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Litter and Waste Minimisation in Schools


Keep Wales Tidy Campaign Waste Awareness Wales – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Litter and Waste Minimisation in Schools

  • Litter and Waste Minimisation in Schools
  • Keep Wales Tidy Campaign
  • Waste Awareness Wales

Litter - Facts and figures
  • Litter has many forms
  • Affects the environmental quality of an area
  • Definition of Litter
  • waste in the wrong place
  • always caused by people
  • 90 concerned about littered pavements
  • 350,000,000 spent annually on street cleansing
    by local authorities

Litter and the Law
  • Criminal offence (1990 Act)
  • Maximum 2,500 fine
  • Schools and colleges responsible
  • Standards and timescales
  • Fly-tipping carries a maximum fine of 20,000.

Pro-Active Approach
  • Tackling Litter should not be a punishment!
  • Preaching tends to be counter-productive!
  • Litter How much can be recycled?
  • Waste Prevention Did we really need that

Four Stages to reduce litter permanently a)
analyse the problem b) devise an action plan c)
monitor success d) maintenance of action
You are not alone!
  • Personal Social Education curriculum 2000
  • ESTYN inspection guidelines for ESD (Education
    for Sustainable Development)
  • Welsh Assembly Government ESD case studies
  • Waste Awareness Wales
  • Healthy Schools Promotion
  • Local Authority Strategies
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • ISO 14001
  • LBAPs (Local Biodiversity Action Plans)

Litter Strategies Project 1. Litter Surveys
Paper plastic hazardous glass
Points to consider
  • Responsibility for survey, timing
  • Sorting, weighing, identification of litterer
  • Analysis - spreadsheets, graphs, publication
  • Questionnaire - pupils/homes/local community
  • Lunchtime survey - compare with other times

Integrate with curriculum requirements
  • Using maps, plans co-ordinates, symbols and keys
  • Identifying features of the local area
  • Describing the uses of land and buildings
  • Understanding how people affect the environment
  • Planning and carrying out investigations
  • Measuring and quantifying
  • Handling numbers, converting to graphical forms
  • Using spreadsheets
  • Working co-operatively

Project 2. Investigations
  • Dangerous Litter
  • creative writing
  • poster design
  • dramatisation
  • strip cartoons
  • Dog Fouling
  • planning, implementing and evaluating a
  • leaflet design, typography
  • lifecycle of an (infectious) organism

Project 3. Environmental Quality Survey
  • Explore the area
  • Discuss contributing factors
  • How to measure the chosen factors - sampling?
  • Prepare survey sheets
  • Gather equipment/carry out survey
  • Discuss results and methodology
  • Possibly draw up litter and waste policy

Project 4 Get The Message Across!
  • Hold a themed week or topic on Litter
  • Write environmental poetry
  • Compose and perform a litter rap
  • Pupils write an article in the Schools
    newsletter or do a radio interview
  • Promote positive incentives e.g. merit points
    or cash for ideas to solve litter problems.
    Use assemblies for this.

Project 5 Packaging
  • Survey packaging of a selection of commodities
  • Consider how much can be recycled/reused
  • Consider design and function issues with
    Eco-friendliness of the packaging.
  • Set up a design and build task e.g. an
  • eco-friendly container for a drink, an egg

Waste Background Information
  • Homes generate approx. 27m tonnes p.a.
  • About 85 is landfilled
  • New regulations for landfill management
  • higher costs
  • alternatives more attractive
  • pros and cons of incineration
  • BATNEEC option

In Wales, every 90 minutes, we all produce enough
waste to fill the local swimming pool and its
getting worse!
Waste Strategies Project 1. Investigate local
waste disposal
  • Contact council for details of collection, number
    of refuse lorries, destination(s)
  • Lifespan of landfill - future plans
  • Calculate savings - waste per household
    collection routes extended fewer vehicle trips
    to site
  • Visit to household recycling site
  • Visit by refuse collection/recycling vehicle

