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The Renaissance Moves


The Renaissance Moves North Objectives: -To analyze the contributions of the Northern Renaissance artists, thinkers and innovators-To assess the impact of the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Renaissance Moves

  • The Renaissance Moves
  • North

Objectives -To analyze the contributions of the
Northern Renaissance artists, thinkers and
innovators -To assess the impact of the printing
Albrecht Dürer
  • Albrecht Dürer traveled to Italy in 1494 to study
    the techniques of the Italian masters.
  • Returning to Germany he employed these methods in
    paintings and, especially, in engravings.

Peasant and His Wife
  • In this form of art, an artist etches a design on
    a metal plate with acid.
  • The artist then uses the plate to make prints.

Feet of An Apostle
  • Like the Italian artists of the Renaissance,
    Durer tried to achieve a standard of ideal beauty
    that was based on a careful examination of the
    human form.

  • Hands
  • of
  • Horus

German Leonardo
  • Through his art and his essays, Dürer helped
    spread Italian Renaissance ideas in his
  • Due to his interests that extended far beyond
    art, he is sometimes called the German Leonardo.

Northern Humanists
  • Northern European humanists, like Italian
    humanists, stressed education and classical
  • At the same time, they still emphasized religious
  • The revival of ancient learning was believed to
    bring about moral and religious reform- this was
    different than the Southern European humanists
    who did not stress religion.

  • The summit of happiness is reached when a person
    is ready to be what he is.
  • Erasmus
  • What does this quote mean?
  • How can you relate this to your life?

The Dutch Erasmus
  • Desiderius Erasmus, the great Dutch priest and
    humanist wrote a new Greek edition of the New
  • He also called for a translation of the Bible
    into the vernacular, or everyday language of
    ordinary people.

  • What is our vernacular?
  • What are words that you use that are unique to
    your generation or group of friends?
  • What are the benefits of information in your

  • To Erasmus an individuals chief duties were to
    be open-minded and of good will toward others.
  • He was disturbed by corruption in the Church and
    called for reform.

  • Erasmuss friend, the English humanist Thomas
    More, also pressed for social reform.
  • In Utopia, More describes an ideal society in
    which men and women live in peace and harmony.
  • No one is ideal, all are educated, and justice is
    used to end crime rather than to eliminate the
  • Today, the word utopian has come to describe an
    ideal society.

  • Why do you think that peasants would like the
    book Utopia?
  • What song(s) can you think of that reflects the
    ideas of Utopia?

  • Had a varied career as a monk, physician, Greek
    scholar, and author.
  • Gargantua and Pantagruel, chronicles the
    adventures of two gentle giants.
  • On the surface the novel is a comic tale of
    travel and war.
  • But Rabelais uses his characters to offer opinion
    on religion, education, and other serious

  • What shows today are comical but offer their
    opinions about serious subjects?
  • Why would someone want to or need to hide their
    opinions in comedy?

  • Poet and playwright
  • Between 1590 1613, he wrote 37 plays that are
    still performed around the world.
  • He wrote comedies, historic plays, tragedies
  • Shakespeares love of words vastly enriched the
    English language.
  • More than 1,700 words appeared for the first time
    in his works, including bedroom, lonely,
    generous, gloomy, heartsick, hurry, and sneak.

Have you seen Shakespeare? The following modern
movies are loosely based on famous Shakespearean
  • The Lion King
  • 10 Things I Hate About You and Deliver Us From
  • Shes the Man/Mulan/ Big Momma
  • O
  • West Side Story/Teen Beach Movie

Hamlet The Taming of the Shrew The Twelfth
Night Othello Romeo and Juliet
  • Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes mocks the
    romantic notions of medieval chivalry.
  • Don Quixote is a foolish but idealistic knight
    that seeks to be a hero but finds that the time
    of the knight has ended.

  • The 13 Most Influential Inventions in History
  • Harnessing/Applying Electricity
  • The computer
  • The internet
  • The steam engine
  • Steel
  • Gunpowder
  • The atomic bomb
  • The car
  • Radio
  • Telephone
  • Television
  • The printing press
  • What do you think the most influential inventions
    have been?

The Printing Revolution
  • Methods of making paper had reached Europe from
    China about 1300.
  • The Chinese and Koreans had been using moveable
    type for centuries.

  • Johann Gutenberg of Germany, printed a complete
    edition of the Bible using movable type metal
    type on a machine called a printing press.
  • The use of this invention TRANSFORMED EUROPE!!!!!
  • Prior to the printing press books were written by
    hand and were very expensive- taking between 6
    months and a year to write just one book.

Immense Changes
  • Printed books were cheaper than hand copied
  • More people learned to read.
  • Readers gained access to a variety of subjects.
  • Exposed educated Europeans to new ideas.
  • Contributes to the religious turmoil that swept
    Europe in the 1500s.