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Empower Within - Families First


FCCLA helps educate youth to gain a better understanding of how families work, ... what would it be about and which actor would you want to play ... There is no ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Empower Within - Families First

Empower Within - Families First
Akecia Robinson Vice President of Public
Relations East Mecklenburg High School district 6
  • The Families First national program is a program
    that discovers ways to strengthen family
    relationships. FCCLA helps educate youth to gain
    a better understanding of how families work, and
    learn skills to become strong family members.

  • NC Fccla members will be able to empower
    themselves by becoming better family members.
    Using the 5 different units
  • 1.Families Today
  • 2.You-Me-Us
  • 3.Meet The Challenge
    families first website
  • 4.Balancing Family and Career
  • 5.Parent Practice

4.Guest Speakers a.Look Up by Gary
Turk 5.Activities a.React and Act Game
b.Personal Trivia Baseball 6.Quotes Conclusion
a.Quote 1
  • 1.Ice Breakers
  • a.1Question
  • b.The MMS Game
  • 2.Presentation
  • a.Goals
  • b.Purposes
  • c.Workshop
  • 3.Handouts
  • a.Handout 1
  • b.Handout 2
  • c.Handout 3

Icebreaker 1
  • If they made a movie of your life, what would it
    be about and which actor would you want to play

  • This will take around 4mins

IceBreaker 2
  • The MM GAME
  • Make a group of 3
  • (Teacher) bring a few bags of MM's and poured
    them into a bowl.
  • One person out of the group scoop a cupful of
    MMs and bring the cup back to the group
  • Play a 3-way game of Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • The person who wins 2 out of 3 games goes
  • The first person will grab an MM
  • look at the MM color and say it out loud to
    your group
  • The person holding the paper will read the
    color sentence to you-MM Questions
  • After you answer the question that has been read
    to you
    This game will take
    around 25mins

  • Families First Goals
  • -Help young people become strong family members
    and leaders for today and tomorrow
  • -Strengthen the family as the basic unit of

  • Families First Units
  • To help members focus their projects, Families
    First offers five units. Members may complete
    projects in one or several units. There is no
    particular order to them although, "Families
    Today" might be a good place to start. It covers
    topics that provide a general overview of
    families and related issues
  • Families Today - Understand and celebrate
  • You-Me-Us - Strengthen family relationships
  • Meet the Challenge - Overcome obstacles together
  • Balancing Family and Career - Manage multiple
  • Parent Practice - Learn to nurture children.

Families First Awards
  • Awards
  • FCCLA offers national recognition to chapters
    that complete Families First projects. This honor
    includes cash awards and special recognition at
    the National Leadership Conference, online, and
    in Teen Times magazine. Chapters apply online for
    recognition for their hard work and innovative
    projects with the national Families First Program
    Award Application available on the FCCLA national
    website under Awards.
  • Families First cash awards
  • High
    families first
  • School Award 1,000
  • Middle
  • School Award 1,000
  • Runner-Up Award 500

  • Deadline

  • Award Applications must be submitted

  • online by March 1. The online award
    system will

  • automatically close March 1, 1159 p.m.

Families First
  • Family Conflict
  • How To Prevent
  • Set boundaries for conflict resolution.
    Disagreements and debates are displayed in a lot
    of family relationships and this isnt healthy
    for children or any other family members.
    Conflict between family members can be avoided if
    there are rules everyone agrees with. Choose your
    battles! Its better to let certain issues slide
    rather than make a big deal about every
    difference. Conflict can happen when family
    members have different views or beliefs.

Families First
  • Quality Time
  • A strong family finds a way to make quality time
    for each other. The more time you spend together,
    the better chance you have of sharing quality
    experiences. Eating meals together, talking about
    the events of the day, sharing joys and defeats,
    and spending some evenings popping corn and
    watching movies are examples of shared
    activities. You can even schedule one evening
    every week for special family activities. Doing
    things a child or spouse wants to do also sends a
    strong message of love. Its a good idea to
    identify the things family members want to do

Families First
  • Eating As A Family
  • Dinner is a time to relax, recharge, laugh tell
    stories, and catch up on ones day. Dinner may be
    the only time you can reconnect as a family
    depending on your family. Sharing a family meal
    is for good spirit and the brain. It is also for
    the health of all family members. Recent studies
    link regular family dinners with many behaviors
    such as lowering risk of abusing alcohol and/or
    drugs, teens pregnancy, and depression, eating
    disorders, and obesity.

