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Healthy Way of Life


Healthy Way of Life Agree or disagree You have four meals a day . People should eat a lot of high-fat food and less fibre. A diet can cause health problems. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Healthy Way of Life

Healthy Way of Life
Agree or disagree
  1. You have four meals a day .
  2. People should eat a lot of high-fat food and less
  3. A diet can cause health problems.
  4. You are sure it is good for your health to get
    enough vitamins and minerals.
  5. You often skip breakfast and lunch.
  6. You have a fried meal every day.
  7. Youd like to keep fit and be healthy.
  8. Peoples health depends on their eating habits.

  1. What do British people usually eat for breakfast?
  2. When do British people generally have lunch?
  3. What do the British generally have lunch?
  4. Are snacks popular in Britain? Name popular
    British snacks.
  5. What is the main meal of the day? What does it
    consist of?
  6. What is the traditional British take-away?
  7. What is afternoon tea?
  8. Can you say that eating habits in Britain are
    changing? Why?
  9. What is called a calorie-controlled diet?

True or false?
  1. Convenience meals are already cooked.
  2. Dinner is smaller than lunch.
  3. Frozen food is not popular.
  4. Lunch is a light meal.
  5. Most people in Britain have a large breakfast.
  6. Pub names are usually connected with history.
  7. Tea is a drink and a meal.
  8. Pubs provide both drinks and entertainment.

British Pubs
Restaurants serving British food tend to
be very expensive and found in luxury hotels. You
can eat a good British meal without spending a
lot of money by going to a pub. They can now be
found in every town, city or village. The main
business in pubs is selling drinks, the most
popular of which is beer. But most now serve a
lot of hot and cold meals. They often have family
areas where people under 16 can sit and eat. Pubs
with gardens or chair and tables outside are
often crowded in summer.
Pubs are still a central part of British
culture. Social life for many people has centered
on the pub for many years. It is customary in
Britain to go for drink with friend. People
often meet at a pub before going to another
place. On Friday and Saturday evenings pubs can
be very crowded. Opening and closing times
are decided by low, and, ten minutes before
closing time, the barmaid rings a bell or should,
Last orders! When you go into a pub, you have
to go to the bar, pay for you drink and carry it
to your seat.
Pubs often provide entertainment live
music, singing, video and karaoke machines. The
English love games, and the English pub is the
main evidence for this. Darts is one of the
oldest pub games. It is a rare pub that does not
have a dart board in the corner and a set of
arrows available. Dominoes, skittles, cards and
bar billiards are also popular.
Pub names often echo historical links. Names
with heraldic connections are common, often the
symbols of former heroes. There are many other
themes for pub names, including field sports,
food and drink, show-business, transport or the
world of literature. One of the most popular pubs
is The Sherlock Holmes in Nortumberland Street,
Central London. It includes a museum and a
re-creation of the famous detectives sitting
room and study. Pub stands at the
heart of English community life and something
that people from all over the world come to
Britain to experience.
  • How can you prove that pubs are a central part of
    British culture?
  • What is the busiest time for pubs?
  • Do you have to drink alcohol in a pub?
  • Can you have lunch in a pub?
  • Who serves you in a pub?
  • What time are last orders?
  • What kind of entertainment do pubs provide?
  • What games are played in pubs?
  • What do you know about pub names?
  • Do you know any famous British pubs? What are

Answer the questions.
  1. What are the main sources of energy for your
  2. What foods contain carbohydrates?
  3. Why are milk products, eggs and fish good for
    your health?
  4. What types of food contain fatty acids?
  5. What does your body need fatty acids for?
  6. What vitamins do you know?
  7. What do you need vitamins for?
  8. What vitamins do you need for healthy bones?
  9. Can you find vitamins in meat products?
  10. Why is water important for your health?

  1. What good and bad health habits can people have?
  2. In what way do bad habits affect people?
  3. Are there any changes in health habits?
  4. What is a healthy way of life?
  5. What should you do keep fit?
  6. How does sport help you to stay healthy?
  7. What are the most popular ways to avoid gaining
  8. What is a calorie-controlled diet?
  9. What are your health habits?
  10. What is your personal attitude towards health?
  11. Do you have any health problems? Why do you think
    you have them / you dont have them?

The end