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Frankenstein Synopsis


Chapter 11 Creature tells Frankenstein about his confusion of ... so he collects firewood for them Sees himself for the first time and is horrified Chapter 13 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Frankenstein Synopsis

Frankenstein Synopsis
  • By Mary Shelley

Frame Story
  • The novel contains a number of "framing devices,"
    which are stories that surround other stories,
    setting them up in one way or another. Robert
    Walton's letters to his sister frame the story
    that Victor Frankenstein tells to Walton, and
    Frankenstein's story surrounds the story that the
    monster tells, which in turn frames the story of
    the De Lacey family.

Letter 1
  • Letter from Robert Walton the explorer to his
    sister Margaret Saville
  • Details that he is a captain on the ship and
    headed to the North Pole to discover a passage to
    the Pacific, revealing the earths magnetism and
    discovering new things

Letter 2
  • Robert Walton writes another letter to his sister
    and discusses the fact that he has no friends,
    feels lonely and justifies his lonely passage

Letter 3
  • Robert Walton writes another letter to his sister
    and lets her know that the ship has sailed and he
    is excited and confident in his adventure

Letter 4
  • RW writes letter that details his ship getting
    stuck in the ice. While stuck, he encounters a
    man that is very sick. They offer assistance to
    the man however, the man is reluctant to get on
    the boat. Finally, he agrees but is too sick to
    talk for two days- everyone on the boat is
  • The last part of the letter states that the
    stranger will now tell his story. RWs story ends

Chapter 1
  • The stranger is Victor Frankenstein. VF is now
    telling his story. He came from a good family and
    his family adopted a girl (who was his cousin)
    Elizabeth Lavenza who his mother wants him to

Chapter 2
  • Elizabeth and Victor are best friends
  • Discusses Henry Clerval- his best friend
  • He discusses the fact that he became enchanted
    with the mysterious natural world and science
  • Lightning strikes and he has electricity
    explained to him

Chapter 3
  • Plans to leave his family at 17 for schooling at
    Ingolstadt University
  • Right before he leaves his mother catches scarlet
    fever from Elizabeth and on her deathbed she says
    she wants Victor and Elizabeth to marry
  • Leaves for college and meets M Krempe who says
    all the things he studied have been wasteful
  • Attends Professor Waldmans Chemistry class and
    his love of science returns

Chapter 4
  • Continues studying and realizes he is very
    interested in the creation of life
  • Begins trying to create life in his apartment and
    becomes so obsessed he ignores anything and
    everything- even his own health

Chapter 5
  • Months later, on a stormy night he completes his
    creation and brings it to life and he is
  • Walks into town and sees his friend Henry Clerval
    who ends of taking care of Victor for a few
    months while he is sick
  • Once he is feeling better, Henry gives Victor a
    letter from Elizabeth that came while he was sick

Chapter 6
  • Letter from Elizabeth expresses her concern over
    his lingering illness and she encourages him to
    write her soon
  • Victor introduces Henry to his professors but the
    thought of science and his creation makes him ill
    and he decides to go back home to Geneva
  • Henry and Victor go on a long walk through the

Chapter 7
  • Still at school, Victor gets a letter from his
    father that says Victors younger brother,
    William, has been murdered
  • Returns home to Geneva, but he cant get in as the
    gates are locked. He visits the spot his brother
    was murdered and sees his creation and believes
    his creation is responsible
  • Justine-his adopted sister, is accused of the
    murder and Victor is afraid to express what he
    believes happened

Chapter 8
  • Justine knows she is innocent but confesses to
    the murderer because she believes it is the only
    way she will be spared
  • She is executed and Victor feels immense grief
    and guilt for the deaths of two members of his

Chapter 9
  • Victor goes on a trip with his family to The ALPS
    and wanders off. As he wanders, he encounters his
    creature who wants to tell Victor his story.
    Victor follows him and the story begins.

Chapter 10
  • As he wanders to the top of a mountain, he
    encounters his creature who wants to tell
    Victor his story. Victor follows him and the
    story begins.

