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The Bakke Brother


The Bakke Brother s Story Submitting To The Callings Of Two Brothers * – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Bakke Brother

The Bakke Brothers Story
  • Submitting To The Callings Of Two Brothers

Its not a new topicThe callings of two
cousins John the Baptist and Jesus
  • What was the time and context of ministry like?
  • How did their parents influence their life
  • When and how did they receive their calling?
  • How did their individual callings shape the way
    they approached their work?
  • 5. What was the predominate issue at the end
    of their lives?

You Want Me To Do What?
  • Make Dennis listen to Ray about missions
    and Ray listen to Dennis about business.

Missional Historical Theologian
Analyzes Power (Bottom up)
Ray Dennis
Prophet Steward
Missional Historical Theologian Missional Business Creator
Analyzes Power (Bottom up) Invests Power (Top Down)
Sage Risk Taker
Visionary Builder
Ray (Lowell?) Dennis
Prophet Steward
Missional Historical Theologian Missional Business Creator
Analyzes Power (Bottom up) Invests Power (Top Down)
Sage Risk Taker
Visionary Builder
A crucial question
  • How can two brothers
  • living at the same time,
  • raised in the same context,
  • nurtured by the same family,
  • filled with the same Spirit,
  • have such a different view of
  • leadership, calling and ministry?

In essence what Dad was asking me (the pastor)
to do was to help steward my brothers gifts?
  • It dawned on me that he was asking a crucial
  • Is it the purpose of the church to steward the
    gift of the pastor or is it the job of the
    pastor to steward the gifts of the people?

Ray Lowell Dennis

Prophet PASTOR Steward
Missional Historical Theologian SERVANT-LEADER Missional Business Creator
Analyzes Power (Bottom up) GIVES AWAY POWER Invests Power (Top Down)
Visionary COACH Builder
What are your reflections as you ponder this
The question What would it take for your church
to send your people into the marketplace on
mission where to be holy and bring wholeness?
  • Heart felt Confession Pastoral Builder
  • Budgets
  • Buildings
  • Bottoms in the Seats
  • I would ask are you willing to come to my world
    (church gathered) and co-steward (or resource) my
  • Heart felt Passion Missional Pastor
  • Conversations
  • Connections
  • Collaboration
  • I need to ask Are you willing to be sent to
    your world and allow me as your pastor to
    co-steward (resource) your calling?
  • Pastor Rose Sweatman, The Vineyard, Shoreline,WA

Closing the gap by sending your people to their
callings Monday through Saturday
  • You will be willing to commission ordain and
    send invest people to serve what you can not
    control and lead what you might not condone.
  • Will you go about creating Daniels to be sent to
    those places?
  • Even though I am free of the demands and
    expectations of everyone, I have voluntarily
    become a servant to any and all in order to reach
    a wide range of people religious, nonreligious,
    meticulous moralist, loose-living immoralists,
    the defeated, the demoralizedwhoever. I didnt
    take on their way of life. I kept my bearings in
    Christbut entered their world and tried to
    experience things from their point of view. Ive
    become just about every sort of servant there is
    in my attempts to lead those I meet into a
    God-saved life. I did all this because of the
    Message. I didnt just want to talk about it I
    wanted to be in on it. I Cor 917-20 The Message

1. What is the purpose of the gates? Matt.
  • What is your churchs priority?
  • Is it to attract people from the community to
    the church?
  • or
  • Is it to send people from the church to invest
    in the community?
  • Can you serve two masters? Attracting Sending

2. How can a small, dying and broke church send
(invest) people in the Monday-Saturday market
  • You can begin by answering two questions
  • Is your church equally responsible for both the
    creation and redemptive mandates of
  • scripture? Genesis 1-2, Gen.12- Rev. 22
  • Will you send (invest) what you want to have
    or what you do have?
  • Silver and gold have I none, but such as I
    have give I unto you, in the name of Jesus of
    Nazareth walk. Acts 36

3. Is Sunday more important for our church than
the other six days of the week? Romans 145
  • Does success really begin on Sunday for the
  • Or
  • Does six days of great work in the Kingdom make
    for one day of great worship in the church?
  • Will our church leadership expect and steward 10
    or 100 stewardship for the Kingdom from our
    church family?
  • The 20/80 rule

4. Is the church going to be incarnational or
simply in car? John 114-18, I John 11-4
  • Do we value incarnational schools more
    than we value an incarnational church?

