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Unit 3 - Ecology


Unit 3 - Ecology Energy Transfer Energy Transfer All organisms eat energy, and energy comes from the sun. Who eats the sun s energy? Who eats them? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Unit 3 - Ecology

Unit 3 - Ecology
  • Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer
  • All organisms eat energy, and energy comes from
    the sun.
  • Who eats the suns energy?
  • Who eats them?
  • Who eats the ones that just ate these?
  • Who eats the ones that ate the ones that ate the
    ones that ate the ones who ate the suns energy?

Energy Transfer
  • Producers eat the suns energy.

Most of the time they take the suns energy and
use it to make sugar from CO2 and H20. This is
called fixing carbon, or carbon fixation. Fixing
an element means its being changed from a
non-usable form to a usable form.
Energy Transfer
  • Which primary producer is the most abundant in
    the world?

Energy Transfer
  • When bacteria use energy store in inorganic
    molecules, like sulfur dioxide, to produce
    carbohydrates (sugars).
  • Whats this called?

Energy Transfer
  • Gross primary productivity the rate at which
    producers in an ecosystem capture the energy of
    sunlight by producing organic compounds.
  • Which biome do you think will have the greatest
  • Which will have the least?

Energy Transfer
  • What is the organic material that has been
    produced in an ecosystem called?
  • How do producers add biomass?

Energy Transfer
  • All consumers are __________.
  • Herbivores eat _____________.
  • Carnivores eat _____________.
  • Omnivores eat _____________.
  • Detritivores eat ____________.
  • Detritivors are also called __________.

Energy Transfer
  • How do producers and consumers obtain energy?

Energy Flow
  • Trophic level indicates organisms position in a
    sequence of energy transfers.
  • Eating is transferring energy!

Energy Flow
  • 90 of the energy eaten is lost. Only 10
    remains to build structures of the organism.
  • So what percentage of the grass does an eagle
    eat, after it eats an herbivore?

Energy Transfer
Be sure you can calculate the energy in biomass
captured between any two organisms in the
following diagrams.
  • Food chains and webs
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