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The Renaissance


The Renaissance Mrs. Isaacson 9th Grade World History – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Renaissance

The Renaissance
  • Mrs. Isaacson
  • 9th Grade World History

What is the Renaissance
  • French word meaning, Rebirth.
  • The Renaissance represents the Intellectual and
    Economic changes of the time following the Middle
  • Took place between the 1300s and 1500s.

How did we wake up?
  • During the middle ages, because of Feudalism, no
    middle class existed.
  • People lived on manors in the country for
    protection from barbarians, far away from towns.
  • Feudalism kept society divided between the rich
    and the poor.

Hooray! The Barbarians are gone!
  • After the barbarians had chilled out, people came
    out again, heading back towards towns and cities.
    (Picture in your head the scene from the Wizard
    of Oz when the Munchkins come out after the
    Wicked Witch was smashed by the house).

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Curses upon you all
  • Unfortunately, after people began moving towards
    town, a plague hit that killed 1/3 of the people
    in the WORLD at that time. It was called the
    black plague.
  • The plague led to an economic depression.

What Happens in a Depression?
  • Lets pretend, that you are living in Europe at
    the time of the plague and you are a Twinkie
    maker (YUM!) You are a pretty awesome twinkie
    maker, but 1/3 of your customers die. Now you
    have a lot of twinkies, and no customers. So to
    make up for the money you are losing, you raise
    the prices of your twinkies, but now, nobody can
    afford to buy the twinkies. This is a Depression,
    meaning people are too broke to buy the expensive
    twinkies, making them depressed.

Sohow do we get out of a depression?
  • Finally! People stop dying of the plague and the
    population begins to grow, which creates a new
    demand for your twinkies. Now you have such a
    high demand for twinkies that you need to hire
    new people to learn how to make twinkies just
    like you! These are called your apprentice
    twinkie makers, making you the twinkie master!

All Hail the Twinkies!
How does this apply to the Middle Ages?
  • Just like you twinkie makers, other business grew
    during the middle ages and were able to expand
    too, such as
  • Bankers
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Metal workers, Craftsmen, Blacksmiths,

  • Suddenly, your twinkie business becomes so large
    that you are able to expand to other countries.
  • Advances in traveling such as
  • Portuguese maps
  • The magnetic compass
  • Better ships
  • Allow you to sail around the world to find new
    places to sell your twinkies.

Becoming Masters of the Universe
  • During the middle ages, education was limited to
    members of the church and high levels of society.
  • Now, people like you twinkie makers need to
    become more educated to be really good at your
  • What are some areas that as an INTERNATIONAL
    TWINKIE MAKER you would want to be educated in?

The Correct Answer is..
  • As an INTERNATIONAL TWINKIE MAKER, you would want
    to know things like
  • What kind of money do they use in other countries
    (international currency)?
  • How do I add, subtract, multiply, keep track of
    all my money?
  • What is the best thing to do with my money?

The Education Explosion!
  • As people began becoming experts in certain areas
    (like twinkie making), they gained a HUNGER for
  • In 1445, a man named Johann Gutenberg, invented
    the PRINTING PRESS! This wonderful invention was
    the answer to all the prayers of the people of

The Printing Press
  • Johan Gutenbergs invention allowed books to be
    mass produced page by page, rather than being
    handwritten on parchment by one person.
  • Also, for the first time, books were printed in
    languages other than LATIN, so now people in
    England, France, Spain, and Italy could read the
    same thing, even learn how to make twinkies!

Why the Church Hated Gutenberg
  • During the middle ages, books and writing were
    based on the Bible and the teachings of the
  • NOW, during the Renaissance, people began making
    the ideas of Rome and Greece popular again,
    encouraging people to read the classics and open
    their eyes to how smart Rome and Greece were
    before the Middle Ages.

(No Transcript)
Hooray for Humanism!
  • Once the people of Europe woke up to the ideas of
    the ancient Greeks and Romans, they started to
    look at life a little bit differently.
  • This change in thinking resulted in a new idea
    called HUMANISM. Humanism was all about the role
    that Human beings played in the world around them
    (Gods world, to them).

Middle Ages vs. New Age
  • During the Middle Ages the church believed that
  • Having money or wealth was a BAD thing.
  • People should not be very educated. It was better
    to be dumb in Gods eyes.
  • Doing good things was based on what the Bible
  • The Human Body was a TERRIBLE Thing.

  • BUT! Now we have this new idea called Humanism
    which changed everything
  • The Human Body was created by God, therefore
    people should use it to do good things.
  • Having money allowed people to do good things for
  • Creativity was a gift from God that should be

Renaissance Basics
  • The Renaissance is all about going back in time
    and bringing back the Styles and Ideas of Greece
    and Rome.
  • Almost all areas of the Renaissance show a
    connection to Greece and Rome.
  • Literature, art, architecture, music,
    mathematics, all of these were influenced by, did
    I mention, GREECE AND ROME!

Forget Florence.and Fail.
  • Since the Renaissance was all about the Ideas of
    Greece and Rome, its probably no surprise that
    it began in FLORENCE, ITALY.
  • Florence was the home to many famous Renaissance
    artists like Michelangelo.

