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Uninsured Kids Campaign 2010 Focus Groups


Uninsured Kids Campaign 2010 Focus Groups Prepared for: Washington State Hospital Association Community Health Network of Washington Children s Hospital and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Uninsured Kids Campaign 2010 Focus Groups

Uninsured Kids Campaign 2010 Focus Groups
  • Prepared for
  • Washington State Hospital Association
  • Community Health Network of Washington
  • Childrens Hospital and Regional Medical Center
  • Working for Health
  • January 2006

Main Goals of Focus Groups
  • Awareness of and attitudes toward uninsured
    children in Washington State
  • Motivators for and deterrents to providing health
    insurance for all children
  • Best messages to gain support for insuring
  • Best ways to gain public support, especially for
    insuring immigrant children
  • Identify motivations to stimulate proactive
    support by state residents
  • Identify preferred and compelling words/phrases
    for naming the campaign

  • Five focus groups throughout Washington State
  • Seattle
  • Bellevue
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Spokane (2)
  • Each session had eight participants and lasted
    about two hours they were paid for their

  • Participants Screened
  • Not participated in focus group in last six
  • Not working in marketing, research, health care,
    or insurance
  • Registered voters in Washington State
  • Voted in at least two or more of last four
  • Demographic Mix
  • Political party affiliation
  • Presence of children
  • Age
  • Household income
  • Gender (one Spokane group was purposely all
  • Ethnicity

Awareness/Support for Insuring Children
Paying for health care is not possible for all
parents the government should step in. Yes the
state should support insurance for childrenit is
a human right. Young children in particular
should have access to healthcareit is important
to their development. Healthy kids are smarter,
happier, and more productive.
  • Overall there is agreement that all children
    should be insured because
  • Costs less in the long run
  • Prevents widespread illness
  • Promotes development
  • Enables them to perform well in school
  • No differences in support by political party or
  • Most agreed that in ideal situation insurance
    should be provided by parents, but when this
    cannot happen the state should step in
  • Agreement that the cost of health care has gone
    beyond some parents ability to provide it.
  • Yes, children need to be insured but
  • Who will pay for it?
  • How will it work?
  • Which children will qualify?

Motivators for Providing Health Insurance
Why didnt we do this years agowe will save
money in the long run. We can prevent more
expenses and costs down the road. This is an
investment in our societyand it is the humane
thing to do. I really care about kidsI dont
want them to suffer. People really are concerned
and want to help the kidshelping the children is
  • It is cheaper to pay for health insurance now
    than it would be in the long run if we do not
    insure children
  • Makes sense financially since emergency
    department use costs everyone
  • Health care is a right, not a privilege
  • It is an investment in society
  • It is humane
  • We all care about all children
  • It is an adult responsibility to protect children
  • Keeping other children healthy keeps my children

Deterrents to Providing Insurance
  • We will become a welfare state
  • Having to pay for others children
  • Encourages parents to have children they cannot
  • Concerns about moving towards socialized medicine
  • Will encourage even more people to move here to
    gain access

Why cant people take care of themselves. If you
cant take care of your own kidsthen you
shouldnt be having them. Why should I have to
pay for others peoples kidsthat takes money away
from me and my kids. Children are the parents
What It Will Take to Urge Elected Officials to
Support Health Insurance for Children
  • Having a plan in place, knowing exactly what is
    being supported, and details of how the insurance
    would be provided, such as
  • How will it be paid for?
  • Who will administer?
  • How can we be guaranteed the money goes towards
    insuring children?
  • Must be easy to do provide name, phone number,
    email, prepared letters
  • Must know how the plan to provide insurance for
    children will impact me
  • Must ensure there is not a perception around the
    state that this only benefits Seattle and King

What are we talking aboutwhat kind of care will
we be providing? We should definitely encourage
the state to explore this possibility. We dont
have enough information about the program or the
needs to tell the state to do this.
Attitudes Toward Insuring Immigrant Children
  • Not an issue in King County immigrant children
    should be provided insurance because overall
    costs for everyone will be reduced
  • A small minority in Mt. Vernon singled out
    immigrant children as possibly less-deserving
  • In Spokane there was significant concern with
    insuring immigrant children. One groups general
    feeling was that new immigrants are taught to
    beat the system and get undeserved state
    services and funds.
  • Concerns about immigrant children are not
    necessarily tied to legal status
  • Overall, much confusion and misunderstanding
    about how illegal aliens may nonetheless pay taxes

Can we take care our own first? Immigrant
children are living here, and we should take care
of them. My brother (mail carrier) knows of
immigrant families in nice neighborhoods getting
government checks why should we support them?
Willingness to Pay to Insure Children
  • Most want to know the actual benefit, outcome,
    and plan to insure all children before they would
  • Many are already concerned about the rising costs
    of their own health insurance
  • When asked, however, most would pay 5 to 10
    more a month to an insurance company to cover the
    costs of insuring children
  • If they paid extra for insurance premiums, they
    are concerned with how money would be distributed
    back into the plan for the children (do not trust
    insurance companies)
  • A tax is more acceptable because it is more
    equitable everyone would have to contribute, not
    just those who can afford to pay extra to their
    insurance company

Most Motivating Messages
The cost issue is the most motivating for me to
get support, especially for immigrant
children. Make the stories more personalmore
motivatingmake them more human. Messages about
responsibility are nice and feel good, but they
need to define a result. I like getting the
factsbut where are the numbers coming from?
  • Messages that make people believe they will save
  • Messages with stories that are personal and human
  • Messages that provide strong images to help
    illustrate the issue (such as the number of
    classrooms that could be filled with uninsured
  • Messages about shared responsibility are NOT
  • Messages that make you see the perspective of
    children and families in need are NOT motivating.
  • Messages about how uninsured children affects the
    health care system are NOT motivating.