Project 2. Refuse Audit in School (Should not
involve handling the rubbish)
  • Look into bins, ask caretaker, secretary, support
  • List common waste items
  • Discuss possibilities for reduction
  • composting
  • solar-powered calculators
  • re-chargeable batteries
  • refurbish or replace? (furniture, books etc)
  • indirect waste (lights, doors, taps etc)
  • make jotters from used paper
  • smart buying less packaging

Project 3. Crafts from Waste
  • Rag rugs
  • Papier mache
  • Paper making project
  • Plastic reuse - propagators, storage, jewellery,
    bird-scarers, etc.
  • Metal sculpture, other artwork
  • Making musical instruments from waste

Project 4. Can Recycling
  • ALUPRO (Aluminium Packaging Recycling
  • Tel 0845 722 7722
  • SCRIB (Steel Can Recycling Industries Bureau)
  • Tel 01639 872626
  • consider establishing a can recycling scheme
  • design/make a can crusher
  • storage issues
  • consider alternative drinks packaging
  • glass, plastic, waxed card, foil
  • invent own package and design the name and logo
  • campaign for reusable plastic cups

Project 5. Paper Recycling
  • Contact your Waste Minimisation Officer for
    details of local schemes.
  • Establish paper reuse trays and recycling boxes
    throughout the school.
  • Find out who will collect the boxes and how
  • Is there a storage problem?
  • Count or weigh the amount you recycle

Project 6. Practice the 3 Rs Develop a school
waste minimisation policy
  • Contribute to the National Waste Minimisation
  • Raise awareness of schools contribution to
  • Appreciate financial and environmental benefits
    of waste minimisation and recycling
  • Work with the local community
  • Use Scrap Stores
  • Buy Recycled where possible

Some Possible Actions for your School
  • Consider electronic storage of files
  • Purchasing review - paper, lights, cleaning
    materials, hand dryers, water savers, etc
  • Campaign to reduce lunch packaging
  • Reuse containers for storage
  • Composting (especially fruit peel, garden waste)
  • Set up a recycling bank
  • Toy library
  • Photocopier training
  • Join the Eco-Schools Programme

  • Cwtogi ar Sbwriel a
  • Gwastraff yn yr Ysgolion
  • Ymgyrch Cadwch Gymrun Daclus
  • Cynllun Craff am Wastraff

Sbwriel - Rhai manylion
  • Mae sawl math o sbwriel
  • Effaith ar ansawdd amgylchedd yr ardal
  • Diffiniad o sbwriel
  • 'gwastraff yn y lle anghywir'
  • 'pobl sy'n lluchio sbwriel bob amser'
  • 90 yn poeni am sbwriel ar y palmant
  • Awdurdodau lleol yn gwario 350,000,000 ar lanhau
    strydoedd bob blwyddyn

Lluchio sbwriel a'r gyfraith
  • Trosedd (Deddf 1990)
  • Dirwy fwyaf - 2,500
  • Cyfrifoldeb ar ysgolion a cholegau
  • Safonau ac amserlenni
  • Dirwy fwyaf am adael sbwriel heb ganiatâd -

Dull rhagweithredol
  • Dylai mynd i'r afael â sbwriel ddim bod yn gosb!
  • Mae pregethu'n tueddu i fod yn wrthgynhyrchiol!
  • Sbwriel Faint mae modd ei ailgylchu?
  • Atal gwastraff Oedd gwir angen y pecynnau yna
    arnon ni?