  • 1)Family Relations-Family Relations
  • 2)Family Faces-family faces
  • 3)Communication skills-communication skills

Guest Speaker
  • Look Up - Gary Turk
  • This video will take 4mins and 58sec
  • https//www.youtube.com/watch?vZ7dLU6fk9QY
  • The Greatest Gift You
  • Can Give Someone Is Your
  • TIME
  • Because When You
  • Dedicate Your Time.You
  • Are Offering A Part Of
  • Your Life That You Will
  • BYUnknown

React and Act Game
  • React and Act!
  • is a funny game in which players randomly select
    a sheet of paper that has an occurrence on it
    (for example, winning a million dollars in the
    lottery) and they must react to the occurrence
    using animated expressions, gestures,and words.
    After a set amount of time,other players try to
    guess what happened that caused those reactions
    and actions.
  • Materials required include paper, pens, and a
  • Setup for React and Act
  • Pass out sheets of paper and pens to the players.
    Have each person write an event. Tell them to be
  • Examples of events can include
  • you're messing with your younger sibling
  • You just won the lottery
  • You have just been proposed for marriage with an
    engagement ring
  • You just got fired by an incompetent boss
  • Your family is on vacation at disney world

React and Act Game
  • Divide the group into two teams (or select five
    volunteers if it is a very large group).
  • Five people on each team randomly select an event
    from the bag. Instruct them to react to this
    event, without explicitly giving away what the
    event is.Time limit 1 min and when you say Go!,
    have all five people to react to their event
  • For example- the person who has just won the
    lottery could raise his or her arms and scream
    excitedly, jumping up and down.
  • Each of the five actors can interact with each
    other, but they must stay in characterand
    continue reacting and acting based upon what
    their sheet said.
  • After time expires, the other members of the team
    try to guess what happened for each person. If
    you wish to keep score, each team gets a point
    for each correct guess.
  • This
    game will take around 30 mins

Personal Trivia Baseball
  • Divide the players into two teams of about six to
    eight people other team sizes are
  • possible but less idea.
  • Pass out four sheets and a pen to each player.
    Instruct each person to write S on the first
    sheet, D on the second, T on the third, and
    HR on , the fourth. These letters stand for
    single, double, triple, and homerun,
    respectively. On each of these sheets, each
    person writes an interesting fact about their
    family and themselves. The fact written on the
    single (S) sheet should be the easiest to
    guess the double (D) sheet should be a little
    harder to figure out the triple (T) even
    harderand the home run (HR) should be the
  • Once everyone is finished writing their clues,
    collect them and sort them into four piles per
    teamsingles, doubles, triples, home run. Shuffle
    all the papers and arrange the piles into four
    different corners of the room, in the shape of a
    baseball diamond.

Personal Trivia Baseball
  • Each team has three outs per inning and tries
    to score as many runs as they can. On a turn, a
    player chooses to go for a single (easiest),
    double, triple, or home run (most difficult). He
    or she picks a sheet from the other teams piles,
    reads it, and then guesses which of the people on
    the other team wrote the fact. Once he or she
    makes a guess, the guessed person on the other
    team simply says yes orno. If the guess is
    correct, the person successfully gets on base
    with a single, double, triple, or home run and
    moves to that part of the room. If the guess is
    incorrect, then the team adds another out. Move
    on to the next batter and repeat until there are
    three outs. Once there are three outs,change to
    the other team and repeat. Keep track of the
    number of runs each team has scored
  • This game will take around 30mins

Quote 1
  • Families are the compass that guides us. They are
    the inspiration to reach great heights, and our
    comfort when we occasionally falter.
  • -Brad Henry

Empower Within - Families First
  • Before we say our goodbyes for now, take a
    picture with a fccla member and post it using the
    hashtag ncfccla
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please
    contact me at akeciarobinson_at_gmail.com
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