folder for them for
    the 2014-2015 school year with new course
    contracts and new master agreements, etc.
  • If they have completed some work, just pick up
    from where you left off and write returning
    student on the student registration slip and/ or
    locator for reference.

Returning Students (Those who have completed
some work with you or other teachers in the past)
  • Student should have a drop slip with some tests
    and work completed. This drop slip should be
    placed on page 1, behind the registration
    slip/locator when the student begins.
  • If the student gets dropped again, place the drop
    slip with completed tests and work on top of page
    1. If they return again, it will be easy to find.

Each student must have a Blue Audit File in
  • Page 1 of Audit File
  • Page 2 of Audit File
  • Must contain
  • Student locator or registration slip
  • Signed Course Contract ( currently in progress)
  • Must contain
  • All semesters (fall and spring) of signed Master
  • These will never move

Blue Audit File (continued)
  • Page 4 of Audit File
  • Page 3 of Audit File
  • In this order, from the bottom to the top
  • Completed classes which include
  • 1. At the very bottom (student locator/
    registration slip, 2. all stamped samples for the
    completed class 3. (based on site by site
    procedures Grade Slip, where applicable) Note
    some sites only require the completed course
    contract with a grade and credit filled-out,
    others want an official site Grade Slip
    provided to you at the school, and others want a
    Grade/Drop slip as a grade. You decide which
    is best based on your school site and registrar.
    4. the completed Course Contract with a grade
    filled out on the bottom Either way, you must
    have the completed course contract with the
    bottom portion filled-out placed on the very top
    of page 4!
  • All stamped samples for the course currently in

Blue Audit File
  • The audit file must contain all of the elements
    as described on pages 1-4 of the blue audit file!
  • Please do not include any other forms of
    documentation in this file!

Subsidiary or side files for each student
  • It is a good idea to keep a side folder on each
    students progress. We have additional
    documentation, tests, test scores, work, and
    other important forms of paperwork (CE forms from
    the high school, concurrent forms, etc.) to keep
    handy. It is important that you keep these
    subsidiary files far from the audit files in a
    separate area as to not confuse paperwork in the
    event of an audit. Auditors are only interested
    in seeing our blue audit folders!

Master Agreement
Must be completed each semester! Fall and
Spring!(2 per yr!)
  • Must be filled out completely (no blank
    spaces!!!) Use N/A if not applicable!!!

Master Agreement
Name ID Number (Found on registration
slip) School adult school site ex CVA Grade
Ask CE students /If RA(Regular Adult), ask what
grade they finished last in HS. DOB
birthdate Address, City Zip Sending school If a
CE (write HS name ex HHS)/ RA write
(N/A) Phone fill in all, or write N/A Write N/A
for any blank spaces!!!
Master Agreement
The I.S. Start Date is the date when teacher and
student first meet. It is the first date you can
begin collecting attendance hours in Web
Master Agreement
The Ending Date is always the last day of the
semester. A new Master Agreement must be
completed in the Fall and Spring Semesters. 2
Master Agreements per school year are needed in
student folders.
Master Agreement (RARegular Adults)
Write Student Name
All dates must be the same! Student and Teacher
signatures required!
Master Agreement (CEs Concurrently Enrolled)
Student Signature, Teacher Signature and Parent
Signature must be signed for CE students! Use
the same date on all!
Master Agreement
The date on page 2 of the Master Agreement should
be a date that is 1 or more days before the I.S.
Start Date. (The best date to choose is the day
the student enrolled with the counselor.)
Student Schedule/Registration Slip/Locator
  • This is the best date to use on page 2 of the
    Master Agreement next to signatures.

Master Agreement
Educational Goals Check Complete High School
Diploma for RAs (Regular Adults)
Check Make-up Credits and check Concurrent
Enrollment only if the student is a CE.
Master Agreement
Time Exact Time of Appointment ex 245 p.m.
Day Exact Day of Appointment ex Monday
Frequency ex weekly
Location Your adult school site
Manner conference
Master Agreement
CAHSEE ELA and Math Either P for Pass or F for
Fail. If they havent taken it yet, write F.
Master Agreements
Subjects List current subject. For ex US
Credits Attempted ex 1
Very Important Please remember to add new
courses as the student continues with you in the
Course Contract
  • Course contracts should be filled out for every
    course taken. You should have one for the Fall
    and one for the Spring Semesters (2 per year,
    only if student course isnt completed in the
    first semester and it continues into the second
    semester. These both stay on page 1 of the blue
    audit file until the course is completed and a
    credit is issued. Once a credit is issued, you
    may move both contracts to page 4 of the audit
  • Example 1 Jesus Martinez started U.S.
    Government in Fall semester on 11/18/12 and
    finished 2/20/13(Spring). He needs 2 course
    contracts for U.S. Government!
  • Example 2 Mary Jones started U.S. Government in
    Fall semester on 8/12/13 and finished on
    10/21/13(Fall). She needs 1 course contract for
    U.S. Government!

