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Welcome Back!


Welcome Back! Semester 2 here we go! Standards Objectives 2.0 Reading Comprehension (Focus on Informational Materials) Students read and understand grade-level ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
  • Semester 2 here we go!

  • Standards
  • Objectives
  • 2.0 Reading Comprehension (Focus on Informational
    Materials) Students read and understand
    grade-level-appropriate material. They analyze
    the organizational patterns, arguments, and
    positions advanced. The selections in Recommended
    Literature, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve
    illustrate the quality and complexity of the
    materials to be read by students. In addition, by
    grade twelve, students read two million words
    annually on their own, including a wide variety
    of classic and contemporary literature,
    magazines, newspapers, and online information.
  • 2.3 Write reflective compositions a. Explore the
    significance of personal experiences, events,
    conditions, or concerns by using rhetorical
    strategies (e.g., narration, description,
    exposition, persuasion). b. Draw comparisons
    between specific incidents and broader themes
    that illustrate the writer's important beliefs or
    generalizations about life. c. Maintain a balance
    in describing individual incidents and relate
    those incidents to more general and abstract
  • Students will be able to
  • read and identify the details of the class for
    the second semester by reading, discussing, and
    signing the syllabus.
  • Create goals for themselves and a plan to achieve
    these goals by defining their goals and coming up
    with specific steps to follow.
  • discuss and describe their own ideas on the
    politics of food.

Semester 2 Syllabus
  • After we go over the second semester syllabus as
    a class, please take it home and read through
    with your parents or guardians, sign the second
    page, and return it next class. If you turn it in
    next class then you will not only escape from a
    call home everyday until it is turned in, you
    will also receive points!
  • If you lose the copy given to you in class, it is
    on the class website so you can simply print out
    another one!

  • Goals from last semester
  • Did you accomplish your semester goals?
  • If yes, how? If no, why not?
  • Have you made progress towards your goals for the
  • If yes, how? If no, why not?
  • New goals
  • Create two new goals for this semester. One needs
    to be about this class or academic in nature, the
    other can be whatever you wish. Also create two
    specific steps you can take to achieve each goal.
  • Come up with two additional steps to continue
    towards achieving your goals for the year.

Senior Project Career Interests
  • Even though it is early, it is important to start
    thinking about the career you want to focus on
    for your senior project.
  • Keep in mind
  • It is possible to focus on and complete your
    shadowing for ANY career, whether there are
    confidentiality, clearance, time, schedule, or
    availability issues. What you need to combat
    these obstacles is TIME!

Senior Project Career Interests
  • For example
  • Some places, like hospitals or child care
    facilities, require you to have some sort of
    background check before you are allowed to be
    there. This may take a few weeks, so if you wait
    until a week before your shadowing should be
    complete and then try to shadow somewhere and
    they require a check, you will not have enough
    time and be forced into a situation where you are
    stressed and maybe even have to choose a whole
    new career.

Senior Project Career Interests
  • Other examples
  • Scheduling can be an issue, when youre free you
    cant find a mentor in your career choice who is
    free or they only work during school hours and
    then you are forced to try and get an excused
    absence from school and then fall behind in some
    of your classes.
  • Your career of choice might be difficult to
    shadow a mentor because of confidentiality issues
    and thus you will need to see me to work out a
    comparable assignment, which usually involves
    finding several mentors with whom you can
    interview and discuss the realities of your
    chosen career.

The Politics of Food
  • Word association What is the first thing that
    comes to mind when you hear/see the following-
  • food
  • fast food
  • vegetables
  • meat
  • from scratch
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • trans fat
  • mad cow disease
  • E. coli

The Politics of Food
  • Class discussion What do we know about the
    politics of food? What issues do the media
    present? What issues do you have?
  • Personal response/quickwrite Describe your
    relationship with food. What does it mean to you,
    how involved in preparation are you, what are
    your views?

  1. Go over syllabus with parents/guardians, sign,
    and return next class
  2. Bring ERWC Articles The Politics of Food (2
    articles, one by Wendell Berry and the other by
    Michael Pollan)
  3. Begin thinking about your outside reading book
    for this semester.
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