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Criminal Intent


Title: Criminal Intent Innate or Learned? Why We Do What We Do Author: Michelle L. Pilati Corselli Created Date: 6/30/2006 11:01:59 PM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Criminal Intent

Criminal Intent Innate or Learned? Why We Do
What We Do
  • Ian Walton and Michelle Pilati

Earlier titles..
  • Serial Killers Born or Bred?
  • Serial Killers Innate or Learned?
  • The point?

Innate or Learned?
  • Tabula rasa we are not born knowing how to
    construct a COR
  • Your faculty are your blank slates write upon
    them frequently and effectively

Education Code 70902 (b)(7)
  • The Governing Board shall ensure the right of
    academic senates to assume primary responsibility
    for making recommendation in the areas of
    curriculum and academic standards.

Title 5 53203 - Powers
  • (A) Governing Board shall adopt policies
    delegating authority and responsibility to its
    Academic Senate.
  • (B) Policies in (A) shall be adopted through
    collegial consultation with the Academic Senate.

1 ofThe 101
  • 1. Curriculum, including establishing

Education Code
  • The academic senate has primary responsibility
    for making recommendations in the area of
    curriculum and academic standards Ed. Code
    '70902(b)(7). This right is protected as a
    minimum standard set by the Board of Governors
    Ed. Code '70901(b)(1)(E).
  • The local governing board has the responsibility
    to establish policies for and approve courses of
    instruction and educational programs Ed. Code
  • Title 5 55002(a)(1) requires that the curriculum
    committee contain faculty.

Title 5, 55002
  • (1) Curriculum Committee. The college and/or
    district curriculum committee recommending the
    course shall be established by the mutual
    agreement of the college and/or district
    administration and the academic senate. The
    committee shall be either a committee of the
    academic senate or a committee that includes
    faculty and is otherwise comprised in a way that
    is mutually agreeable to the college and/or
    district administration and the academic senate.

  • Ed Code Law
  • Title 5 Regulation with the force of law
  • Guidelines developed by the SO
  • The challenge of legalese

  • Subject to interpretation
  • Pros and Cons
  • Inherently fluid
  • Changeable

Current Issues
  • Degrees
  • Raising the math and English requirements
  • Courses in languages other than English
  • Repeatability issues
  • Changes in noncredit
  • Validating prerequisites

  • Is your AA legal?
  • May, 2005
  • Minimum Requirements for the Associate Degree (
  • Major Requirements. At least 18 semester or 27
    quarter units of study taken in a single
    discipline or related disciplines, as listed in
    the Community Colleges Taxonomy of Programs,
    shall be required.

Minimum Conditions Compliance Advice Legal
Advisory 05-05
  • This requirement disallows "majors" with no
    discernible focus or majors constructed of
    loosely structured items of interest selected
    individually by students. Districts should
    ensure that this requirement is observed and that
    a clear major is described in connection with
    each associate degree offered.

Raising the math and English requirements
  • Title 5 55805.5. Types of Courses Appropriate
    to the Associate Degree
  • (c) English courses not more than one level below
    the first transfer level composition course,
    typically known as English 1A. Each student may
    count only one such course as credit toward the
    associate degree.
  • (d) All mathematical courses above and including
    Elementary Algebra.

S05 Resolution 9.01 Change the Current Title 5
Requirement for English
  • That the ASCCC recommend to the BoG that the
    associate degree minimum requirement for English
    in Title 5 55805.5, be changed to read an
    English course at the level of the course
    typically known as 1A, either English 1A or
    another English course at the same level and with
    the same rigor, approved locally

S05 Resolution 9.02 Change the Current Title 5
Requirement for Mathematics
  • Resolved, That the ASCCC recommend to the BoG
    that the associate degree minimum requirement for
    mathematics in Title 5 55805.5, be changed to
    read "a mathematics course at the level of the
    course typically known as intermediate algebra,
    either intermediate algebra or another
    mathematics course at the same level, with the
    same rigor and with elementary algebra as a
    prerequisite, approved locally."

Raising the math and English requirements
  • Moving forward
  • Details on Saturday

  • Article 3.  Language of Instruction SECTION
  • 30.  English shall be the basic language of
    instruction in all schools. The governing board
    may determine when and under what circumstances
    instruction may be given bilingually.

  • It is the policy of the state to insure the
    mastery of English by all pupils in the schools
    provided that bilingual instruction may be
    offered in those situations when such instruction
    is educationally advantageous to the pupils. 
  • 30.5.  (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of
    law, bilingualeducation shall be defined as a
    system of instruction which builds upon the
    language skills of a pupil whose primary language
    is neither English nor derived from English. 

Courses in languages other than English
  • Deemed illegal by the System Office, but a
    formal legal opinion has been requested
  • Bilingual IS permitted
  • What is bilingual?

Title 5 55002 Standards and Criteria for
Courses and Classes
  • (5) Repetition. Repeated enrollment is allowed
    only in accordance with provisions of Chapter 2
    (commencing with Section 51000), sections
    55761-55763 and 58161 of this Division.
  • Withdrawal and Course Repetition Legal Advisory
    04-01 (January 2004)
  • In your Evidence Kit

  • California Code of Regulations, title 5, section
    55761 requires each district to adopt a policy on
    repetition of courses to alleviate substandard
    work and section 55763 permits, but does not
    require, districts to adopt policies providing
    for repetition of courses where substandard work
    has not previously been recorded.

  • A college may permit more repetitions than
    permitted under code, but then apportionment can
    not be collected and credit not granted.
  • Lots of murkiness..
  • Which grade factors into the GPA?
  • Should there be further limits?

Validating prerequisites
  • While we have to validate prerequisites if we
    want to place them on courses, external entities
    can mandate them and we can then comply without
  • Unintended consequences?
  • Concerns about LDTP

  • Lots to absorb over the next few days..
  • Questions?