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Author's Purpose


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose
Warm Up
  • Chalk Talk
  • Visit all three poster boards
  • Write down what you recall about that topic on
    the board.

COPY the red notes in your notes packet.
  • An author writes for many reasons.
  • An author may give you facts or true information
    about a subject. If so, they are writing to
  • Authors write fiction stories or stories that are
    meant to entertain you.
  • Authors write to persuade or to try to get you to
    do something.
  • Write on Cornell notes side of page PIE
    Persuade, Inform, Entertain.

Remember PIE
  • In 6th grade
  • P Persuade
  • I inform
  • E Entertain

Think about it like this
  • Authors purpose main idea statement why they
  • (PIE to inform, to persuade, or
    entertain) (what it was about)
  • It is ok to use words OTHER than the main 3
    (P.I.E.) as long as they mean the same thing.
  • Other ways to write authors purpose
  • To describe about the life cycle of the
  • To convince voters to chose Mr. Hill
  • To amuse the reader with a thrilling adventure

The Micro Note of it all
Facts or true Information?
to Inform, describe or teach
to Entertain or amuse
Tries to get you to do something?
to Persuade or Convince
Calligraphy is a form of handwriting. A
special pen must be used. Letters are formed
using up and down strokes. Old documents are
usually written in this form. Diplomas,
certificates and other awards are written in
calligraphy. It is an interesting form of
to Inform
to Persuade
to Entertain
Verbalize your C-E-R
Katina and her brother, Jess were playing
with the water hose outside one day. Jess was
hiding from Katina so she wouldn't squirt him
with the water. The back door opened and Katina
pointed the water hose toward the door. It was
Mom and she was dripping wet!
to Inform
to Persuade
to Entertain
Verbalize your C-E-R
Abraham Lincoln's birthday is on Feb. 12th.
He was a great President of the United States. He
was our 16th President. He is remembered for
freeing the slaves.
to Inform
to Entertain
to Describe
Verbalize your C-E-R
Dont forget short answers
  • Authors Purpose Formula
  • All answers to questions should start with
  • Claim Authors Purpose (PIE or mores)
    main idea statement
  • EEvidence (text evidence)
  • R Reason (how your claim and evidence prove your
    answer is correct).

Day 1 Your Task
In your purple literature book, read the story on
pages 418-419, The Zoo. On a SEPARATE PIECE
OF paper, to turn in today Identify the
authors purpose, and write a three sentence
explanation for why you believe that is the
authors purpose. Think about your formathow
should you answer this question?
Day 2 Authors Purpose Facts vs. Opinions
  • Facts can not be disputed.
  • Opinions may be a window into the authors true
    feelings about a subject or a characters point
    of view.

Authors Purpose -Point of View
  • Point of view can mean two things
  • The way the story is told
  • First person uses the words I, me, we, us
  • Third person uses the words he, she, they
  • ADD TO NOTES Second person uses the word you
  • An opinion on a particular subject
  • The author believes, Every teenager feels that
    adults have no idea whats going on.

In your notes! Authors Purpose Formula All
answers to questions should start with A to
persuade/convince, inform/describe/teach and to
entertain/amuse It is not enough to know that
they are trying to persuade, to inform and to
entertain answer from above (PIE)
main idea statement Q (text evidence) E (how
your knowledge and quote prove your answer is
Day 2 Fact and Opinion Practice
  • Complete the River Raft Adventure with your
  • We will review the answers in 10 minutes.
  • Include Micro Notes and text boxes.

Directions for the remaining slides
  • Identify what each passage contains (facts,
    fiction, true information, etc.) and decide the
    authors purpose.
  • How to answer Authors purpose main idea
    statement why they wrote
  • (PIE to inform, to persuade, or entertain)
  • (what it was about)

Day 2 Narrative Perspective
  • Work with your POD group to decide the narrative
    perspective of each question. You are
    responsible to answering every other question.

It was a glorious morning in Alabama. The
sun was shining through the trees. Alan couldn't
wait to find his fishing pole and call his friend
Sam to go fishing. They had a great time on these
early morning fishing trips. They took their dogs
with them and the dogs would swim in the lake
while they fished. It was so funny to watch those
dogs paddle around the lake.
to Inform
to Persuade
to Entertain
Verbalize your C-E-R
The Underground Railroad was a secret
organization which helped slaves escape to
freedom. Many slaves were able to escape because
of the conductors and station masters. The
northern states were free states and slaves were
free once they arrived in the north. Secret codes
and signals were used to identify the conductors
and station masters.
to Inform
to Persuade
to Entertain
Verbalize your C-E-R
HAMSTERS FOR SALE Braxton Pet Store, Northlake
Mall We have a large selection of hamsters for
sale this week. They are interesting pets and you
will enjoy having one. They are only 17.99 this
week. Come and buy yours today!
to Inform
to Persuade
to Entertain
Verbalize your C-E-R
Examine the advertisement closely-
  • What is the authors attitude about their
  • Why did they include the phrase, Dance to your
    own tune?
  • What is the authors main purpose?
  • Make sure you justify what you said with
    evidence from the ad.

Verbalize your C-E-R
Day 3
  • Task 1, Entry Task 10 minutes.
  • Freak the Mighty article.
  • Task 2 Highlight text for evidence (2nd
    worksheet). Do not need to write your answers
  • Task 3 Poem. Group work in PODS

Day 4
  • Review for assessment today...
  • Brainstorm everything you can think of related to
    Authors purpose and point of view on the back of
    your review worksheet (dont forget
  • Authors Purpose, Point of View and Fact opinion.
  • Remember how to answer a short answer
    questionPIE and Main idea with EVIDENCE to
    support your answer.