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Architectural Dimensioning Part 2


Architectural Dimensioning Part 2 Masonry/Concrete Construction Interior Dimensioning – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Architectural Dimensioning Part 2

Architectural Dimensioning Part 2
  • Masonry/Concrete Construction
  • Interior Dimensioning

Floor-Plan Dimensions
  • Dimensioning system
  • Aligned dimensioning--dimensions are placed in
    line with the dimension lines and are read from
    the bottom or right side of the drawing sheet
  • Dimension lines are solid (Thin) and not broken
  • Dimensions are placed above dimension lines
    approximately 1/16 above line
  • All dimensions are 1/8 high, use guidelines

Aligned Dimensioning Example
Note Dimensions readable from the bottom of
sheet and right side of sheet above the
dimension line
Writing the Actual Dimension
  • Feet and Inch/fractions 6-7 1/2
  • Even feet no inches 4- 0
  • Feet and zero inches/fractions 8- 0 3/4

Writing the Actual Dimension
  • No feet only inches 10
  • No feet only inches/fractions 8 1/2
  • Only fractions of an inch 3/4

General Rules to Follow for Placing Dimensions
  • Place exterior dimensions outside the floor plan,
    starting with the smallest first, then subtotals
    and finally overall totals
  • Place interior dimensions inside the floor plan
    in string fashion. Several strings may be
    required both horizontally and vertically

Spacing of Dimensioning Lines
  • First string of dimensions are usually placed
    about 3/8 to 1 from the object depending upon
    the amount of space available
  • Second string of dimensions are placed 3/8 to
    1/2 from the first string of dimensions
  • Additional strings of dimensions are spaced like
    the second string of dimensions

Arrows or Terminators
  • For class project use diagonal lines for all
    dimensioning terminators
  • Use arrows for all leaders and callouts

Making Arrows for Leaders
  • Arrows for dimensions and leader lines should be
    the same
  • Arrows usually have a set proportion and have a
    slender look to them

Making Tick Marks for Terminators
  • Commonly 1/8 long at 45 degree
  • Usually done freehand

A thick slash is common on manual and CADD
Freehand slash all in the same direction
Dimension Procedures
  • Dimensions are placed on the drawing are
    dependant upon the type of material the walls are
    constructed of
  • 1) Frame or wood studs
  • 2) Brick or stone veneer over frame
  • 3) Solid masonry and cast concrete
  • Discussion today includes 3 and Interior

Solid Masonry and Cast Concrete
  • Common wall thickness for cast concrete
  • 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12
  • Typical residential practice for concrete wall
  • for frame walls use 8 concrete foundation
  • for veneer/frame walls use 10 concrete
  • Solid masonry walls will vary to the actual
    structural need of materials used

Project Sizes
Solid Masonry and Cast Concrete
  • The procedure with this type of construction
    dimension to outside surfaces and to openings in
    the construction

Foundation Plan Dimensioning Example
  • Notice
  • 1) Door openings
  • Column/Beam representation
  • Footings (Dash)
  • Notes on DWG.

Edge of Concrete
Interior Walls Partitions
  • Typical interior walls are drafted 5 but are
    actually 4 1/2
  • When dimensioning to interior walls the common
    practice is to locate the center of the wall
  • Generally the placement of interior dimensions is
    along a string of dimensions going the full
    length or width of house

Interior Dimensioning
  • Assumed locations of features without dimensions
  • Standard features dimensioned with a note

Dimensioning the Interior of the Plan
  • Locate the center of interior partitions with
    short extension line
  • Place short extension line at exterior face of
    stud (exterior walls only)
  • Place string of dimensions locating these features

Interior Wall Dimensioning Example
Face of Stud
Center of Wall
To actual Opening
Face of Stud
Dimension Exercise 2
  • Follow all rules as they apply
  • 1Dimension exterior horizontal only of the
    concrete floor plan
  • 2--Dimension interior horizontally and vertical
    then Dimension exterior horizontal

Example of Dimension Exercise
  • Remember
  • Place dimensions in string fashion
  • Face of stud exterior walls
  • Center of interior walls
  • Add extension lines and tick marks

Lab Time
  • First--Work on Dimensioning Exercise
  • SecondWork on Project Floor Plan