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Welcome To LSC-Tomball Independent Study Math Course Yes, it really is an independent study course! MATH 0306 Section 3011 6W2 Pre-Algebra Orientation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome%20To%20The%20Tomball%20%20College%20Math%20Lab

Welcome To LSC-Tomball Independent Study Math
Yes, it really is an independent study course!
MATH 0306 Section 3011 6W2 Pre-Algebra Orientation
Theresa Fritzel Online at home or at one of the
Lone Star College campuses
Is Independent Study Right for you?
  • Benefits
  • You set your time to study
  • You determine the pace HOWEVER
  • must show progress
  • must finish course within the semester
  • Disadvantages
  • Much harder than a lecture course
  • Must have a basic working knowledge of computers
  • Must take exams at an approved testing center
  • Need transportation
  • Testing centers have varying hours of
  • No face to face lecture time
  • You teach yourself
  • Textbook
  • Online resources
  • Webpages I created
  • Easy to procrastinate and fall behind
  • Might not be right for you if you
  • Have taken the course multiple times

What Materials do I need?
  • A computer with internet access
  • A valid, working email address
  • MyMathLab Student Access code for the following
  • Essential Algebra Skills by Elayn Martin-Gay,
    Custom Edition for Lone Star College, Pearson
    Publishing Inc.
  • This code and workbook are good for 0306, 0308
    and 0310
  • Current combo text has a Mustard and Red cover
  • Previous (but acceptable) combo text has a Blue
    and Red cover
  • You are purchasing an access code and getting a
    free workbook/text that cannot be returned
  • Campuses that will have this bundle in their
  • LSC Tomball
  • LSC UP
  • LSC North Harris (possibly)
  • Any other campuses will NOT have the correct
    bundles/texts/MML access
  • NOTE Because this is a custom text, we use a
    special custom version of MyMathLab access. You
    CANNOT purchase MML only access from a bookstore
    OR online. You MUST purchase this bundle.
  • Supplementary materials
  • Calculator (not required for 0306 or 0308,
    required for 0310)
  • TI-84 plus, TI-84, TI-83, TI-83

How Much Time?
  • 48 total hours
  • OR
  • 3 hours (or more) each week in Fall and Spring
  • 5 hours (or more) each week for 9 wk Summer
  • 8 hours (or more) each week for 6 wk Summer
  • Reading your book/course materials
  • Working odd problems in the book
  • in MyMathLab (MML)
  • Working assigned graded - homework (at home)
  • Taking tests (at testing center)
  • in Desire 2 Learn (D2L)
  • Studying materials (at home)
  • Taking the final exam (REQUIRED at testing
  • in math center for tutoring help (if needed)
  • 2 hours study/1 credit hour
  • 3 credit hour class at least 6 hours of study
    each week

How often?
  • Online Flexibility
  • Every day
  • Three times a week
  • Twice a week
  • Weekends only
  • Minimum required but no maximum
  • Accrue time at your own pace
  • Must finish all materials by the last day of
  • Online requires Discipline
  • Procrastination is a factor and a danger in
    online courses. You should attempt to make time
    to work on math a little every day so your dont
    fall behind.

When are things due?
In D2L, there will be a printable schedule as
well as start dates listed in the D2L Calendar
tab under Resources
  • Homework assignments
  • Math builds
  • assignments require you to make 50 on the
    previous assignment before they will open.
  • You may initially see only a few sections when
    you first log in.
  • As you complete each section, the next one will
    become available to you.
  • Due before their corresponding exam opens in MML
  • Exam start dates posted inside D2L and MML to
    help you plan accordingly
  • Worked in MyMathLab (MML) from home
  • Test dates
  • Start date is posted to keep you on track
  • Due dates discussed/posted in D2L and exam
    start/due dates listed in MML
  • Major exams worked in MML at testing center
    closest to you
  • For out of state or overseas students, email me
    externally or contact me in D2L after the class
    begins for information on setting up a testing
    center for you.
  • Final exam worked in D2L at testing center
    closest to you
  • Withdraw date
  • Holidays

What will we be covering?
  • We will be covering the following in 0306
  • Chapter 1 Integers and Introduction to Solving
  • Chapter 2 Solving Equations and Problem
  • Chapter 3 Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Chapter 4 Decimals
  • Chapter 5 Ratio, Proportion, and Triangle
  • Chapter 6 Percent
  • Chapter 7 Geometry and Measurement
  • Review materials posted in D2L in the Content
  • Do assigned homework in MyMathLab (MML) at home
  • Work the practice exams posted in MML or D2L
  • Tested on concepts, definitions, and processes

MyMathLab Resources
  • Chapter Contents Section
  • Complete textbook
  • Student Solutions Manual
  • Worked problems for every chapter
  • Word Problem Workbook
  • Further explanations on word problems that are
    seen in this course
  • Student Organizer link
  • Printable pages that help you organize your
    notes, study plan, and
  • Tools for Success
  • Basic Math and Algebra Review cards
  • Graphing Calculator help
  • Study Skills Builder pages from the text
  • Guided help links in the homework area
  • Help me solve this link
  • View an example link
  • Lecture video link
  • Ask my Professor link sends me a message and
    I reply to you.
  • Make sure you can also work problems without
    these aids as they will NOT be available to you
    on exams.

