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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: EDPD%20581%20Kurzweil

EDPD 581Kurzweil
  • Day 2
  • Instructor Maureen LaFleche

  • Survey experience (0-5)
  • Beginner-Intermediate work through activities on
    Wiki http//at4all.pbwiki.com/Kurzweil203000
  • Advanced Self-Directed Modules on the SET BC
    website - http//setbc.org/setbc/curriculum/kurzwe

  • Introduction to Kurzweil What is it? How does
    it tie into UDL (Universal Design for Learning)
    (15 minutes)
  • What is ARC BC (2 minutes)
  • What is the difference between E-text and
    accessible text

  • Assignments Hand on Explore
  • Activity 1 Using text notes in Kurzweil 1.
    Kesi Virtual Printer KWL sheet (15 minutes)
  • Activity 2 Reading Documents in Kurzweil Time
    Travel (15 minutes)
  • Activity 3 Drag and Drop Dictionary Skills
    worksheet (15 minutes)
  • Activity 4 Answering a Scanned Worksheet in
    Kurzweil 1. Open Halle Berry from the
    desktop (20 minutes)
  • Activity 5 Opening a Website in Kurzweil (15

  • Activity 6 Use Kurzweil as a Word Processor
    (15 minutes)

What is Kurzweil 3000?Adapted from Kurzweil
  • Kurzweil 3000TM is the premier reading, writing
    and learning software for struggling students,
    including individuals with dyslexia, learning
    difficulties, or those who are English Language

What is Kurzweil 3000?Adapted from Kurzweil
  • The software can access virtually any
    information, whether it is printed, electronic,
    or on the Web. It then reads the words aloud to
    the student in clear, humanlike, synthetic
    speech, while a patented dual highlighting
    feature adds visual reinforcement.

What is Kurzweil 3000?Adapted from Kurzweil
  • For students who have difficulty physically
    accessing curriculum materials, Kurzweil 3000
    provides a digital means of engaging with text
    and can support students who use alternative
    methods for accessing the computer.

Kurzweil 3000 cont
  • Patented Dual Highlighting - Kurzweil 3000
    employs a multi-sensory approach to improving
    students' reading performance by highlighting a
    sentence, paragraph, line or phrase in one color
    and highlighting each word in another color as it
    is read aloud.

Kurzweil cont
  • Quick Access to Word Meanings - One-click access
    to recursive dictionary definitions, synonyms,
    syllabification and spell mode assists students
    with decoding and keeps them reading with fewer

Kurzweil cont
  • Comprehensive Study Skills Tools - Students can
    improve their reading comprehension and retention
    with study skills tools that facilitate active
    reading including highlighting, text circle
    tools, annotations, Bookmarks, Voice Notes and
    Extract in order to create outlines, study
    guides, or word lists.

Kurzweil cont
  • Powerful Instructional Support Tools - Teachers
    can personalize instruction to suit student needs
    and learning styles using Sticky Notes ,
    Text Notes , Voice Notes or Footnotes.
    Teachers can also insert Bubble Notes to appear
    automatically in a document. Bubble Notes
    help teach students specific skills, guide
    them through tasks, and gauge reading
    comprehension with multiple choice, true/ false,
    matching, and open-ended text response questions.

Kurzweil cont
  • Flexible Writing Tools - As students type, the
    software speaks each letter or word, so they can
    quickly recognize and correct spelling mistakes.
    The Check Spelling As You Type feature underlines
    misspelled words in red. The audible spell
    checker and customizable word prediction further
    assist students with creating and modifying
    reports, essays and papers without teacher

Kurzweil cont
  • Unique Test Taking Capabilities - Students can
    independently complete worksheets, classroom
    tests and standardized tests with greater
    confidence and fewer mistakes. Students with
    accommodations can easily answer fill-in-the
    blanks, multiple choice, true/ false, short
    answer, essay and other test forms while using a
    customized selection of writing tools,
    comprehension aids and visual modifications.
    Teachers can save documents with specific
    toolbars and feature locks, while also
    controlling which Kurzweil 3000 features are
    available to students during testing.

Kurzweil cont
  • Flexible Network Options - Students can log on
    from any networked computer running Kurzweil 3000
    and access their personal settings and files.
    Educators and network administrators can
    centrally track student usage and progress and
    control the number of licenses in use. Also, the
    License- to- Go TM feature allows network users
    to access Kurzweil 3000 without being connected
    to the network ,enabling usage of Kurzweil 3000
    in or out of the classroom.

Kurzweil cont
  • Online Books and Encyclopedias - Students can
    search through and select from thousands of
    electronic books and online encyclopedias such as
    Columbia Encyclopedia, Wikipedia Encyclopedia and
    Encyclopaedia Britannica, helping to ensure
    access to content comparable to that of their

Kurzweil cont
  • Vocabulary List Support - Teachers and students
    can use Vocabulary Lists for new or
    curriculum-based vocabulary learning. They can
    choose from included
  • Vocabulary Lists such as
  • homophones or confusables
  • or quickly and easily create
  • new lists and share them
  • through importing and
  • exporting.

