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Funding your Stormwater Management Program: Beg, Borrow or Steal???


Funding your Stormwater Management Program: Beg, Borrow or Steal??? Howard Redfearn Stormwater Manager City of Mansfield – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Funding your Stormwater Management Program: Beg, Borrow or Steal???

Funding your Stormwater Management Program
Beg, Borrow or Steal???
  • Howard Redfearn
  • Stormwater Manager
  • City of Mansfield

  • Budget Estimates
  • Determining capital items, personnel, supplies,
  • Budget Process
  • Watching your estimates get whacked
  • Dealing with fiscal realities
  • I reject your reality and substitute my own
    Adam Savage Mythbuster
  • Dealing with the upcoming MS4 permit renewal
  • Standard Funding Mechanisms
  • Not sexy, but sure sources of funds
  • Alternative Funding Solutions
  • You are about to enter another dimension, not
    only of taxes and fees, but of free money

  • Its a FISCAL year, not a PHYSICAL year

(No Transcript)
  • Located in south central DFW Metroplex
  • Spread over 3 counties
  • Approximately 55,000 residents
  • Rapid growth over last 10-15 years

Budget Estimates - Beg
  • How robust is your program?
  • Your SWMP should drive budget estimates
  • Map out hourly estimates for personnel for each
    permit year individually
  • Dont forget those personnel will need stuff
  • Vehicles, sampling supplies, protective gear,
    computers, office supplies etc
  • Excellent time to brief a supervisor on what will
    be needed for upcoming fiscal year

Budget items
  • Personnel
  • Who, how many, type
  • Capital Items
  • Trucks, excavators, vac trucks, hydro-seeders,
  • Supplies
  • Office stuffs, computers, cell phones, data
    plans, paper, printing, protective clothing etc
  • Travel Training professional development
  • Revenues
  • Debt

  • City of Mansfield will conduct 2 volunteer clean
    ups per permit year
  • 5-10 hours for selecting dates - verify that no
    other department has a major event, no major
    sports events, and no other national things are
    going on the same day
  • If first time 10 hours to create
    brochure/flyer otherwise 2 hours to update
  • 10-20 to select locations
  • 35 hours per event for coordinating
  • 8 hours per event for the event itself
  • 6 hours per event for followup
  • 115-140 hours total per year

Example contd
  • Feed 100-150 volunteers - 600
  • Promotional items - 1200
  • T-shirts, give aways
  • Printing and advertising - 200
  • Local paper or City newsletter? Take advantage of
    free sources as much as possible
  • Police or fire dept support?
  • Traffic control and/or first aid

Grand Total
  • 115-140 hours for personnel
  • Only includes the primary person coordinating the
  • 2,000 for food, advertising, giveaways per event
    per year
  • For a permit term just multiply by 5

Personnel Forecasts
  • Use the hourly totals for all BMPs to develop a
    total hourly need
  • Try to move as many of those hours to existing
    staff as possible and when feasible
  • Can use FTEs if your organization uses them
  • Full Time Equivalents
  • FTEs can be used to staff some position with part
    time employees
  • Part timers dont hit your budget for retirement,
    medical, etc
  • Keep in mind the seasonality of workload

Capital Forecasts
  • May be driven by needs outside of SWMP
  • Channel maintenance, small construction etc
  • Vehicles
  • Is it worth having a small electronic vehicle for
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Contract out or keep in house that really is
    the question
  • A strong argument will help ensure you get what
    you ask for even if you have a utility in place

Professional Development
  • Options are limited
  • MS4 conference and TCEQ Tradefair
  • IECA, SCIECA, COGs, TEEX, some Phase 1s offer
  • Forester Press, StormCon, EnviroCert, other
    private groups
  • Lack of availability makes costs higher
  • Not generally available locally
  • Pool resources with surrounding communities to
    share cost load for outside organizations

  • Property taxes
  • General fund
  • Sales taxes
  • General fund
  • Drainage Utility Fees
  • Dedicated fees ordinance controls what expenses
    can be covered
  • Special revenues
  • MUDs, Drainage Districts

  • Servicing debt will reduce your capacity for
    annual expenses
  • Roughly ½ of current revenues for drainage
    utility go to debt service for 7.1 million in
  • Sometimes there is no choice
  • Detention facilities, large number of capital
    items (starting up a new department)
  • Should never be used to cover annual operating
  • Will be limited based on revenues