Math Tutoring available at
  • LSC-Cy-Fair
  • LSC-Fairbanks Center
  • LSC-Greenspoint Center
  • LSC-Kingwood
  • LSC-Montgomery
  • LSC-North Harris
  • LSC-Tomball
  • LSC-University Park

Click here for more information
Resources at LSC-Tomball
Other campuses will most likely have similar
resources. Check out the learning center closest
to you for more information.
  • Supplemental Books and Exercises
  • Use in Math Area
  • May be checked out
  • C230 circulation desk
  • Ask first
  • Free worksheets and handouts
  • Manipulatives for the kinesthetic learner

Preparing for Exams
  • Read your text
  • Review the materials posted by exam in D2L
  • Content tab/Course Content/Modules 1 through 4
  • Work the graded homework in MyMathLab
  • Need Extra Practice?
  • Rework homework problems...they change each time
    you access them
  • Work the odds in your book and check their
  • Work the practice exams in MML (not graded).
    This will populate the study plan.
  • Work the study plan exercises in MML. These are
    NOT graded. They will be similar to the graded
    homework and will show you which areas you need
    more work in.
  • Work the practice exams
  • For chapter exams in MML, the practice exams are
    also in MML
  • The exams are built directly off of the practice
  • For the final, there is a pdf posted in D2L under
    Content/Course Modules/Final Exam Information
  • Not on the practice test? Wont be on the exam.
  • Use Math Center resources
  • Free Tutoring
  • Manipulatives
  • Study Aids
  • Use online resources when doing homework in

Taking the Exams
  • Online in any approved Lone Star College
    Assessment Center
  • Main exams are in MML, Final is either in D2L or
    will be a paper copy taken at your testing
  • If you are currently out of state or overseas, we
    can set up testing in your location.
  • Contact me in D2L once the course begins for more
  • All of the testing centers in LSCS will have a
    full roster list and passwords so you can go to
    any center that works best for you.
  • Know the hours of operation for your chosen
  • Click here for testing centers and hours
  • Photo ID required
  • I need to know that it is you
  • No id, no test
  • Calculators are helpful and allowed for some
  • Note cards are not allowed

What will I be graded on?
  • Online homework assignments in MML at home
  • 38 homework assignments
  • 200 points total
  • Chapter tests online in MML at testing center
  • 4 tests, 100 points each
  • 400 points total
  • Final Exam online in D2L at testing center
  • Cumulative, 200 points
  • 800 total points

Grading Policy
  • A 89.5 - 100.0
  • B 79.5 - 89.49
  • C 69.5 - 79.49
  • IP or F lt 69.49
  • IP means you completed the course work but
    didnt make the required 69.5 to pass
  • Reasons for a failing grade
  • No consistent progress
  • Dont log enough hours
  • Dont take the final exam

How do I get started?
  • Even though we will communicate solely inside D2L
    once the course begins, I need contact
    information if D2L is down.
  • Email me with a current email address and include
    the following
  • Your name and course number/section
  • You must "agree" that you understand how an
    independent study online course will be different
    from an in class course
  • list how you think an independent study online
    course will differ from a lecture course
  • Send this note to
  • mymathprof_at_att.net

How do I get started?
  • Because your final will be administered at Lone
    Star College testing centers using D2L and we
    will use D2L email for all communication once the
    semester begins
  • Go to LSC-online to get your D2L login and
    password if you dont already know it
  • Click on the Secure Login link
  • This is a yellow button in the Login to your
    online classes box at the right of the page.
  • Next to the username box, click on the Forgot
    your Username? link
  • Fill out the form with the information requested
    and you be given your D2L login and initial
  • You may be asked immediately to change that
    password for security reasons.
  • Login to D2L and look at the home page.
  • Our course will show up after you take the
    mandatory Orientation provided through the D2L

How do I get started?
  • Third, because your homework and main exams will
    be completed in MML for a grade
  • Returning students
  • If you were in 0306, 0308 or 0310 at Tomball (or
    UP) within the last few years, your account
    should still be active and might already be tied
    to this code.
  • Test it before purchasing a new MML student
    access code.
  • New students
  • Obtain a MyMathLab student access code
  • Purchase from LSC-Tomball or LSC-UP bookstore
  • Using the student code, register for and login to
  • Course id for the Homework Course
  • Please note that this code is my last name
    fritzel followed by 5 numbers
  • FRITZEL47697
  • Enter the course, click on the Installation
  • Prove that you have accessed MyMathLab
  • Send me an email inside D2L and describe how to
    access the graded homework assignments

  • Using your current external email address, drop
    me a note and include the following
  • Name and course/section number
  • "agree" that you understand how the online course
    will be different from an in class course
  • list how you think an independent study online
    course will differ from a lecture course
  • After the class has begun
  • Login to MyMathLab and register for our course
  • Send a message to me through D2L indicating how
    you access the graded homework assignments in

How to be successful in Independent Study Courses
  • Be Goal oriented dont procrastinate, no excuses
  • Verify understanding of concepts with instructor
    or tutor
  • Do your homework BEFORE exams
  • Work graded MyMathLab assignments nightly
  • Extra, non-guided practice - odds at the end of
    each section in the textbook!
  • Practice good study skills
  • MyMathLab now has a section under chapter
    contents called Student Organizer.
  • While you wont have a class to take notes in,
    you can use the organizer in combination with the
    text and help pages in D2L.
  • Two hours of study for each hour of class
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