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Veritas Resources


VERITAS RESOURCES Pamela Mcloughlin – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Veritas Resources

Veritas Resources
  • Pamela Mcloughlin

Whatever Happens Just Keep Smiling and Lose
Yourself in Love.Rumi
New Titles
The Four Gospels Following in the Footsteps of
Jesus Dialogue of the Heart
  • This book is for people who wish to read the
    Gospels in turn and reflect and meditate on them.
    The book comes from an enthusiastic response
    after the publication of The Joy of the Gospel

(No Transcript)
Christian-Muslim Stories of Encounter
The monks story familiar to many thanks to the
award-winning 2010 film Of Gods and Men forms
the backbone of this deeply affecting and
thoughtful celebration of interreligious
friendship.   By drawing on the inspiring witness
of the Catholic Church in Algeria and Morocco, Fr
Martin sensitively illuminates the way in which
Christians can connect sincerely in everyday life
with their Muslim neighbours.
Walking on the Pastures of WonderJohn ODonohue
in conversation with John Quinn
  • Collated by John Quinn, the conversations
    span a number of years and explore such themes as
    wonder, landscape, the medieval mystic Meister
    Eckhart, ageing and death.

Walking on the Pastures of Wonder
  • When I go out on these frosty nights and see the
    pattern of the stars across the sky I ask myself
    how did all that happen.
  • Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh

Homiletic Directory
  • A two-part Homiletic Directory. The first
    part, entitled The homily and its liturgical
    setting, describes the nature, function and
    specific context of the homily. Other aspects
    that define it are also addressed, namely, the
    appropriate ordained minister who delivers it,
    its reference to the Word of God, the proximate
    and remote preparation for its composition, and
    its recipients.

  • Cardinal Cahal Daly The Minding of Planet Earth
  • Sean McDonagh Dying for Water
  • Sean McDonagh Why are we Deaf to the Cry of the
  • Megan McKenna Harm Not the Earth
  • Nellie McLaughlin Out of Wonder
  • Patrick OSullivan Letters to the Earth
  • Patrick OSullivan Natures Way A Sense of

Junior Cycle
Each reflection is thoughtfully linked to a
specific time such as Harvest, Advent, Lent and
the Angelus
Senior Cycle
Finding meaning in music
Listen to the words of the song Happy and how
Amundsen High School created their own class
dance. http//
Faith and Arts Browse this website which
considers the relationship between religion and
the arts, especially the popular arts, and
especially in relation to religious
  • https//
  • https//

Never judge a book by its cover
Seek and Find WebsiteFrom the Blog
  • From the Blog
  • Last Sundays Gospel was the story of
    Thomas, and of Jesus message,
  • Blessed are those who have not seen and
    have believed. The story of Doubting Thomas is
    aimed at all who will not see the Risen Lord, yet
    are asked to believe. We are called to believe in
    what we cannot see or hear or touch, when even
    those closest to Jesus had problems in accepting
    what was happening. Thomas wanted to believe in
    the Risen Jesus, but he wasnt the sort of person
    to pretend he understood something when he
    didnt. He wasnt the sort of person that could
    pretend that he didnt have doubts when he did.
    Jesus was patient with him and showed him what he
    needed to see. In the same way, the Risen Jesus
    will show us the way forward. Christ is always in
    our midst inviting us to touch him and to
    believe. It important to remember that doubt can
    be a good thing. Doubt means that we are still
    questioning something that we care about. Doubt
    means that we are still looking for answers, that
    we are still learning and growing.  
  • This week
  • Many people embark on some sort of religious
    pilgrimage to find answers and meaning in their
    lives. Why not organise a pilgrim walk in your
    community for people to experience?
  • Watch the movie Doubt and reflect on this clip
    from the movie were the priest gives a sermon on
    Feathers of Gossip http//
  • Take a three minute retreat each morning using
    the Loyola Press website. It will help start the
    day in a positive way http//
  • Practise letting go of doubts on a daily basis by
    lighting a candle and praying to God for help

http// username admin
password P3iAgiEs
The use of Art in Religious Education
Search for meaning in Art
Trinity by Elizabeth Wang
School Resources
High is the Heaven, Deep is the Sea
  • High is the Heaven, Deep is the Sea
  • High is the Heaven, Deep Is The SeaHigh is the
    heaven, deep is the seaWide is your wisdom that
    calls us to beFormed in your Spirit that we
    might revealLove is your dwelling, love is your
    dwelling,O eternal mystery
  • And what of the world that it may reflectThe
    presence of God, this beauty on earthWise be the
    soul who longs to respectThe Creation of God
    from its birth to its death,
  • And what of the heart that yearns to be trueIn
    care for another, in love for the poorEmbracing
    the wounds that long to be healedIn a harvest of
    love, in earths lonely fields
  • And what of the soul that searches for
    peaceWearied from toil, yet burdened in
    sleepDrink deep from the well in silence
    refinedWhere hope is revealed and love is the
  • And what of the time that passes awayWhile only
    Gods love for all still remainsFor all things
    shall pass and all things know changeFor we are
    but Pilgrims, still finding the way
  • And what of our Joy that our hearts should
    knowThe harvest of saints, gathered and
    grownThe gift to our day from cells hewn in
    stoneColumban of God, your name we make known

Saint Columbanus
(No Transcript)
Malala- Social Justice
Extra Resources
Playing for Change http//
ists/playing-for-change Pray as you Go
http// Art and the
search for meaning http// h
ttp// http//www.radiantlig Imp
ortant message here- How we see
For the Classroom
  • Each second we live is a new and unique moment
    of the universe, a moment that will never be
    again And what do we teach our children? We teach
    them that two and two make four, and that Paris
    is the capital of France. When will we also teach
    them what they are? We should say to each of
    them Do you know what you are? You are a marvel.
    You are unique. In all the years that have
    passed, there has never been another child like
    you. Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers,
    the way you move. You may become a Shakespeare, a
    Michaelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity
    for anything. Yes, you are a marvel. And when you
    grow up, can you then harm another who is, like
    you, a marvel? You must work, we must all work,
    to make the world worthy of its children.
  • ? Pablo Casals

Mary Oliver Take the first step away from
materially-bound and self-interested lives,
towards the trees, and the waterfall. So often
students are asked what it is that they plan to
do when they finish school,