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Writing a composition


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Writing a composition

Writing a composition
??????????? ???
  • Beginning Topic sentence ???

Conclusion ???
??????. 1.????????????,??????. 2.?????????,???????
?,? and, but, so, although,
because?. 3.??????,???????. 4.??????,????,??,??
(????,???). 5.??????. 6.????????.
everyone, friend ,come from, get to know, be
Everyone needs friends. But different
people have different ways to make friends.
My friend is an American girl. Her
name is Linda. We got to know each other on the
Internet. We talk about what we are interested in
through the Internet. Though we live in different
countries, I think we have known each other well.
We only wish to see each other one day.
often say few friends can last long. But if we
can really understand and help each other, we are
sure that we can be friends all the time.
1)?????????, 2)????????? 3)????????????, 4)???????
There are many after-class activities in our
school, such as running, playing tennis,playing
basketball and so on. I like playing basketball
very much, so I want to take part in the
basketball activity. I think playing basketball
can not only make us strong, but also help us
keep healthy. I often play basketball with my
friends after class.While Im playing basketball,
I often practise passing the ball, shooting at
the basket and some other basketball skills,
sometimes we have a basketball match. I have also
made many new friends. After-class
activities can help us relax our body and mind.
I hope everyone can take part in after-class
activities, because its good for us.
???????.????????????, ? 1)??????? 2)
???? 3)???? 4)????????? the Great Wall,
wonder, about 6700 kilometres, happy, proud
The Great Wall is one of the greatest
wonders in the world. Its about 6,700
kilometres long. As far as I remember,
I went to the Great Wall in 2002 for the first
time and I went there with my parents by bus.
Standing at the foot of the Great Wall, I found
the Great Wall looked like a huge dragon on the
mountains. It took us about two hours to get to
the top. Then we took some photos and had a
We didnt come back until it was very
late. Although I felt very tired, I was very
happy. Im proud of being a Chinese because of
the Great Wall . I hope that more and more people
can visit the Great Wall and enjoy the beautiful
???? ????(animations)
1????? 2?? 3??? 1?????? 2?????????????,????????,??????????? 3???????????????????,???????,?????
With the development of the Internet ,more and
more people have begun to send electronic cards
instead of paper ones Electronic cards have some
advantages .First , its much faster to send an
electronic card than to send a paper one.
Secondly ,compared with paper cards ,electronic
cards are more interesting .There are many kinds
of electronic cards for you to choose on the
Internet .You can get not only pictures but also
sounds and animations .Thirdly .this can help
protect forests and environment .
??????????????????????,????50?,???????? ???????
,??????????????????, ???????,???????, ???????????
?????????? ??????80???,?????? 1time for sports
2kinds of sports 3change of students health
and study 4change of school life
Sports in our school
Sports in our school have changed a lot ,now we
have more than three P.E classes a week, and we
have at least one hour to exercise every day
. Students get so excited at these changes . More
and more students take an active part in the ball
games , running ,and jumping on the playground
.our school life is becoming more
wonderful. Doing sports is a good way to relax
and keep fit .What more ,a healthy body can help
us study better and live a happier life.
?????????????? (??80100???) Internet ,important
,make good use of
  • The Internet is becoming more and more
    important to us. Without it, we cant do work
    better . We can go shopping without going out of
    our houses. And we can listen to music or watch
    movies on the Internet. It can also help a lot
    with our study. We can learn much knowledge on
    different subjects, and get information as soon
    as possible.

  • But now, some of us study or play on the
    Internet for a long time. Its bad for our eyes
    and health. Some students spend too much time
    playing computer games. As a result, they cant
    get good marks although they are very clever. I
    think if we make good use of the Internet, it
    will be our best friend and help us a lot .

???????????sports and Health
???? ????love, sports, because good, play,
enjoy, strong, keep, take part in,
???? I, student, XinHua Middle School, old,
like, in my spare time, often, learn English,
listen, speak, in The future.
Im a student in XinHua Middle school. Im
fifteen years old. I like listening to music in
my spare time, I often read English in the
morning and try to talk with others in
English, Im interested in English and Im good
at it,too. From now on, I will learn English
harder than before. I plan to listen to English
half an hour every day and speak English as much
as possible.
In the future I will go abroad to study.So its
important for me to study English well.
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