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GalliPro Bacillus based probiotic


GalliPro Bacillus based probiotic – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: GalliPro Bacillus based probiotic

GalliProBacillus based probiotic
Bacillus spore ideal as probiotic for chicken
  • GalliPro
  • Comprise live Bacillus spore natural
    encapsulated bacteria
  • Survive feed pelleting process and in feed
  • Has compatibility with all EU approved
  • Transform from spores to active cells in the
    intestine of chicken
  • Reduce FCR
  • Increase weight gain
  • Increase nutrient utilization by excretion of
  • Improves intestinal health and absorption
  • Modulate intestinal microflora resulting in more
    Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter

Bacillus sp.
  • Definition of Bacillus
  • Gram positive organisms
  • Spore formers
  • Bacillus is facultative aerobe but at present of
    nitrate/nitrite it can grow anaerobic
  • Bacillus is found in soil and marine sediments
  • Bacillus as probiotic is in the form of Bacillus
    spore a dormant resistant stage that can
    transform to a vegetative cells
  • Bacillus spores are
  • pH stable at pH 2-3
  • Trypsin stable
  • Thermo-tolerant
  • In-Feed stable

Bacillus spores the ideal probiotic for chicken?
Pelletizing study on selected probiotic strains
on the market
  • Pelletizing at 85?C 30 sec. External facility,
    Bioteknologisk Institut, Denmark
  • Microbiological analysis External lab, LUFA
    ITL-GmbH, Germany

Result Viable cell count in average CFU/g feed
and the recover of viable
Sample ID Calculated CFU/g Meal feed CFU/g Pellet feed CFU/g Recover of cells after pelleting,
Control total aerobic NA 2.6E06 3.6E04 1
L.farcimis NA 3.1E04 lt 10 lt1
P.acidilactici 4.0E06 3.6E06 2.7E04 1
E.faecium 4.0E06 8.5E06 1.5E06 18
S.cereviciae 8.0E06 8.0E06 2.7E04 lt1
B.licheniformis 1.3E06 1.2E06 1.2E06 100
GalliPro 1.3E06 1.2E06 1.2E06 100
Bacillus spores the ideal probiotic for chicken?
  • Bacillus spore extremely resistant easy to
    apply into feed
  • Bacillus spore germination occurred rapidly in
    the GI tracts of chicken (Cartman et al 2008)
  • Vegetative cells can be detected throughout the
    GI tract of chicks (Cartman et al 2008)
  • Feeding Bacillus subtilis to chicken resulted in
    greater growth performance and intestinal
    histologies such as increasing villus height.
    Villus tip showed no damage (Samanya Yamauchi
  • Indicating improved nutrient utilization capacity

Bacillus spores the ideal probiotic for chicken?
  • Feeding GalliPro
  • More diverse and complex bacteria composition in
    the gut
  • Expectedly provides more robust microbiota less
    susceptible towards diseases and infections (Lan
    et al 2005)
  • High numbers of Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Considered beneficial due to their putative
    health properties protect against pathogens
    colonization and immune stimulation of the host
  • Lactobacillus salivarius
  • Strong probiotic characteristics reducing
    Salmonella and E. coli (Pascual et al 1999,
    Brashears et al 2003)
  • Lactobacillus paracasei
  • Stimulate the immune system of the host (Herich
    et al 2002, Morelli et al 2003)

GalliPro reduces the level of Campylobacter in
broiler chickens
  • The result shows a significant reduction of
    Campylobacter by 52 in the GalliPro treated
  • The results on ileal samples showed a 40
    reduction of Campylobacter.
  • Our finding of Campylobacter is accordance with
    literature. Corry and Atabay (2001) reported the
    commonly observed level in bird intestinal to be
    105 to 107 CFU/g.

GalliPro significantly reduce Salmonella in
  • Salmonella challenge pen floor study (SPR, US)
    with and without GalliPro showed a significantly
    reduction of Salmonella in the GalliPro treated
  • All samples were found positive at day 42 in the
    control group whereas only 43 of the samples in
    the GalliPro group were positive with regards to

Different letters indication significant
difference Plt 0.05
Bacillus spores the ideal probiotic for chicken?
  • GalliPro produce enzymes
  • Alcalin phosphatase
  • Esterase
  • Esterase lipase
  • Lipase
  • Leucine amino-peptidase
  • Valine aminopeptidase
  • Acid phosphatase
  • Glucosidase

Bacillus shows amylolitic (starch), lipolytic
(fat) and proteolytic (protein) activities
Summary of 17 trialsGalliPro vs. Negative Control
  • Relative efficacy of GalliPro in broiler trials
    at independent research institutes
  • Avg. improvement Final bodyweight 2,8 FCR

Big increases in in-vivo nutrient utilisation
ME 100 diet ME 100 diet ME 100 diet
Control GalliPro Diff
Dry matter ileal digestibility () 74,1 78,0 3,9
Crude protein ileal digestibility () 82,6 85,6 3,0
Gross energy ileal digestibility () 77,0 81,0 4,0
N retention () 66,6 68,8 2,2
ME (MJ/kg DM) 13,88 14,19 0,3
ME (MJ/kg DM, N corrected) 13,46 13,76 0,3
  • GalliPro increased in-vivo dry matter, crude
    protein and gross energy digestibilities, N
    retention and metabolisable energy.

Study 2 at University Federal de Viçosa, Brazil
GalliPro Works!
  • Increased in-vivo DM, CP GE digestibilities
  • Increased weight gain, improved FCR and lower
  • Canadian EU Registration
  • Safe, stable and easy to use
  • Consistent performance

Bacillus spores the ideal probiotic for chicken?
  • Bacillus subtilis (DSM17299) compatibility with
  • Amprolium/ethopabate
  • Diclazuril
  • Halofuginone
  • Lasalocid sodium
  • Maduramicin ammonium
  • Methylbenzoquate/meticlorpindol
  • Monensin sodium
  • Narasin
  • Nicarbazin
  • Nifursol
  • Robenidine
  • Salinomycin sodium
  • Semduramicin