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Roadmap: Write a Winning Program Proposal


ROADMAP: Write a Winning Program Proposal – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Roadmap: Write a Winning Program Proposal

Roadmap Write a Winning Program Proposal
This is what the map looks like when you first
start. . But it will get better.
Identify the RFP
Example http// Open
Society Institute Invites Innovative Thinkers to
Confront Global Challenges The new
fellowship will provide journalists, activists,
academics, and other professionals with a
stipend and networking opportunities while they
work on Open Society-themed projects.... Posted
on April 8, 2008 Deadline Rolling
Philanthropy News Digest
Learn from the RFP
Supported Projects Expectations Support 1.
Budget 2. Institutional Support 3.
Institutional Commitment Application
Process Selection Process Contact Information
Project Purpose
Match the RFP
Where do you want to be when the grant is
over? How do you get there? (steps) The answer
establishes the Goals and Objectives
Measureable Objectives
How do you know what is working? How will you
know when you reach your goal? How will you know
if you dont? How will you prove you accomplished
anything? Measureable Objectives
Where do we start?Budget How much money do we
need?vsPlan- What are we going to do?
Outline a Plan for Each Year
Write your Roadmap down. Annual objectives are
destination strategies, your journey to your
destination (goal). Off-road and Detours If
you meet your annual objectives, you will meet
the grant objectives.
Dont be afraid. Create measureable numbers and
percentages. Example (not measureable)
Increase pass rates on licensure exams for
nursing program graduates.   Example
(measureable) By September 2010 increase the
licensure exam pass rates of Our College nursing
program graduates by a minimum of 10 compared to
2007 baseline data.
How you reach your objectives. 1. Identify pilot
group from 2008 graduating class of nursing
program August 2007. 2. Purchase 50 of computer
lab equipment and software by September 30,
2007. 3. Complete exam preparation curriculum by
September 30, 2007. 4. Pilot curriculum with of
2008 graduating class November December
2007. 5. Students take practice exams in December
6. Evaluate the pilot, comparing results to 2007
baseline data. 7. Modify the curriculum based
upon evaluation. 8. Pilot modified exam
preparation curriculum January and February
2008. 9. Students take practice exams in April
2008 10. Compare pilot data with exam pass rates
for individual and group success, January 2009.
Needs Section
This is the hook, the section that shows
reviewers your Roadmap. State what is too high
or what is too low. Example the percentage
of freshmen students who fail four courses is too
high. When you state the problem this way, the
objectives become obvious. To decrease the
percentage of freshmen students who fail four
courses from 42 to 30 .
Needs Section
Avoid problem statements that declare the "the
lack of " or "the need for" the solution you are
proposing for funding. Example "the problem
with our academic programs is a lack of (or need
for) student services outside the classroom. We
propose an activity to establish those student
Needs (Project Description)
Give back the RFP Use their headings Where RFP
gives the purpose of the solicitation, quote it.
Needs (Project Description)
Bad data is good data You need the but youre
a very good investment State your institutional,
local, state, and regional successes.
L-Literature Review A-Authorities C-Colleges
(models) E-Experience
Budget and Narrative
Complete presentation by Dr. Coggins at 1 p.m.
this afternoon. All expenses have to be
justified and related to the objectives. Every
budget item must be explained, down to how many
reams of paper you will buy with THEIR money, and
why you need to buy the paper.
Budget and Narrative
Explain where your numbers come from. Use
formulas. Example 15 doohickeys per experiment
_at_ 10/doohickey x 10 experiments/year x 10
students 15,000
(presentation this afternoon by Krista
Schumacher) Pre and Post surveys are only a
small part. Formative and Summative Progress
charted from Baseline Data
1. What do stakeholders want to know? 2. What do
you want to know? 3. What other requirements are
there? 4. What Questions Should I Ask? 5. What is
the Best Way to Collect Information? 6. What kind
of information has been collected before and is
already available? 7. What instruments and
methods might you use?

8. What constraints do you have (e.g., time,
money, permission, distance)? 9. What instruments
are already available? Are they practical and
realistic? Are they reliable and valid? 10. What
instruments need to be created? 11. What is the
timeline and who is responsible? 12. What
knowledge will be needed to analyze the
data? Adapted from U.S. Department of Education,
Office of Educational Research and Improvement
(1998). University of Washington, Office of
Educational Assessment

ElectronicMake sure you have fulfilled all your
responsibilities at least two weeks before the
deadline. All federal agencies require some
proposals to be submitted online. Submit early,
electronically or not. Deadlines are posted at
least 30 days in advance. If you wait until the
deadline date, you might miss it.
The Voice of Experience Keep your proposal at
least one page shorter than the maximum
allowed. Check off the components of your
proposal as they are completed. Make sure your
font, margins, type size are within required
parameters. Resist the urge to change a major
component at the last minute. Your carefully
constructed tapestry will fall apart if you pull
a thread to change the pattern.
Thank You
Youre through the maze and your roadmap marks
the way.