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Symbols A symbol is an object, picture, written word, sound, piece of music, or particular mark that represents something else. It can stand for a word, an idea, a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Symbols

  • A symbol is an object, picture, written word,
    sound, piece of music, or particular mark that
    represents something else. It can stand for a
    word, an idea, a concept, or a place.
  • Examples
  • is the symbol for CAUTION!
  • Our national anthem is a symbol of the U.S.A.

  • What are some symbols you can think of that
    represent Texas?
  • In pairs, pick any symbol from the Official
    Symbols of Texas list and answer the following
    questions together in complete sentences on a
    sheet of notebook paper (write your names/period
    on top left hand side number and write each
  • Why do you think your symbol is used to
    officially represent Texas?
  • How is your symbol culturally and historically
    important to Texas? (Texas Legislature, 1991)
  • Does your symbol represent all of Texas, or just
    a part of it? Describe which parts of Texas it
    applies to (if not all of it).
  • 4. Is your symbol unique to Texas (meaning it
    only applies to Texas) and how is it unique?

  • Definition A stereotype is a belief about an
    individual or a group based on the idea that
    everyone in a particular group will act the same
  • When we stereotype a group of people, we view all
    of the individuals within that group as having
    the same characteristics.
  • What are some examples of stereotypes?

  • Why do we stereotype? Is it helpful or necessary?
  • What are some emotions involved in stereotyping?
  • What role does stereotyping play in history?
  • Brainstorm some common stereotypes of Texas or
    Texans (write them under your question answers).

What Texas IsIs Not
  • On the paper you wrote your questions and
    answers, brainstorm and list some ideas of what
    present day Texas IS, and what present day Texas
    IS NOT (based on common stereotypes).
  • Once you have your brainstorm list, fold the
    paper I give you widthwise (hamburger style).
  • Label the top half What Texas Is and the
    bottom half, What Texas Is Not.
  • Draw a picture/scene to represent your ideas of
    what Texas IS on the top half and what Texas IS
    NOT (on the bottom half).
  • Make your drawings colorful! Use the colored
    pencils/markers located on the student materials

What Texas Is/Is Not Rubric
  • You will be graded on a scale of 1-4
  • Content understanding of the term stereotype is
    present, clear, and correct.
  • Creativity colorful, stylized, etc.
  • Effort did you put some obvious time and effort
    into this assignment?
  • Neatness no scribbles or eraser marks neatness

Closing Activity
  • Re-read the quote from the warm up
  • Stereotypes are devices for saving a biased
  • person the trouble of learning.
  • - Anonymous
  • On your paper, write a 3-4 sentence conclusion to
    your thoughts. Has your opinion changed from the
    beginning? If so, how and if not, why?


  • Due NEXT CLASS (Friday, 8-27)
  • Last call for these items
  • 1. SIGNED Parent letter, Syllabus, etc.
  • 2. Texas History textbook
  • 3. Texas History notebook and divider pages
  • Finish What Texas IS/is NOT assignment.