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Rise of the Totalitarian State Rise of Dictators


Rise of the Totalitarian State Rise of Dictators America is looking for a new leader. Examine candidate A & B for the what you think our country needs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Rise of the Totalitarian State Rise of Dictators

Rise of the Totalitarian State Rise of Dictators
America is looking for a new leader. Examine
candidate A B for the what you think our
country needs. Which candidate would you choose?
Write your answer with a brief reason why. Turn
it into the box and start working on your group
work task.
Candidate B
Candidate A
  • Make us great again
  • Our present leadership is indecisive, we need a
    strong, effective leader
  • Rebuild our army to protect us
  • Regain land lost over the years
  • Restore our economic stability
  • Put health of our country about all else
  • No simple or quick solution to our problem
  • Put more people back to work but economic
    recovery will be slow
  • Provide for the poor, elderly, and sick
  • Avoid reckless military spending
  • Act responsibly to protect our democracy
  • Be a good country and honor our debts we owe

The Great Depression 1929-1941
London in 1930
Paris in 1930
  • Germany made 1st reparation payment 1921 but by
    the next year said it could not afford to pay any
  • France invaded Industrial Ruhr region of Germany
    to take wealth from mines factories
  • Germany workers go on strike German govt
    prints more to pay the strikers

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What is Fascism?
  • Strong Nationalism
  • Destroy the individual push for common
    community (extreme national racial heritage)
  • Denied Civil Liberties
  • Strong leader who represents desires dreams
    of nation
  • IL Duce Italy
  • Fuhrer - Germany
  • Hated Modern Art, rights for women, and despised
    religious factions
  • Used Censorship of media
  • Created unity through
  • Special Salutes
  • Military Emblems, Parades, Rallies
  • Absolute Power
  • Elite Military Group

From Latin meaning bundle of sticks Romans
carried as a symbol of authority and community
Benito Mussolini
Country Italy Date in Power 1922 Political
Party National Fascist Party Type of
Government Fascist
Control Policies
  • Secret Police (OVRA)
  • Italy was upset over lack of land gain after WWI
    wanted a strong leader
  • Brutal Beating by Black Shirts
  • Propaganda
  • Censorship of the media
  • Boys/girls educated on Fascist loyalty
  • Regain Roman greatness
  • Gained support (factory landowner) by defeating
    extremist ending worker strikes
  • Supported Catholic Church
  • Extreme Nationalism (Fascism)
  • Anti-Socialism
  • Anti Communism

Benito Mussolini
Mussolini his Black Shirt officers
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Joseph Stalin
Country USSR Date in Power 1929 Political
Party Communist Party Type of Government
Control Policies
  • 5 year plans for industries
  • Collectivization of farms (all farms put under
    govt control)
  • Any peasant who didnt let his farm be collected
    was killed
  • Heavy industries of steel iron promoted
  • By 1930 Soviet Union emerged as a major
    industrial power
  • Purge forcefully remove of enemies opponents
  • Secret Police
  • Prison/labor camps
  • State run media
  • Used show trial to torture opponents into
    confessing to crimes

It may be never known how many people Stalin had
killed but the known figure stands at 10 million
Gulag Prison/Labor Camp
Bellwork 4
  • Complete the review question 11- 20 in your Red
    Workbook on pgs 241-243
  • You can use your chart on the dictator Great
    Depression notes.

Joseph Stalin
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Adolf Hitler
Country Germany Date in Power 1933 Political
Party National Socialist German Workers Party
(NSDAP or Nazi) Type of Government Fascist
Control Policies
  • Rearmament
  • Public works projects
  • Racism (Anti-Semitism)
  • Extreme Nationalism (fascism)
  • Enabling Act ignore Constitution
  • Mass Demonstration
  • Hitler Youth
  • Censorship book burnings
  • Women nurse, social workers or mothers
  • SS personal military
  • Police Force -Gestapo
  • Propaganda
  • State run media
  • Terror Repression
  • Racial Laws (Nuremberg Laws)
  • Concentration Death Camps

Adolph Hitler
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Emperor Hirohito
  • Tojo ran nation, but Hirohito was figurehead or
    leader without any real power.
  • Invaded Manchuria
  • Invaded China
  • Set out to build huge Japanese empire in Asia
  • Japan suffered during the depression from lack of
    natural resources
  • Date in Power 1926
  • Political Party Military
  • Type of Government Militarism, uses military to
    achieve national goals

Japan Invades China
Hideki Tojo True Leader of Japan
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