Pedwar cam at gael gwared ar sbwriel a)
dadansoddi'r broblem b) paratoi cynllun
gweithredu c) cadw llygad ar y llwyddiant d)
cynnal y gweithredu
Dydych chi ddim ar eich pen eich hun!
  • Cwrícwlwm Addysg Bersonol a Chymdeithasol 2000
  • Canllawiau arolygu ESTYN ym maes Addysg ar gyfer
    Datblygu Cynaladwy
  • Llyfryn Llywodraeth y Cynulliad am achosion
    penodol ym maes Addysg ar gyfer Datblygu
  • Cynllun Craff am Wastraff
  • Menter yr Ysgolion Iach
  • Strategaethau'r awdurdodau lleol
  • Strategaethau datblygu cynaladwy
  • ISO 14001
  • Cynlluniau gweithredu lleol ar gyfer bioamrywiaeth

Strategaethau atal sbwriel Prosiect 1.
Arolygon o sbwriel
Papur plastig peryglus gwydr
Pethau i'w hystyried
  • Cyfrifoldeb am yr arolwg - pryd i'w gynnal
  • Didoli a phwyso, nodi'r rhai sy'n lluchio
  • Dadansoddi - taenlenni, graffau, cyhoeddi
  • Holiadur - disgyblion/cartrefi/y gymuned
  • Arolwg amser cinio - cymharu ag adegau eraill

Cyfuno â gofynion y cwrícwlwm
  • Defnyddio mapiau, cyfesurynnau, sumbolau ac
  • Adnabod nodweddion yr ardal
  • Disgrifio sut mae'r tir a'r adeiladau'n cael eu
  • Deall sut mae pobl yn effeithio ar yr amgylchedd
  • Trefnu a chynnal ymchwiliadau
  • Mesur a meintioli
  • Trin a thrafod rhifau a'u dangos mewn graffau
  • Defnyddio taenlenni
  • Gweithio ar y cyd

Prosiect 2. Ymchwilio
  • Sbwriel peryglus
  • ysgrifennu creadigol
  • llunio posteri
  • dramâu
  • cartwnau
  • Baw cwn
  • trefnu, cynnal a gwerthuso ymgyrch
  • llunio taflenni, argraffwaith
  • cylch bywyd bod byw (heintus)

Prosiect 3. Arolwg o ansawdd yr amgylchedd
  • Dod i adnabod yr ardal.
  • Trafod yr elfennau perthnasol.
  • Sut mae mesur yr elfennau hynny - samplu?
  • Paratoi taflenni'r arolwg.
  • Casglu'r offer a chynnal yr arolwg.
  • Trafod y canlyniadau a'r dulliau.
  • O bosibl, llunio polisi sbwriel a gwastraff.

Prosiect 4 Cyfleu'r neges!
  • Cynnal wythnos ac iddi sbwriel yn thema.
  • Barddoni am yr amgylchedd.
  • Llunio a pherfformio 'rap' am sbwriel.
  • Ysgrifennu darn ar gyfer cylchlythyr yr ysgol
  • neu roi cyfweliad ar y radio.
  • Hyrwyddo anogaeth gadarnhaol megis pwyntiau
  • teilyngdod neu arian am syniadau i
  • problemau sbwriel. Mae'n bosibl gwneud
  • yn ystod y cyfarfod boreol.

Prosiect 5 Pecynnau
  • Arolwg o becynnau amryw nwyddau.
  • Ystyried faint y gellir ei ailgylchu/ailddefnyddio
  • Ystyried gwedd a diben y pecynnau ynghyd â'r
    ffordd maen nhw'n effeithio ar yr amgylchedd.
  • Gosod gorchwyl 'dylunio a gwneud' e.e. pecyn
    addas ar gyfer diod, wyau ac ati.

Gwastraff Gwybodaeth gyffredinol
  • Mae cartrefi'n creu tua 27 miliwn o dunelli bob
  • Mae tua 85 yn cael ei gladdu
  • Rheoliadau newydd ar gyfer tomenni
  • costau mwy
  • dulliau amgen
  • manteision ac anfanteision llosgi
  • Dewis BATNEEC

Yng Nghymru, rydyn ni'n creu digon o wastraff bob
awr a hanner i lenwi'r pwll nofio lleol - ac mae
pethau'n mynd o ddrwg i waeth!
Strategaethau gwastraff Prosiect 1. Dulliau
lleol o gael gwared ar wastraff
  • Cysylltu â'r cyngor i gael manylion y trefniadau
    casglu, nifer y cerbydau a'r teithiau ac ati.
  • Hyd oes safle claddu - cynlluniau ar gyfer y
  • Pennu'r arbedion - gwastraff pob cartref
    teithiau hwy i ddibenion casglu llai o
    gerbydau'n teithio i'r domen.
  • Ymweld â safle amwynderau.
  • Ymweliad cerbyd casglu/ailgylchu sbwriel â'r

