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George Orwell


George Orwell s Animal Farm The Breakdown Eric Arthur Blair at a Glance Important Vocabulary Basics about the Novel It all Began with - Tsar Nicholas II - Karl ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: George Orwell

George Orwells Animal Farm
The Breakdown
  • Eric Arthur Blair at a Glance
  • Important Vocabulary
  • Basics about the Novel
  • It all Began with
  • - Tsar Nicholas II - Karl Marx - Vladimir
  • - Joseph Stalin - Leon Trotsky
  • Questions to Constantly Ask

Eric Arthur Blair
  • Author of Animal Farm and 1984
  • Born in India 1903, died 1/21/1950
  • Attended the Elite Schools in Britain
  • Saw the Terrible Effects of British Imperialism
    in India First-Hand
  • A Socialist
  • Critic of Stalin and Communism

Important Vocabulary
  • Communism a society in which the property and
    distribution is collectively owned without class
    distinctions, governments
  • Socialism a society in which the property and
    distribution of wealth are collectively owned and
    owned by the government it is also the societal
    organization proceeding Capitalism and preceding
  • Capitalism a society in which the means of
    production and wealth is owned privately

Important Vocabulary
  • Bourgeoisie Middle/Merchant class. Marxism
    theory refers to a capitalist exploiting the
    working class.
  • Proletariat Poor/Working class
  • Bolsheviks Lenins organization
  • Propaganda -- information, ideas, or rumors
    deliberately spread widely to help or harm a
    person, group, movement, institution, nation,

Important Vocabulary
  • Dystopian society a society in which human
    misery, oppression, and disease are dominant
  • Allegory a narrative that has more than one
    meaning, one long and extended metaphor (I.e.
    Fables, parables, etc)
  • Rhetorical Devices a technique that an
    author/speaker uses to elicit an emotional
    response in the audience

  • Orwell wrote it in 1945
  • The novel is an allegory for the Bolshevik
    (Russian) Revolution
  • Illustrates the terror of a totalitarian society
  • Is a Dystopian novel in that it shows the social
    and political evils of the world and man

It All Began With
  • Tsar Nicholas II (b. 5/16/1868 d. 7/16-17/1918)
  • Heir Apparent and eldest son of Emperor Alexander
  • Not Fit to be King
  • Allied with German Emperor William II AFTER it
    already allied with France, Germanys Traditional
  • Married Alexandra with five children
  • Abdicated to Alexander Kerensky (who was later
    ousted by Lenin)
  • He and his family were slaughtered, bodies
    burned, and buried remains of two of his
    children never found (Alexis and daughter Maria)

It All Began With
  • Karl Marx (b. 5/5/1818 d. 3/14/1883)
  • - German Economist and Political Philosopher
  • - Father of Communism (existed before him)
  • - collectively wrote the Communist Manifesto
    with Frederick Engels
  • - Urged all workers to UNITE! (against the
    Ruling Class)

It All Began With
  • Vladimir Lenin (b. 4/10/1870 d. 1/21/1924)
  • Founder of the Russian Communist Party
  • Architect of the Bolshevik Revolution (aka
    Russian Revolution)
  • Two Tragedies
  • 1) His Father prematurely dies after Government
  • 2) Oldest Brother Hanged for conspiring to
    kill Emperor

It All Began With Cont.
  • Assumed power of Soviet Russia after Tsar
    Nicholas II and his successor Alexander Kerensky
  • Apprentices
  • -- Joseph Stalin
  • -- Leon Trotsky
  • Expressed Fear for the Party and
  • its legacy
  • Lies in state in Red Square in Moscow

It All Began With
  • Joseph Stalin (b. 12/21/1879 d. 5/5/1953)
  • Considered one of the Cruelest Dictators of all
  • Exemplified a Totalitarian government
  • Came into power after Lenins death
  • Jockeyed with Trotsky for Control
  • Oversaw Murder of approx. 20 Million Soviet
  • Ruled with an Iron fist

It All Began With
  • Leon Trotsky (b. 11/7/1879 d. 8/21/1940)
  • Served as Lenins Right-Hand Man WITH Stalin
  • Considered to be the most obvious successor to
    Lenins legacy
  • Jealousy halted his political progress
  • Exiled to Mexico, where he was later murdered
  • Brilliant his plans were renamed and adopted by
    Stalin AFTER he ordered his death

Questions to Consider
  • How are the simpler animals MANIPULATED?
  • What actions and beliefs between the animals
    mirror humans?
  • How do aspects of the novel MIRROR a modern
  • Are hidden agendas revealed prior to animal
    achieving power?
  • How could the animals prevented the outcome?