Kurzweil cont
  • Natural Sounding Synthetic Speech Options - Two
    clear, human- sounding VoiceTextTM voices from
    Neo Speech - one male, one female and precise
    ETI- EloquenceTM voices deliver superior text -
    to - speech (TTS ) , making reading easier to
    comprehend and adjust to users reading

Kurzweil cont
  • Toolbar Toggles and Customization Features -
    Quickly show and hide toolbars at any time by
    clicking Toolbar Toggles, making it easier to
    view the desired toolbar when you need it. In
    addition, the Customize Toolbar feature gives you
    the flexibility to choose the exact set of icon
    buttons to have on each toolbar.

Kurzweil cont
  • Multilingual Assistance - With audible dictionary
    definitions available in English, French,
    German,Spanish or Italian, and the ability to
    read text aloud in any of these languages,
  • users can master material
  • in the language of their choice.

Kurzweil cont
  • Other Notable Features
  • Easy Web Access - Support for Internet Explorer
    and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Audio File Creation - Create MP3 and WAV files
    for listening while on the go.
  • Broad Access to Electronic Files - Supports
    formats such as DOC, PDF and DAISY.
  • Picture Dictionary and ASL Animation Support -
    Provides an alternative way to communicate and
    teach the meanings of words.

7 Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner
  • We all have different strengths and learn in
    different ways.

Challenges for Students with Learning
  • Oral and written (expressive) language at the
    word, sentence or discourse levels
  • Language processing
  • Reading or listening comprehension
  • Sustained attention
  • Memory
  • Executive function skills - a set of cognitive
    abilities that control and regulate other
    abilities and behaviors initiate and stop
    reactions, monitor and change behaviour,
    anticipate outcomes, adapt to changes, form
    concepts, and think abstractly
  • Joan Sedita

Kurzweil Gives Kids
  • Different ways to Read (Active)
  • Different ways to Demonstrate Knowledge
  • Interactive Study Skills Tools
  • Organization Tools

Universal Design for Learning
  • Multiple means of Representation
  • (different ways to take things in)
  • Multiple means of Expression
  • (different ways to show what they know)
  • Multiple means of Engagement
  • (multimodal motivating)

What is ARC-BC?
  • Accessible Resource Centre BC
  • SET BC and PRCVI
  • Available in September

What is e-text? What is accessible text?
  • E-text (from "electronic text" sometimes written
    as e-text) is, generally, any text-based
    information that is available in a digitally
    encoded human-readable format and read by
    electronic means usually does not have graphics
    or pictures (Wikipedia) e.g. Holes E\WD Sync
    Data\Kurzweil\Kesi Novels\Holes\Holes Novel
  • Accessible text is text that has graphics and
    pictures e.g. ..\..\..\Program Files\Kurzweil
    Educational Systems\Kurzweil 3000\Sample
    Documents\Social Studies\History Textbook.kes (5

What students are saying about Kurzweil.
The computer and Kurzweil has made school a lot
easier now. I dont need an assistant teacher
to do it for me it makes me more independent. If
I didnt have the computer, I probably wouldnt
have made it to grade 8 because all of my work is
done on a the computer.
Using the computer and software makes my projects
more exciting and creative. The computer gives
me a different way to learn that is easier.
Activity 1 Using text notes in Kurzweil
  • 1. Demo/Hands On Kesi Virtual Printer KWL
    sheet drag and drop text boxes and record What
    I Know About Kurzweil What I Want to Know About
  • Features Used Reading Tool Bar, Text Boxes (15

Activity 2 Reading Documents in Kurzweil
  • Demo/Hands On - Reading Documents in Kurzweil
    Time Travel
  • Features Used Reading Tool Bar - Spell check/
    underline/ options spell check/ read character/
    word/ sentence add ruler/ margins/ personal
    dictionary/ pronunciations (15 minutes)

Activity 3 Drag and Drop
  • Demo/Hands On - Drag and Drop Dictionary Skills
    worksheet (15 minutes)
  • Features Used Spell check/ underline/ options
    spell check/ read character/ word/ sentence add
    ruler/ margins/ personal dictionary/

Activity 4 Answering a Scanned Worksheet in
  • Demo/Hands On - Answering a Scanned Worksheet in
    Kurzweil 1. Open Halle Berry from the
    desktop (20 minutes)

Activity 5 Opening a Website in Kurzweil
  • Demo/Hands On - Opening a Website in Kurzweil (10

Activity 6 Use Kurzweil as a Word Processor
  • Hands On - Use Kurzweil as a Word Processor (10

If you want to find out more about Kurzweil go to
Janes Wiki
  • http//region1handouts.pbwiki.com/

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