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20th Century Texas Unit Survey


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Title: 20th Century Texas Unit Survey

20th Century TexasUnit Survey
  • Modern Era (1900s) World War II (1940s)

Texas Highway Department
  • 1922 more than one million cars and trucks were
    registered in Texas, ending the horse and buggy
  • Traffic laws were passed and police enforced
  • Texas created the Texas Highway Department and
    became eligible for federal funds to build new

Great Depression Begins
  • In 1929, early in Republican Herbert Hoovers
    presidency, the U. S. stock market collapsed.
  • Many investors, hoping to make quick fortunes,
    drove up the price of stock.
  • Some investors borrowed money heavily to buy
    stocks, and when stock prices fell, those
    investors and the banks that loaned them money
    were wiped out.

Stock Market Crash of 1929
  • Stock shares represent ownership in companies.
  • People had driven up the price of stocks, and
    some investors borrowed money to buy them.
  • When prices fell, both they and the banks were
    wiped out.

Cause Effect
Bad News Continues
  • Factories closed
  • Widespread unemployment loss of jobs
  • Texas farmers income suffered Prices of
    agriculture products dropped
  • East Texas timber workers were laid off people
    could not afford new houses

Depth of Depression
  • President Hoover greatly underestimated the
    severity, or depth, of the Great Depression.
  • Called on local churches and charities to
    increase aid to the poor
  • Asked people to hire unemployed neighbors to do
    odd jobs

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Too Much Oil
  • Late 1920s - East Texas oil fields produced more
    oil than the rest of the state of Texas combined.
  • Overproduction caused oil prices to drastically
  • April 1931 - Texas Railroad Commission issued an
    order for operators to limit production and by
    1935, oil prices stabilized.

Cotton Crisis for Farmers
  • 1930s - Cotton prices dropped and the Great
    Depression forced the prices even lower.
  • The Texas Department of Agriculture urged farmers
    to reduce the number of acres planted in cotton.

The Dust Bowl in Texas
  • After World War I, when wheat prices were high,
    farmers tried to earn more money by planting more
  • But, during the 1920s, wheat prices dropped
    drastically from overproduction.
  • Farmers plowed under the grasses of the plains
    to plant crops, but there was nothing to hold
    down the soil from strong winds.

The Dust Bowl in Texas
  • 1930s - A severe drought added to the problem as
    dust storms made the area into a Dust Bowl it
    lasted 7 years.
  • People became ill from lung diseases and many
    families lost their farms because of hard times.
  • The Dust Bowl covered a five-state area
    Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and

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Phoenix 2011
Phoenix 2012
A New Deal for Texas
  • 1932 - Franklin D. Roosevelt won the presidential
    election, with almost 90 percent of Texans
    supporting him.
  • After taking office in March 1933, he started
    reform programs called the New Deal.
  • John N. Garner, former Texas Congressman and then
    the U.S. Vice President, helped push New Deal
    programs in Congress.

FDR and John Garner
New Deal Programs in Texas
  • New agencies to deal with problems of the
    Depression were known as alphabet agencies
    because people called them by their initials.
  • Agencies included Civilian Conservation Corps
    (CCC), National Youth Administration (NYA),
    Public Works Administration (PWA).

Alphabet Agencies
  • FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Administration)
    gave funds to states and local agencies for
    unemployed people
  • CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) provided
    outdoor employment for young men and helped
    preserve resources
  • NYA (National Youth Administration) hired high
    school and college students to perform clerical
    and maintenance jobs.
  • PWA (Public Works Administration) built bridges
    dams, schools, and other structures of value to
    the state.
  • WPA (Works Progress Administration) hired
    600,000 Texans during the Great Depression

New Deal for Rural Texans
  • New Deal programs tried to slow down soil erosion
    to help farmers in the Dust Bowl regions.
  • New planting and contour plowing techniques
    helped farmers protect the topsoil from blowing
  • The federal government paid farmers to plant
    trees as windbreaks, and by 1938, sand dunes
    around Dalhart were gone.

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Mexican Americans Fight for their Rights
  • 1929 - The League of United Latin American
    Citizens (LULAC) is founded in Corpus Christi.
  • They worked for Mexican American rights in
    courts, hiring, and education. They fought
    against school segregation of Mexican American
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