5. Is there really such a thing as the theology
of place?
  • Does God loves places as much as he loves people?
  • What are the practical implications for the
    church that wants to transform both people and
  • Do we champion incarnational outposts in every
    sector of the city?
  • Bottom Line
  • You will be willing to commission ordain and
    send invest people to serve what you can not
    control and lead what you do not condone.

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This morning I want us to look at some questions
that your church leadership can pondered to help
your body bridge the gap between the callings of
your people, which may in turn, close the gap
between Sunday and Monday.
6. Will the church continue to model an O. T.
leadership and ministry style even though we
preach a N. T. Cross? Joel 228, Gal 313,28
  • In the Priesthood of all believers
  • To announce the Kingdom not build the church
  • In the Callings of all believers including
  • I could never be a member of another Baptist
    Church because they have no theology of
  • In the Role of Pastoral leadership
  • Is authority to be stored up for the pastor or
    is it to be invested in others?

Stewarding Personal and Pastoral Power Ephesians
  • Servanthood with in my marriage
  • Servanthood with my children
  • Servanthood with in my staff
  • Servanthood with my church
  • Servanthood with my community
  • Servanthood with in the kingdom

  • In partnerships fellowship in the Gospel.
    Philippians 1-4
  • Submit to someone else's vision Acts 169-10 ,
    Philippians 15
  • Serve someone elses interests Phil 21-ff
  • Share in someone elses suffering Phil. 310
  • Resource someone elses ministry Phil.410 ff

(No Transcript)
Theology of Work Grant Program
  • The Theology of Work (TOW) Grant Program was
    established in 2006 by the Mustard Seed
    Foundation and is administered by the Bakke
    Graduate University (BGU). Grants are available
    to seminaries, colleges and bible schools, both
    nationally and internationally, to create and
    offer accredited (formal) theology of work
    educational programs for future pastors that will
    enable them to effectively steward the callings
    and vocations of their congregants who are
    working in the marketplace and other non-church
    centered environments.

How Do You Revitalize An Old Dying Church?
  • Ray Read My Book.
  • Dennis Read My Lips

Ray Marilyn
Prophet Teacher
Missional Historical Theologian Biblical Designer
Analyzes Power (Bottom up) Critics Power
Sage Decision Maker
Visionary Beautifier
Ray Marilyn Dennis
Prophet Teacher Steward
Missional Historical Theologian Biblical Designer Missional Business Creator
Analyzes Power (Bottom up) Critics Power Invests Power (Top Down)
Sage Decision Maker Risk Taker
Visionary Beautifier Builder
7. What world is it that the church is called
to engage and influence? John 316
  • Corporately
  • Find your community pulpit committee
  • Discover your community worship center
  • Develop the power of partnerships

  • Individually
  • Your biological world
  • Your geographical world
  • Your vocational world
  • Your recreational world
  • Your educational world

Communicate your dream
  • And the name of the city from that time on will
  • The Lord is there.
  • Ezekiel 48 35b

The Irish Prayer
  • Lord Jesus, who on the eve of your death prayed
    that all your disciples might be one, as you in
    the Father and the Father in you, make us feel
    intense sorrow over the infidelity of our
  • Give us honesty to recognize, and the courage to
    reject, whatever indifference towards one
    another or mutual distrust or even enmity lie
    hidden among us.
  • Enable us to meet one another in you. And let
    your prayer for the unity of Christians be ever
    in our hearts and on our lips, unity such
  • as you desire and by the means that you will.
  • Make us find the way that leads to unity in you,
    who are perfect charity, through being obedient
    to the Spirit of love and truth. Amen.

Rays Spirituality
  • Bible
  • Church Experience Tradition
  • History
  • Context

Dennis Spirituality
  • Bible
  • Family Image of God Church
  • Peers

Where am I coming from spiritually?
  • Family
  • Bible
  • Church
  • Places
  • Partners
  • Basketball

The Insight
  • Why did Jesus come to earth?
  • To save people
  • To make known the Father
  • My siblings simply reflect
  • our parents who made known the
  • Father to us.