Course Contract
Fill out Completely! No blank spaces! Name
of Student School Your site name For example
CVA Instructor name Date This should be the
same as the I.S. Start Date on the Master
Course Contract
If a student, Like Jesus Martinez, had an I.S.
start date on 11/18/2012 (Fall Semester) in U.S.
Government, write that date If he didnt
finish in the Fall Semester and is continuing
U.S. Government in the Spring, fill out a new
(second) course contract and write the first day
of the Spring Semester as the date. Keep both
contracts in his file on page 1. once credit is
completed, move both to page 4.
Course Contract
Description of Major Learning Activities and/or
study materials Magruders American
Government N/A N/A Study Guide and other
various materials Never leave blank spaces!
Course Contract
Student and Teacher Signatures needed Date
should be the same as above Circle the course
Course Contract
Fill in student ID Grade Level 12, for
example Course 9055, for example Grade A,
for example Date The date they
finished Instructor Signature Proposed next
course of study Write See counselor
Course Contract
What if Jesus Martinez has two contracts because
he worked on U. S. Government in both the Fall
and the Spring? Which copy should I use to fill
out his course completion grade? Use the most
current course contract to fill out his grade,
and write, See Spring Contract For Grade on his
older contract
See Spring Contract for Grade
Fill out most current for grade
Keep Both Contracts in his File one page 4 once
credit is achieved!!! Turn in most current
Course Completion copy to counselors when he
has finished.
Work Samples 4 POINT RULE
A stamped original work sample is required per
week. It must have student name on top. It must
have a letter grade, check mark, plus sign, or
other corrected feature. It must have a
stamp in the lower right- hand corner It must
have S.G.(Study Guide), Chapter number and Page
Work Sample Stamp
Students First and Last Name Dates for the
week of web attendance Course name Hours of
attendance per week (3 hours per day X 5 days,
for a total of 15 hours per week) Circle 5 (all
the time) Write your signature
Work Sample Stamp
  • Must be in the lower right-hand corner of work

Work Sample
New Feature Write SG (Study Guide), Chapter
and Page in bottom right-hand corner under
stamp. WHY? A recommended practice from
C.C.I.S. President, so auditors can easily find
where the sample can be found. We dont have
work record sheets in our files, so this is a
quick way for them to find sample curriculum
quickly and easily in our white binders.
What Happens with a Work Sample During a Holiday?
  • Write the entire week, for example
    2/12/13-2/18/13 in the stamp, but note which day
    was Holiday and only give hours for 4 days (12/12)

Holiday Stamp
Regular Stamp
What do I do when I drop a student?
  • The file remains in the same order. Fill out a
    grade/drop slip with all completed tests and
    work. Send a copy of the grade/drop slip to the
    counselor/registrar and keep a copy in their blue
    audit folder on the top of page 1 of the file

Grade Drop Slips
  • http//
  • Click on more
  • Click on Daily Learning Targets
  • You will find grade/drop slips there

What do I do if I am running low on Master
Agreements or Course Contracts?
  • Contact your site secretaries/clerical staff and
    they will put in order to duplicating
  • Give them a sample so they can refer to the form
  • The ARC doesnt have extra supply

Rules to Follow 2014-2015
  • Keep all Master Agreements, Course Contracts and
    work samples in blue folder (2014-15 school
    year)We are no longer recycling auditable
  • Write students first and last name on tab(last
    name, first name) For example Garcia, Hector
  • Keep blue files (auditable files) in one file
  • Keep side subsidiary folders in separate area
    and/or different cabinet
  • Keep blue folders uniform Student registration
    slip and Course Contracts on page 1, Master
    Agreements on page 2 (never move!), work samples
    on page 3, and completed courses with,
    1.)registration/locator on very bottom, 2.) all
    student work samples, 3.)Completed Course
    Contracts (credits) on page 4.

Rules to Follow 2014-2015
  • NEVER leave blank spaces Write N/A if not
  • Fill out two Master Agreements (one for Fall and
    one for Spring)
  • The I.S. Start Date on Master Agreement must be
    the first day teacher meets with student (You can
    begin collecting hours on that date)
  • The Ending Date on the Master Agreement is always
    the last day of the semester

Rules to Follow 2014-2015
  • The date on page 2 of the Master Agreement should
    be a date that is 1 or more days before the I.S.
    Start Date. (The best date to choose is the day
    the student enrolled with the counselor.)All
    dates must match!
  • Never collect hours on holidays! (See 2013-14
    Calendar attached)
  • Collect one work sample per week
  • Stamp with the 4 Point Rule
  • Stamp should have hours as earned ADA
  • Document any changes to schedule, time, special
    needs, etc. on registration slip with an asterisk

Rules to Follow 2014-2015
  • At the end of the school year, you will be paid
    extra- duty to organize your blue audit files for
    the entire school year in alphabetical order in a
    box for ALL I.S. teachers at your site. Label the
    box I.S. 2014-2015, and your school site name.
    Give your completed box to your sites student
    worker. The student worker will put the box in
    the shed for you.

  • The ARC will conduct an audit check in the fall
    and spring semesters of the 2014-2015 school
    year. 10 random folders will be selected and
    audited by the ARC.
  • Please bring questions and concerns to your TSA
    often, as to avoid fixing numerous files after
    the audit checks!!!

I.S. Meeting Dates
  • August 29, 2014 (400-530)extra duty pay
  • December 5, 2014 (400-530)extra-duty
  • April 17, 2015 (400-530) extra duty pay
  • Bring an active file folder with you
  • Bring questions or concerns
  • Dates are subject to change

Thank you for Attending!
  • Michelle Dullea
  • Teacher on Special Assignment Independent Study
  • Sweetwater Union High School District
  • Division of Adult Education

Contact Information
  • Michelle Dullea, TSA
  • Adult Resource Center
  • 619-934-6300
  • Please call, set up an appointment, or come in
    anytime for help or guidance.