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MAKING A WINNING PRESENTATION Improving your presentation skills – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Improving your presentation skills
What do we talk about?
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Warming up your audience
  • Relating to your audience
  • Making your voice sound better
  • Enhancing your presentation
  • Making the meeting room speaker friendly
  • Setting the table and chairs

A presentation is a show
  • When you start speaking
  • You are the center of every ones attention
  • You have the opportunity to sell your ideas,
    thoughts and yourself.
  • You are virtually on stage in a show!!

Get rid of those butterflies
  • A perfectly natural feel when you are waiting in
    anticipation for your turn to speak.
  • In fact, you are not alone if you feel that,
    professional athletes, actors, singers and
    musicians feel a sense of terror when they are
    about to perform.

  • What it requires is practice and a few sensible
    tips to bear in mind
  • Think about your opening statements, go over your
    materials or notes one more time.
  • Remind yourself to show a lot of energy and
    enthusiasm and to smile. Remember that those
    people are your friends
  • Use your breath to calm yourself down. Controlled
    breathing is a great way to get yourself to relax.

Warming up your audience
  • The Good Morning welcome
  • The Lets get the body moving stretch

Try opening with a bang
  • You must plan for the opening of your
    presentation in the same methodical way that you
    plan the presentation itself. You need to grab
    your audiences attention and establish rapport
    with them
  • If youve got some special talents, use them.
  • Remember when you are in front of a group of
    people , just be yourself. Do not try to be
    something you are not.

Talk with your body
  • Your credibility is ultimately decided by your
    physical appearance in front of your audience.
  • Stand up straight
  • Plant your feet firmly. Feel the power.
  • Remember 55 of your messages are communicated
    through body language.

Youve got two hands - use them
  • Keep your hands in view. Dont put them in your
    pockets or behind your back.
  • Let your gestures flow naturally. Speak with your
    hands and your arms.
  • When you are making points, spread your hand out
    and count on your fingers so that your audience
    will also count with you but mentally.
  • Remove keys and loose change from your pocket.
    They can make sounds that will distract you and
    your audience.

Keep your body moving
  • Move forward and back to make a point. Use your
    voice to supplement your body movement.
  • Talk to all the people in the audience.
  • When someone asks a question walk towards that

Look at your audience
  • In front of a small group (approx 15) try to make
    eye contact with everyone. Make all the members
    of your audience feel that you are speaking
    directly to them.
  • If you are losing some members of your audience,
    youve got to work to bring them back. Walk
    towards them, give them more eye contact and pay
    more attention to them.
  • Dont stare

Make your voice sound interesting
  • Pay attention to the speed at which you talk
  • Change your pace frequently
  • Raise and lower your voice
  • Pronounce all your words clearly and distinctly -
    Speaking with power and conviction.

For added emphasis, add silence
  • To emphasize a specific point, pause for one beat
    before and after the word you want to make stand
  • To give your audience a few moments to reflect on
    the unusual, complex, important etc. statement
    you just made, pause for about four beats.
  • Dramatize - to create suspense, suddenly stop -
    pause for a few beats - when the silence is
    unbearable and you have people eagerly waiting
    you should commence speaking again.

Enthusiasm creates energy
  • Enthusiasm is contagious. Let your enthusiasm
  • If you are convinced and excited about your
    presentation material you can make others feel
    interested as well.

Enhancing your presentation
  • Run through your slides again and b sure to know
    what to say against each.
  • Talk to your audience and not to the screen.
  • Take a glance at the screen and then continue to
    talk to your audience.

Make the meeting room speaker friendly
  • Dont assume that the setup of the room will be
    such that it will advantageous to your
  • The layout of the room, the lighting and the
    acoustics may have a significant impact on your
    ability to connect with your audience.
  • It is always sensible to check the meeting room
    out before you begin the presentation to look for
    any last minute snags.

Some points to bear in mind ..
  • How big is the room?
  • How many chairs should be set up.
  • Always have extra chairs available
  • Ask people to first fill up the front rows before
    taking to the last ones.
  • How bright is the room?
  • In case of flip charts ask a member of the
    audience to come up and write so that you
    continue to speak to the audience.
  • Make sure that the visuals are big enough for
    everyone to see

  • Check out the equipment and leave nothing to
  • Keep drinking water in the room.
  • Arrive at the room early.

How well did you do?
  • Reflect back after the presentation.
  • You are the best critique of yourself
  • Energy level?
  • Enthusiasm
  • presentation?
  • Do I relate?
  • How could I have done better?