Renaissance Literature
  • Writers in the Renaissance were all about the
    classics of GREECE AND ROME, such as the Odyssey,
    the Iliad, and the Aenid (which was written by
    Virgil in GREECE).
  • Writers like PETRARCH, who was one of the first
    Italian Poets, used the writings of Virgil as his

Renaissance Architecture.
  • During the Middle Ages, Architecture was based on
    the GOTHIC or ROMANESQUE Style.
  • The main shape used in Gothic architecture was
    the Cross and it was defined (meaning you would
    recognize it) by its very sharp angles and steep
    points, that were pointing up to Heaven.

Renaissance Architecture
  • During the Renaissance, the Gothic and dark look
    went out of style and wealthy people began
    wanting to see more of the classic styles of
    Ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Instead of the Cross, Renaissance architecture
    used the circle as the primary shape, bringing
    back the use of domes.

Medieval Cathedral in Paris
Interior of a Gothic CathedralWhat defining
characteristics do you see here?
The Day of the Dome
  • Renaissance architecture began, where else, in
    Florence with the construction of the
  • SANTA MARIA del Fiore, which is known as the
    cathedral of Florence.
  • This cathedral is so Famous, Michelangelo
    sculpted his famous, David, for the cathedral.

The Santa Maria del Fiore (the cathedral of
Florence). Note the use of the Domes.
The Medici Chapel by Michelangelo
  • Define humanism and give two examples of changes
    in beliefs from the Middle Ages to the
  • Determine the differences in architecture from
    the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
  • 4-6 Sentences

Warning The material you are about to learn has
absolutely NOTHING to do with these four.people.
Renaissance Art
  • The most famous aspect of the Renaissance is by
    far the artwork.
  • During the Middle ages, the art work was very
    simple, consisting of Biblical characters on a
    blank background, kind of like having your
    picture taken at school.

This is an example of art from the Middle Ages
What observations can you make?
Creating a new Perspective
  • Renaissance artists studied geometry to help make
    their art look more realistic.
  • They used perspective in their art to make
    objects look closer and far away.
  • They used a vanishing point to show distance and
  • They also used shadow and light like never before.

Revamping the Renaissance
  • While Medieval Art was very plain, Renaissance
    artists wanted everything to be as LIFELIKE AS
  • Artists would study dead bodies and nude bodies
    to capture the body of a human perfectly.
  • One of the best Renaissance artists to ever do
    this, was Michelangelo.

Meet Michelangelo
  • Best known as a sculptor, also was an artist,
    architect, and poet.
  • Mastered the art of drawing, sculpting male
  • His paintings are easy to recognize by their 3-D
    appearance. His figures almost seem to rise off
    the page.
  • He was also bi-polar.

The David
  • Michelangelos most
  • Famous work. Located
  • In the Florence Cathedral.
  • Statue of the Bible
  • Character David who
  • Defeated Goliath.

The Sistine Chapel
  • Michelangelos most famous work was the SISTINE
    CHAPEL. He was originally supposed to paint the
    12 apostles on the ceiling of the church, but
    ended up painting the story of the old testament
    instead, using over 300 pictures on the ceiling.
    He laid on his back for 4 years from 1508-1512 to
    complete the ceiling.

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The Birth of Adam
(No Transcript)
Michelangelos Last Judgment
  • In addition to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel,
    Michelangelo also painted the wall behind the
  • It is called, The Last Judgment.

(No Transcript)
The Pieta by Michelangelo (1498-1500
Being Boticelli
  • Boticelli was the favorite artist of Florence,
    especially The MEDICI family, who were his best
    patrons. ( a patron is someone who supports an
    artist by buying his or her work).
  • He also has 3 paintings in the Sistine Chapel.
  • He is best recognized by his use of famous Greek
    or Roman characters and his use of motion.

Primavera by Boticelli
The Birth of Venus By Boticelli
  • Remember, Venus is a Roman name for a Greek God.
    This shows you how much Renaissance artists used
    classic Greek and Roman inspiration for their
  • Hint This is a good way to recognize Renaissance
  • This picture also shows that Boticelli loved to
    use beautiful women in his art.

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Discovering Donatello
  • Donatello was one of the first men to ever use
    sculpture OUTSIDE of a church setting.
  • He also sculpted a statue of the David, only
    using Bronze.
  • Donatello was one of the calmer artists of the
    bunch, focusing on his art above anything else.

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Remembering Raphael
  • Raphael only lived to the age of 37.
  • He was famous for mastering Portraits of other

(No Transcript)
School of Athens by Raphael
Last but not Least.The Renaissance Man
  • The most popular of all Renaissance artists would
    have to be Leonardo di Vinci.
  • Leonardo is what people call a TRUE RENAISSANCE
    MAN, which means he did just about everything. He
    was a jack of all trades. For example..

Leonardo Di Vinci
  • Leonardo di Vinci was an engineer, scientist,
    writer, inventor, architect, and painter.
  • He invented the first parachute, helicopter, and
    aeroplane but his designs were thought to be
  • He was also notorious for not finishing anything
    he started.
  • A good way to recognize his work is that his
    people very rarely have eyebrows.

Vitruvian Man
The Last Supper
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Self Portraits
(No Transcript)
  • Determine at least two reasons as to how art
    changed from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
  • Michelangelo 3 works
  • Botticelli 2 Works
  • Leonardo 2 works