Fiscal Realities
  • Propose draft budget
  • After your budget is prepared discuss with
    supervisor (unless a director yourself)
  • Over-commit or propose a real budget
  • Meet with Finance
  • If over committed offer up items to be cut
  • If you proposed a real budget you may get
    necessary funding reduced
  • Some finance departments receive direction from
    CMO to trim budgets
  • Finance takes budget to CMO
  • CMO takes budget to Council

Cost Overruns
  • Will depend on particular situation and
  • May be able to request reappropriation from
  • May be stuck
  • If it is for an item that will cause you to miss
    implementation of a BMP and report it in the
    annual report, be sure it is properly explained
  • Better to have an email or other supporting
  • No body cares about underruns
  • Could cause that line item to be reduced next
    budget year

Standard Funding Mechanisms
  • General Budget
  • Funded through collected property and sales taxes
  • Your budget needs compete with all other
  • Goes up and down with property values/tax
  • Drainage Utility
  • Dedicated fee for drainage purposes you know
    what youll get every year
  • Increases with development
  • Can be used to support NPDES required activities
  • MUDs, SUDs, and DUDs OH MY!
  • Special utility districts
  • Not all that common

Drainage Utility Fee
  • Fee assessed per developed property
  • Rules set by State Congress
  • Generally based on impervious area/percentage
  • Dedicated, steady fee to be used for stormwater
    infrastructure can be used to fund SWMP
  • Revenues can be used to issue debt
  • Beware robber barons

  • What about gas wells?
  • Created a new definition for benefitted user
  • Allows utility fee to be assessed to entity
    receiving benefit of impervious improvements,
    generally property owner
  • Bill energy companies directly
  • Additional 40,000/year to drainage utility
  • Completely eaten up with salaries added for
    upcoming fiscal year

  • Dont forget other department funding mechanisms
  • Solid waste utility funds or fee collection
  • Parks ½ sales tax
  • Water utilities water conservation budgets
  • Sanitary utility SSO prevention budgets
  • Public Information newsletters, websites,
    mailings, other
  • Bond elections
  • Cant be used to fund revolving activities
    should include water quality components of public

Take Credit Where Credit is Due - Borrow
  • The easiest way to borrow from another
    department without upsetting everyone is to take
    credit for their work
  • Audits, which will be required in new permit,
    should help identify existing procedures that can
    be counted
  • Will help identify simple changes that can be
  • May have to go over head of some managers to get
  • CMO buy in is crucial
  • Probably most difficult annual report data to

New Permit Requirements
  • Combining Public Ed/Involvement
  • Identify community wide priority issues
  • Bacteria, illegal dumping, nutrients, etc..
  • Strongly recommend public input procedures and
    participation in clean ups or other events
  • No real increased costs associated with this MCM,
    unless you are a newly regulated entity

IDDE New Requirements
  • Must implement and enforce program
  • MS4 Map
  • Training all field staff who may come into
    contact with illicit discharge can be in house
  • SOP for tracing
  • SOP for removing
  • Tiers 2,3,4 Procedures to prevent and correct
    leaking OSSF
  • Still not clear on exact measures TCEQ is
  • Tier 3,4 follow up to verify elimination
  • Tier 4 Identify priority areas and field screen

Construction New Requirements
  • Provide electronic or written inspection report
  • Construction Site Inventory
  • Nothing else has really changed

Post Construction New Requirements
  • Continue doing what were doing
  • Document and maintain records of enforcement
  • Maintenance plan must be filed in the real
    property records of the county
  • Must require owner to retain maintenance
    documents on site
  • Tier 4 must conduct inspections of post
    construction measures
  • Depending on area concerned, Tier 4 MS4s could
    see cost increases with inspection program

P2 New Requirements
  • Facility and control inventory
  • Specific list of facilities to be inventoried
  • Training for appropriate employees
  • Contractor oversight requirements
  • City contractors must be contractually required
    to comply with SWMP
  • Municipal activity assessments required
  • Road and parking, bridge, cold weather and ROW
  • Identify potential pollutants
  • P2 controls or suggest alternatives
  • Inspect P2 controls

  • Inspection and cleaning of catch basins its
    an inlet
  • Prioritize based on problem areas
  • Inspect and clean as necessary
  • Roadway pollution reduction street sweeping
  • In areas where sweeping is infeasible
    alternative methods
  • Tier 3,4 Map facilities
  • Tier 3,4 Facility Assessment
  • Once per term
  • Identify High Priority facilities
  • Tier 3,4 Facility SOPs
  • Tier 3,4 High Priority Controls
  • Specific controls for de-icing, material storage,
    housekeeping, fueling, washing additional
    inspection of high priority facilities

  • Tier 4 comply with Pesticide General Permit
  • Lots of potential to increase operating costs
    throughout organization

