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Heart of Darkness Passage


Heart of Darkness Passage Some Notes – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Heart of Darkness Passage

Heart of Darkness Passage
  • Some Notes

  • Philanthropic desirecriminals
  • Wanton smash up
  • Gloomy circle of some Inferno
  • Rushing noisemournful stillness of the
    grove..the tearing pace of the launched earth

  • Three parts this the entrance alludes to hell
  • Repetition and triadic structure to emphasize the
    dehumanization of natives
  • Ironic diction choices emphasize effects of
    colonialism and imperialism on group, but sarcasm
    which is evident in phrasing and punctuation
    shows narrator sympathizes
  • Black shapes crouched, lay satleaning, clinging
    to the earth, half coming out of the earth, half
    effaced within the dim light in all the attitudes
    of pain, abandonment, and despair

  • The work was going on. The work! And this was
    the place where some of the helpers had withdrawn
    to die.
  • Punctuationsarcasm
  • Nomination?reduced to mere shadows (lacking
  • They were dying.not enemiesnot
    criminalsnothing earthly now, nothing but black
    shadows of disease and starvation lying
    confusedly in the greenish gloom.

Irony (sarcasm)Disapproval of Effects of
  • Brought from all the recesses of the coast
  • In all the legality of time contracts
  • Lostfed on uncongenial food, they sickened,
    became inefficient and were allowed to crawl away
    and rest. (echo to die to rest (irony)
  • These moribund shapes
  • Free as airand nearly as thin.
  • The black bones reclined..sunken eyes..enormous
    and vacantthe manalmost a boy
  • Pathos as shift to second section individual
    suffering and helplessness

Pathos individualized, a boy, free, reduced to
bones? Helplessness
  • I found nothing else to do
  • Fingers closed slowly
  • No other movement no other glance
  • Two more bundles of acute angles
  • Stared at nothing in an appalling manner
  • Al about others were scattered in every pose of
    contorted collapseas in a picture of massacre or
    pestilenceI stood horror struck

Further helplessness and victimization
  • One of these creatures
  • On all fours
  • Lapped
  • General chaos (wanton smash up)
  • ScatteredContorted
  • Chaos and suffering caused by Imperialism
  • Sympathy and Helplessness, horrified and appalled
  • Complexity here is in Ironic choices

TRANSITION juxtaposition but
  • I didnt want any more loitering in the shade
  • Made haste
  • Unexpected elegance of get-up
  • Mistook him for a sort of vision
  • High starched collar
  • White cuffs
  • A light alpaca jacket.
  • Snowy trousers
  • A clean necktie
  • Varnished boots
  • Hair parted, brushed, oiled under a green lined
    parasol held in a big white hand

Respect for appearances litotes and irony
undermine statements
  • He was amazing and had a pen holder behind his
  • I shook hands with this miracle
  • A breath of fresh air
  • Wonderfully odd with its suggestion of sedentary
    desk life
  • Moreover I respected the fellow. Yes. I
    respected his vast cuffs, his brushed hair. His
    appearance was certainly that of a hairdressers
  • But in the great demoralization of the land he
    kept up his appearance

Consider these statements on your college letter
  • Thats backbone.
  • His starched collars and got-up shirt fronts were
    achievements of character
  • He had the faintest blushI have been teaching
    one of the womenit was difficult. She had a
    distaste for the work. ECHO from first section
    The work!)
  • Verily accomplished something.devoted to his
  • Apple-pie order. Especially in context of
    hellish suffering (hes clueless and morally

Ironic Contrast
  • Any respect only for appearances
  • Labor of another (esp. when seen in context of
    the dying laborers just)
  • Gloomy Inferno Vs breath of fresh air
  • Marlow as complex narrator beyond style?
  • You know with them it is hard to tell
  • Are we invited into Racist complicity? Perhaps
  • Does this negate horror? Sympathy?
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