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Welcome to Ancient Rome a tour created by Mrs. Tuttle


Welcome to Ancient Rome a tour created by Mrs. Tuttle ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to Ancient Rome a tour created by Mrs. Tuttle

Welcome to Ancient Romea tour created by Mrs.
  • Rome is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. The
    boot of Italy is a peninsula of Europe.
  • The city of Rome was built on the banks of the
    Tiber River, on the seven hills of Rome

Early People
  • According to legend Rome was founded by Romulus
  • Because of its location, Rome was settled by
    many people.
  • Early Romans called themselves Latins.
  • The people in northern Italy were the Etruscans.
  • Eventually all of the people of the region were

The Roman Republic
  • In a Republic, people elect leaders who represent
    them in the government.
  • This is not a democracy since all of the elected
    officials came from the patrician class. These
    were the wealthy and powerful people of Rome
  • The ordinary citizens of Rome were called

The Roman Republic
  • The Romans were ruled by two men serving as
    leaders together. They were called consuls and
    were elected each year to run the city and the
  • The Roman Senate was a council of wealthy and
    powerful Romans who advised the consuls.
  • In times of crisis a dictator was given absolute
    king-like power for a term of one year.

Government Society
  • Laws in the Republic were called the Twelve
    Tables, and they governed may parts of Roman
  • The tables were displayed in the Forum, Romes
    public meeting place. The forum was built between
    two of the hills, the Palatine Hill, and the
    Capitoline Hill
  • The forum was a center of politics, shopping, and
    a place for the public to gather.
  • It is often called the heart of Roman society.

A Warrior Nation
  • The strength of Rome lay with its powerful army.
  • Much of the expansion of Rome came from its
    success in the Punic Wars. Rome was at war with
    Carthage, and defeated them gaining lands in
    Northern Africa, Spain, Corsica, Sicily.
  • The Romans defeated the great general Hannibal.

The Roman Empire
  • Rome was a dangerous place in 70s BC.
  • There was much unrest violence as politicians
    generals tried to increase their power.
  • Julius Caesar rose to power as a general and
    formed an alliance with Pompey Crassus to rule
    Rome together.
  • After the death of Pompey Crassus, Caesar
    declared himself emperor. He was later
    assassinated in the Senate.

Pax Romana
  • Pax Romana means Roman Peace in Latin.
  • This era came about by the reign of Augustus
    Caesar following the death of Julius Caesar.
  • Augustus, also known as Octavian, lead Rome to an
    era of prosperity and peace.
  • He created the citys first fire police
    departments, improved public buildings, increased
    the water supply, and expanded its roads.

The Fall of Rome
  • An empire as large as Rome is expensive to
    maintain. Emperors were forced to increase
    taxes, coin more money, and demand tribute from
    the provinces.
  • The army was fighting many barbarian invaders to
    defend Rome.
  • The empire was split into the Eastern Western
  • In 410 Alaric led the Visigoths took over and
    pillaged the city of Rome.
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