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Keyboarding Is It a Basic Skill for the 21st Century???????????


Keyboarding Is It a Basic Skill for the 21st Century????? Peggy Keohane Thesis project Overview Does acquiring keyboarding skills help students of lower socio ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Keyboarding Is It a Basic Skill for the 21st Century???????????

Keyboarding Is It a Basic Skill for the 21st
  • Peggy Keohane
  • Thesis project

  • Does acquiring keyboarding skills help students
    of lower socio-economic level, certain cultures,
    and students of blue collar parents attain the
    power needed to gain technology skills needed in
    the 21st century?  If so, how do we keep this
    important basic skill as part of the elementary
    school curriculum.

Overview cont
  • To understand this problem and help try to solve
    it we need to look deeper into some facts. Most
    children of blue collar parents acquire blue
    collar work themselves, will they need technology
    skills for blue collar jobs in the future? 
    Students of certain cultures and socio-economic
    levels do not have computers at home.  Therefore,
    they are unable attain basic technology skills at
    home, and many schools are not teaching these
    basic skills starting with keyboarding.  Many
    schools in lower socio-economic areas do not have
    the equipment or the staff qualified to teach
    basic technology skills in the elementary
    schools.  Instead of teaching basic technology
    skills to help increase students critical
    thinking and knowledge building by using the
    technology available, an emphasis has been on 
    standardized testing.

  • Keyboarding
  • Adequate Keyboarding skills

Questions to be Researched
  • Is Keyboarding the necessary Basic skill for
    students to  effectively use technology to
    acquire 21st century skills?
  • Do Students need to be taught Keyboarding Skills
    to Have  Successful Technology Skills?
  • Is there a relationship between good keyboarding
    skills and increased test scores in
    Reading/Language Arts due to ability to
    concentrate on the process of writing instead of
    the skill of keyboarding?
  • In districts with increased reading/language arts
    test scores on MCAS is there a keyboarding
    curriculum in place?  Is it consistent over a few
    grade levels?
  • In districts that have dropped their keyboarding
    curriculum or do consider this skill a high
    priority have MCAS reading/language arts scores
  • MA Instructional Technology Standards now include
    grade level competencies for keyboarding. How are
    we going to check to see if students are
    completing the grade level competency?

Lit Review
  • Increased keyboarding skills leads to increased
    in writing skills, students dont worry about
    typing skills- are able to use higher order
    thinking in writing process. Better finished
    product less spelling errors, better sentence
    structure, stronger thoughts in writing. Also
    compared to writing by hand to many revisions
    students give up
  • good keyboarding skills decreased computer
  • Grade 3-5 best grade to start instruction
  • Best way computer program with teacher guiding
  • Teacher directed - reinforcement, teaching of
    correct technique, personal contact,
    encouragement, constant monitoring(no skipping of
  • 4. needs to be reinforce every year
  • 5. Hunt and Peck ok for short assignments
    catches up with longer assignments- students
    frustrated, anxiety, hostility and resistance to
    use of technology

Lit Review
  1. keyboarding instruction should begin year before
    using software applications that require
    keyboarding skill
  2. Keyboarding instruction sporadic in US
  3. 1996 4 states mandated keyboarding in curriculum
  4. little evidence of systematic instruction
  5. Keyboarding-skill need to practice more you do
    it better you become
  6. Entry level jobs require keyboarding skills- 50
    workforce use computer in daily work
  7. Study needs to be done of schools with
    keyboarding and schools without keyboarding
  8. Keyboarding too important to be left to chance

Lit Review
  1. keyboarding basic skill for efficient use of
  2. Some believe students learn as they type,
  3. Gatekeeper skill

Lit Review
  • Factors with increased keyboarding skills
  • 1. Home computer increased keyboarding skills
  • White collar parent
  • Higher socio-economic area
  • cultural
  • Increased Age increased skills until after grade
    7 too hard to change bad habits
  • Students committed
  • Use computer for HW incr skills
  • Fast handwriting faster keyboarding
  • More time on drill and practice incr skills

Tenative Schedule
  • Tentative Schedule
  • May 2007 First Proposal
  • June 2007 Revised Proposal
  • July 2007- August  complete readings literature
    review of all readings
  •                         Obtain data needed
  • Sept 2007 interviews, obtain and organize data
  • October- Dec 2007 work on first draft organize
    and format
  • January, 2008 Present first draft
  • January March, 2008 Revisions as necessary
  • April 1, 2008 Submit final thesis

Research Methods  
  • A,  Data from Typing program of students
    keyboarding level attained  Is there a pattern
    within my school and the feeder elementary
  • B. Data from interviews and students
  • 1. Interview teachers at middle school,
    elementary school, high school, and principal,
    mayor, superintendent some first year college
    students about the importance of keyboarding
    skills as a stepping stone to attaining
    technology skills.
  • 2. Have my students interview these same people
    after obtaining the survey about the importance
    of keyboarding and how it has helped them become
    successful in their life.  Students will write
    essay or will ask questions in a discussion forum
    or blog.
  • 3. Teachers will be reinterviewed about the
    importance of keyboarding after students have
    completed their project.
  • C. Data from different school systems  that has
    keyboarding implemented into the curriculum on
    success rate of student use of technology. Look
    at students of different classes, socio-economic
    levels, see if there is a pattern.
  • D. Interview schools with keyboarding curriculum
    In place
  • E. Data from MCAS Reading Language Arts Scores
    from schools with keyboarding instruction in

Research Limitations
  • Short amount of time
  • Must keep population small

  • The following books to be reviewed
  • Way With Words Language, Life and work in
    Communities and Classrooms by Shirley Brice Heath
  • Other Peoples Children Cultural Conflict in the
    Classroom by Lisa Delpit
  •  This deals with at-risk students, cultural
    differences of students written by and African
    American female educator.  She stresses that
    teachers need to know their students cultures to
    understand and help their students
  • Learning to Labor How Working Class Kids Get
    Working Class Jobs  Paul Willis

BibliographyKeyboarding Articles Reviewed
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    Elementary School Aged Children With and Without
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  • A Comparison of Effect of Teacher-Directed
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  • Articles from class