Chapter 11
  • Creature tells Frankenstein about his confusion
    of the world around him and how he had to learn
    everything first hand (speech, emotions,
  • Discusses how it felt to be shunned by humans and
    how he had to take refuge in a hovel where he
    observes a family

Chapter 12
  • Observes family from his hovel for a long period
    of time and realizes that the family is not
    always happy because they are poor and have
    hardships, so he collects firewood for them
  • Sees himself for the first time and is horrified

Chapter 13
  • Realizes that Felix is unhappy. One day a lady,
    Safie appears. She does not know the language.
    Creature continues to observe and learns as she

Chapter 14
  • Through eavesdropping he learns the history of
    the cottagers
  • Delacey is old man all of them together make up
    the Delacey family
  • Agatha and Felix are Delaceys children. Safie
    and Felix are in love
  • Safies story is that her father became obnoxious
    to the government, Felix helped her father escape
    and then the Delaceys were thrown out of town
    and that is why they are in a cottage in the
    middle of the woods.

Chapter 15
  • Creature finds books in the woods, reads Paradise
    Lost and draws a comparison to himself
  • Also finds Frankensteins journal which detailed
    his work on the creationcreature
  • Wants friends, good heart. Waits until everyone
    but old man Delacey are gone from the cottage.
    Approaches wanting friendship and is denied that
    when the others show up unexpectedly

Chapter 16
  • Leaves for Geneva to find Victor. Swears off
    humans. Sees a little girl who falls into the
    river, saves her and is rewarded with a
    gunshot. He will never be accepted based on his
    looks only
  • Runs into William, wants him to be his companion.
    Ends up killing him and planting the evidence on
  • Meets with Victor and tells him what he wants- a

Chapter 17
  • Creature wants a female companion. He guilt trips
    Victor into creating one for him and says that
    there is no need to worry, he (the creature) will
    be in touch with Victor
  • Creature swears that he will take his female
    companion to a remote area and they will not
    bother anyone
  • Victor feels somewhat responsible and agrees to
    the request

Chapter 18
  • Victor tries to put off the making of the
    creature for a while as he will need to go to
    England for parts
  • His father begins to worry about him and fears
    Victor may not want to marry Elizabeth. This is
    far from the truth and Victor asks to take a trip
    to England before the marriage. His father agrees
    and his friend Henry Clerval goes with him

Chapter 19
  • Victor can not get any work done with Henry along
    on the trip, so he encourages Henry to stay with
    a friend
  • Henry agrees to do that and Victor sets up a
    makeshift lab to begin his quest, even though the
    thought of creating another creature horrifies him

Chapter 20
  • While working on the second creation he begins
    thinking of the moral implications of creating a
    new creature. He is disgusted with himself and
    looks up to see creature peering in the window.
  • Realizing the horribleness of it all, he smashes
    the female creation to bits in front of creature
  • Creature is very upset and vows revenge- on
    Victors wedding night
  • As he is packing up his lab, he gets a letter
    from Henry who wants to continue their trip. He
    takes the creation and rows out to sea and sinks
    it and considers dying alone at sea when a storm
    comes however, he ends up washing up on the
    shore of a town where he is greeted angrily and
    accused of a young mans murder

Chapter 21
  • The townspeople bring him to the town judge who
    then wants to see Victors reaction to the
    murdered mans body.
  • Victor sees the body and it is Henry Clerval with
    the monsters hand prints on his neck
  • Victor becomes very ill and is imprisoned
  • A visitor arrives at the prison and it is Victors
  • At the trial, Victor is cleared of murder due to
    circumstantial evidence and returns back home to
    his father

Chapter 22
  • Victor receives a letter from Elizabeth-she is
    worried that he may not want to marry her. He
    does want to!
  • He wants to tell Elizabeth about creature but
    only once they are married. He remembers the
    monsters words about his wedding night
  • Victor and Elizabeth marry and depart for the
    family cottage for their honeymoon

Chapter 23
  • On the first night of their honeymoon, Creature
    makes true on his promise and kills Elizabeth
  • Victor returns home to tell his father who is so
    grief stricken he dies just a few days later
  • Victor finally tells a judge in Geneva about the
    monster however, the judge does not believe him
  • Victor resolves to kill the creature himself

Chapter 24
  • His whole family is destroyed, so Victor departs
    for the North Pole to find creature
  • It is there that he tells Robert Walton his story
    and asks Robert to continue looking for creature
    even after his death
  • Victor dies and the crew on RW ship hears a noise
    in Victors room- it is creature mourning Victor
  • Creature says he never meant to be evil and
    wishes to die himself- he walks off into the