Prosiect 2. Archwilio sbwriel yr ysgol (Ddylech
chi ddim trafod y sbwriel â'ch dwylo)
  • Edrych yn y biniau, gofyn i'r gofalwyr, yr
    ysgrifenyddes a'r staff cymorth.
  • Rhestru'r pethau mwyaf cyffredin ymysg y sbwriel.
  • Trafod y posibiliadau ynghylch cwtogi arno
  • gwrteithio
  • cyfrifianellau ynni'r haul
  • batrïau mae modd eu hailwefru
  • adnewyddu neu newydd sbon? (celfi, llyfrau ac
  • gwastraff anunion (goleuadau, drysau, tapiau ac
  • defnyddio hen bapur i godi nodiadau
  • prynu craff llai o becynnau

Prosiect 3. Creu pethau o sbwriel
  • Matiau carpiau.
  • Mwydion papur.
  • Prosiect gwneud papur.
  • Ailddefnyddio plastig - fframiau prifiant,
    blychau cadw, gemwaith, bwganod brain ac ati.
  • Cerfluniau metel, celfweithiau eraill.
  • Gwneud offerynnau cerdd o sbwriel.

Prosiect 4. Ailgylchu tuniau
  • ALUPRO (Aluminium Packaging Recycling
  • Ffôn 0845 722 7722
  • SCRIB (Steel Can Recycling Industries Bureau)
    Ffôn 01639 872626
  • ystyried sefydlu cynllun ailgylchu tuniau
  • llunio/gwneud teclyn gwasgu tuniau
  • materion cadw
  • ystyried pecynnau amgen ar gyfer diodydd
  • gwydr, plastig, cardbord wedi'i gwyro, papur
  • dyfeisio'ch pecyn eich hun a llunio'r enw a'r
  • ymgyrch ailddefnyddio cwpanau plastig

Prosiect 5. Ailgylchu papur
  • Gofyn i swyddog arbed gwastraff eich bro am
    fanylion y cynlluniau lleol.
  • Sefydlu blychau ailddefnyddio ac ailgylchu papur
    ledled yr ysgol.
  • Pennu pwy fydd yn casglu'r blychau a pha mor aml.
  • Oes problem ynglyn â chadw'r papur?
  • Cyfrif neu bwyso faint rydych chi'n ei ailgylchu

Prosiect 6. Rhoi'r 3 A ar waith Paratoi polisi
arbed gwastraff i'r ysgol
  • Cyfrannu i Strategaeth Genedlaethol Arbed
  • Codi ymwybyddiaeth o faint mae'r ysgol yn ei
    anfon i domenni sbwriel.
  • Gwerthfawrogi'r manteision ariannol ac
    amgylcheddol o arbed ac ailgylchu gwastraff.
  • Cydweithio â thrigolion y fro.
  • Defnyddio Stondinau Sgrap.
  • Prynu nwyddau eildro lle bo'n bosibl.

Rhai camau posibl yn eich ysgol
  • Ystyried cadw ffeiliau ar ffurf electronig.
  • Adolygu arferion prynu - papur, goleuadau,
    deunyddiau glanhau, peiriannau sychu dwylo/arbed
    dwr ac ati.
  • Ymgyrch i gwtogi ar ciniawau pecyn.
  • Ailddefnyddio pecynnau i ddibenion cadw.
  • Gwrteithio (yn arbennig croen ffrwythau a sbwriel
    yr ardd).
  • Sefydlu man ailgylchu.
  • Llyfrgell deganau.
  • Hyfforddiant ynghylch llungopïo.
  • Ymuno â Rhaglen yr Eco-Sgolion.