Most Trusted/Believable Messengers
  • People who care for or care about children (such
    as teachers, doctors, and nurses)
  • People who we trust to make smart decisions
  • Families/children that have received this kind of
    coverage and how they benefited
  • Someone with children who is able to provide
    insurance/health care, but still feels it is
    important to help all children
  • Regional/local people because of the general
    distrust of state government and the
    over-influence of King County
  • Multiple messengers for wider appeal and to show
    that those from various backgrounds think this is
    a good idea
  • Those who benefited from coverage
  • Those who need coverage
  • Those who support coverage, but do not need it
  • Those who care for children
  • Sports figures
  • Carefully chosen politicians (such as former
    Governor Dan Evans)

Naming the Campaign
  • Children (versus kids) - gets to the heart more
    serious infers younger children (seen as most
  • Health (versus health care) - shows prevention
    healthy children is the goal
  • Coverage (versus insurance) - distrust insurance
  • Care for kids (versus insure kids) - word care
    sounds maternal distrust insurance companies
  • 2010 (versus no year) - indicates a serious plan
    with measurable outcomes (many thought it should
    be accomplished sooner)

  • Clear willingness to support campaign to provide
    health insurance for all children, but
  • Make it clear that it can be done, that there is
    a funding source, and that it is not going to
    cause a bigger drain
  • Assure that it is cheaper in the long run
  • Outline how it will be administered
  • Make it clear how immigrant children will be
    involved and how covering them makes financial
  • Make it clear how it will be paid for most are
    willing to pay if it is clear how this will be
    implemented and guaranteed for children
  • Provide a real sense of how much money we are
    talking about for each person to contribute

Conclusions (continued)
  • Focus messages on
  • Cost/financial benefits
  • Personal stories
  • Extent of the problem
  • That it is fair and will not cause more problems
    than solutions
  • Messages should come from
  • Real people (both beneficiaries of the plan and
    those who support it)
  • Those known for caring for children
  • Those seen as knowledgeable that this will save
  • Multiple messengers to widen appeal
  • Regional/local people

Summary of Recommendations
  • Establish need and create a sense of urgency
  • Demonstrate benefits
  • Overcome barriers
  • Create a clear call to action
  • Build a comprehensive program
  • Create a compelling rallying cry

  • Establish need and create a sense of urgency
  • Make an emotional appeal
  • Demonstrate the severity of the situation
  • Provide perspective (number of classrooms
    uninsured children represent)
  • Tell real stories about real people
  • Provide a picture of What if we dont do this
  • Give a deadline

Recommendations (continued)
  • Demonstrate benefits
  • Use messages that reinforce the perception that
    there is only one real solution and that it will
    have results
  • Preventive actions make far better financial
  • This will save lives and ensure a better quality
    of life
  • Without this the impacts are devastating
  • These are REAL people, not statistics
  • Cost/financial benefits
  • Personal stories
  • YOU can have an impact with your action
  • That it is fair and will not cause more problems
    than solutions
  • There is a groundswell of support they are not
    alone in wanting this

Recommendations (continued)
  • Overcome barriers
  • Use trusted advocates as the spokesperson(s)
  • Use local trusted advocates to reinforce the
  • Help people understand HOW it will work (who
  • Make it easy assure them this will not create
    MORE people needing help
  • Demonstrate it will be protected against people
    using the system
  • We all pay for many things that we might not use
    because it is for the greater good help people
    without children understand this is important for
    them to do as well.
  • Help people understand that immigrant children
    are suffering and need help as well

Recommendations (continued)
  • Create a clear call to action
  • Be specific in the request
  • Tell them what you want
  • Tell them who to contact
  • Tell them when to make the contact
  • Tell them how to make the contact
  • Provide an example
  • Provide contact information
  • Create a deadline (a sense of urgency)

Recommendations (continued)
  • Build a comprehensive program
  • Write a plan
  • Solicit formal involvement of other organizations
  • Aim for a personal impact under 10 per month
  • Use direct solicitation whenever possible
  • Go to those who have provided support in the past
  • Use media relations to help create a favorable
    environment and to act as another trusted source
  • Utilize LOCAL public figures to solicit help
  • Develop a communication platform to ensure all
    partners use the same messages and anticipate
  • Thank people and cultivate them for the future
  • Multiple sources providing information can
    increase the chances of participation and
    motivating individuals to action

Recommendations (continued)
  • Create a compelling rallying cry
  • Use words that resonate and make it a rallying
    cry, not a name
  • Children
  • Health
  • Coverage
  • Care
  • 2010
  • Example Guaranteed health care coverage for all
    children by 2010
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