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Literature Review


Literature Review To Kill a Mockingbird A novel by Harper Lee Setting Maycomb, Alabama in the early 1930 s Jim Crow South; a period of segregation Highly racist ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Literature Review

Literature Review
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • A novel by Harper Lee

  • Maycomb, Alabama in the early 1930s
  • Jim Crow South a period of segregation
  • Highly racist community
  • Great Depression

Characters Scout (Jean Louise Finch) is
characterized as...
  • the novels protagonist
  • the narrator the story is told from the
    first-person point of view
  • - she is an adult narrator telling the story
    from her childhood persona, a six to nine year
    old girl.
  • innocent and naïve
  • a tomboy whose actions add a lot of humor to the
  • Jems sister and Atticuss daughter

Characters Atticus Finch is characterized as...
  • Scout and Jems father
  • a white southern lawyer assigned to a case where
    he aims to defend a black man (Tom Robinson) who
    is falsely accused of raping a white woman
    (Mayella Ewell).
  • a morally courageous person who does the right
    thing by wholeheartedly defending Tom in a highly
    racist community
  • a man who is freely willing to take on and absorb
    the consequences of his actions the majority of
    Maycomb feels Atticus is doing the wrong things
    by taking a black mans word over that of a white

Characters Bob Ewell is characterized as...
  • the novels antagonist
  • a poor, racist man who has falsely accused Tom
    Robinson of raping his daughter, Mayella. In
    reality he caught his daughter seducing Tom, and
    his embarrassment leads him to lie
  • an individual who does not care for black people
    and feels they are below him
  • the lowest form of human being

Characters Boo Radley is characterized as...
  • a reclusive neighbor of the Finches
  • a rumored malevolent phantom who is evil and
  • a character who is later appears to be simply shy
    and detached from society due to his strict,
    religious upbringing
  • a hero who kills Bob Ewell in an effort to save
    Jem and Scouts life
  • a morally courageous man who is willing to do the
    right thing regardless of the potential to be
    celebrated as Maycombs town hero

  • Man vs. Man
  • - Atticus against Bob Ewell
  • - Boo against Bob Ewell
  • - Tom Robinson against Bob Ewell
  • Man vs. Self
  • - Boo against himself
  • Man vs. Society
  • - Atticus against Maycomb
  • - Boo against Maycomb
  • - Tom Robinson against Maycomb

  • The Mockingbird
  • - it represents innocence and everything that is
    good and harmless in the world
  • - The mockingbird only sings to please others
    and therefore its a sin to shoot a mockingbird
  • - Boo, Atticus, and Tom are all mockingbirds
    in the novel they do only good things for
    others, yet they are harmed as a result (or
    attempted to be harmed)

  • Moral Courage
  • - Atticus must be morally courageous to stand up
    against Maycomb, his friends, and family to
    defend Tom Robinson.
  • Bravery and Cowardice
  • Family Influence on Personal Growth
  • Innocence and growing up
  • Education (social/moral/traditional)
  • Prejudice (racial and gender)