Industrial Program All New
  • Tier 4 only
  • Scaled way back from original proposal
  • Must create inspection program for municipal and
    private industrial sources
  • Must include prioritization and inspection
  • Should be able to mirror Phase I Industrial
  • Will require increased costs if not already

TMDL New Requirements
  • Do not get me started
  • Still being ironed out
  • Different requirements for TMDL vs. Impaired
  • TMDL come up with benchmark (load)
  • Sampling to meet benchmark
  • Change BMPs if no progress in 3 years
  • May be in addition to work required by I-Plan
  • Impaired without TMDL
  • Determine if contributing in 1 year
  • Implement BMPs to control pollutant NOC
    required in 3 years
  • Hope is to prevent TMDLs
  • Backdoor to monitoring required with TMDL or
  • Separate requirements for bacteria
  • There will be blood no way this does not
    increase costs

  • Remember lack of funds is not an affirmative
    defense for not meeting permit requirements
  • You have to be able to find the money somewhere
  • Will depend on what you commit to on your SWMP
  • Current staffing, equipment, etc
  • Commit low, achieve high Gene Rattan

Alternative Funding Universe
  • Diverse mix of local, State and Federal funding
  • Cyclical in nature
  • Most likely will not meet needs of regular OM
  • Can often be used to fill the gap between
    traditional and new technologies
  • Free money is NEVER free
  • Most alternative funding consists of grants,
    loans and other sources that require local match
    or record keeping
  • Not a silver bullet for budget shortfalls
  • Can be used to fund a pet project

What can be funded
  • New educational activities
  • Detention facilities
  • Can include water quality treatment
  • Planning
  • Flood plans, watershed management plans
  • New/innovative technologies
  • Construction projects
  • Streambank restoration, constructed wetlands
  • Equipment, vehicles, personnel (for a time)
  • Anything you can get away with

Common Grants
  • 319 Grants
  • Administered through TSSCWB TCEQ funds from
  • Requires local match
  • For non-point sources only
  • Offered annually regionally competitive
  • Federal Congress must approve in budget
  • Onerous record keeping
  • Environmental Education Grants
  • Administered through EPA
  • Offered annually nationally competitive
  • Project funding limits
  • Onerous record keeping

  • COG Solid Waste Grants
  • Cant be used for stormwater purposes
  • Will fund equipment, personnel, activities
    related to recycling, HHW management, landfill
    diversion, and illegal dumping
  • Offered in biennium cycles State budget
  • Regionally competitive
  • Light record keeping
  • Brownfields Program
  • Run through EPA
  • Funds Phase I/II ESAs
  • Can help with clean up costs

  • Parks Grants
  • Too many to name
  • Can be used for any number of parks facilities
  • Can include water quality treatment components in
  • FEMA Grants
  • Administered through TWDB or TxDEM
  • High record keeping requirements
  • Can fund structure removals, detention
    facilities, wetlands construction for flood
    mitigation, planning
  • Local match
  • Federal or regional
  • Local match varies based on grant type

  • Dry Cleaner Remediation Program
  • Funds collected and set aside for decommissioning
    dry cleaner sites
  • Owner/operator has to be one to apply for funds
  • Has to have participated in DCRP
  • Be registered and pay annual fee
  • May have to pay deductible
  • State Revolving Loan Program
  • Administered through TWDB funds from EPA
  • Low interest loans - statewide competition
  • Planning, construction, stormwater and non-point
    source projects

  • Private grants
  • Numerous private and non-profit environmental
    organizations issue grants every year
  • Project and topic specific
  • Lower dollar amounts
  • University Cooperation
  • Universities with environmental studies have
  • Professors have students, and hopefully grad
  • Grad students need projects, and professors apply
    for all manner of funding
  • Projects can include sampling, analyzing sampling
    data, implementation of new technologies, etc

Other Groups
  • Soil Conservation Service/National Resource
    Conservation Service
  • Environmental Non-profits
  • US Fish and Wildlife
  • National Parks Service
  • Texas Parks
  • Texas Game and Wildlife
  • US Corps of Engineers
  • Keep America/Texas Beautiful

  • Many groups EPA, COGs, others offer grant
    writing classes
  • Several outside groups that will apply for and
    administer grant for you
  • Fee can usually be taken from grant award

  • Bottom line
  • funds are available for projects that have a
    surface water quality benefit that may not say
  • Dont shy away from them
  • Does take work
  • Find, apply, administer, report
  • Can score points with CMO

  • Howard Redfearn
  • Stormwater Manager
  • 817-276-4240