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Islamic Fundamentalism


Title: Islamic Fundamentalism Author: Information Technology Last modified by: Information Technlogy Created Date: 4/15/2008 1:58:54 AM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Islamic Fundamentalism

Islamic Fundamentalism
  • By
  • Eric Kassel
  • Daryl Ely

What is Fundamentalism
  • Why was it developed?
  • To describe a certain movement within the
    Protestant Christian movement.
  • Martin Marty Scott Appleby define
    fundamentalism as a movement generated as a
    reaction to threats to the identity of the group.
  • Meets threats with selective re-work doctrine
    from the past and leads to a new political
    program for the future society.

What is Fundamentalism Cont!
  • Two basic fundamental features.
  • 1. The belief that definitive set of principles
    exist which both necessary and sufficient for the
    overall guidance of human behavior.
  • 2. The belief that principles drive from
    impeccable organization of development of
    universal truths.
  • Cant be questioned.

Weak Fundamentalist
  • A Weaker version of fundamentalism.
  • EX
  • China Confucianism.
  • Mild claims . No formal organization.

Origins of modern Fundamentalism.
1st Fundamental movement
Martin Luther
Origins of modern Fundamentalism.
  • Martin Luther
  • Protestant Reformation in 1517.
  • Posted the 95 thesis against the Catholic Church.
  • He thought the church was corrupt.
  • Thought should go back to original bible.
  • Said nothing about the sale of indulgences and
    the church owning the land/
  • Protestant reformation
  • A protest of social, political, and religious
    movement, call to go back to fundamental belief
    in the bible.

The Nature of Political Islam
  • 1. Efforts to achieve an independent Egypt,
    Syria, and Iraq use Islam as a platform for their
  • 2. The Baathist Party of Syria, Iraq, and Egypt
    use Islam for political reason.

The Nature of Political Islam
  • 3. Post World War II and modern WAR problems
    created by the WEST
  • Poverty
  • Lack of Education
  • Low job security and poor economic status.
  • Social turmoil. Created by colonist!!!!!
  • Islam was the Solution for people.
  • Turn to leaders like Ayatollah Khomeini who
    started the Islamic Revolution in 1779 against
    the US.

Fundamentalism in Afghanistan.
Fundamentalism in Afghanistan.
  • Started by birth British needed their large
    supply of opium for their war with China. Result
    in Imperialism BAD!!!!
  • In 1979 Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. The US
    and Britain help the Afghan freedom fighters that
    would turn into a large fundamental group called
    the Taliban, which means student of the Koran.
  • Imperial Russia under Peter the Great and
    Catherin wanted warm water port. 1979 Russia
    invaded Afghanistan and resulted in their
  • B/C of this the Taliban came into power. After
    the conflict in 1979, the Taliban demanded a seat
    in government.

  • Leader was Mullah Mohammed Omar.
  • Changed up life by introducing Islam into all
    facets of life.
  • He got funds from Osama Bin Laden.
  • Want extreme political government that puts focus
    of Islam at the center.

  • Prohibited women from working, attending school,
    and being examined by male doctors.
  • Males were punished for short beards, not going
    to the Mosque when told.
  • Set up religious police on the streets to enforce

History of Hamas
  • A religious political party.
  • Came on the map in 1972, during the Munich
    Olympic games.
  • Have no official land, b/c of the Balfour
    Declaration. Get help and from Iran.
  • It is significant b/c has something to do with
    Palestine and issues with Israel.
  • Since as recent as 1999, Hamas has been leasing a
    campaign of suicide bombings, handing out leaf
    lets aimed at the Palestinian people expressing
    their ideas.
  • Have current control of the Gaza Strip and
    associate with the PLO or Palestine Liberation

Belfour Declaration of 1917
  • Takes place during WWI, when Britain asked the
    Palestine government to help fight the Turks.
    They dont help, but the Jewish people did.
  • Britain gave the Palestine land to the Jews and
    formed Israel. This was illegal.

Political Islam in Iran Revolution of 1979.
  • The Revolution was lead by Ayatollah Khomeini.
  • He was believed to be the 12th Imam.
  • He was exiled to Iraq, and later to Paris.
  • In 1979, the Shaw of Iran lost power when he
    tried to implement secular western modernization
    to his people.
  • This resulted with discontent with his people.
  • They invited Ayatollah Khomeini to take power in
  • He took power based on Islamic principles.

Islamic Government
  • Go against ideology like Locke, Hobbes, and
  • Every aspect of the state is based around Islam.
  • Theocracy everything is ran by religion, the
    government follows religion.
  • Follow the law set forth by Muslim clerics.
  • Fatwa means go against the state.
  • Dangerous b/c government in the hands of religion
    and may remain backwards.

Not just Islamic fundamentalist.
  • America.
  • Europe.
  • Buddhist and Hindus.
  • Sikhism in India.
  • Sri Lanka.