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Remote operational center for CMS in JINR


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Remote operational center for CMS in JINR

Remote operational center for CMS in JINR
  • Golunov,
  • XXIII International Symposium on Nuclear
    Electronics and Computing, BULGARIA, VARNA, 12-19
    September, 2011

The dedicated regional centre of remote
monitoring and data analysis (CMS Regional
Operation Centre) was founded in JINR in 2009.
The main goal of this centre is operative and
efficient monitoring of the detector systems.
The centre is a part of the GRID
technologybased Tier-2 sites which is focused to
offline data processing and analysis.
JINR ROC functions
  • On-line monitoring of LHC Status
  • On-line monitoring of CMS detector systems
    including detectors of full JINR responsibility -
    Endcap Hadron Calorimeter (HE) and Forward Muon
    Stations (ME1/1)
  • data acquisition and slow control
  • On-line monitoring of data taking
  • condition of the trigger system
  • data quality
  • Data Express Analysis
  • Remote CMS shifts and communications between JINR
    experts and shifters
  • Training, Information, Outreach

JINR ROC structure
Communication Links
  • To access for CMS monitoring services at LHC and
    CMS Control Room (SX5) and CMS Meyrin Centre
    (CERN) different communication ways are in use
  • Web-based monitoring points to a fixed mainly
    secured URL
  • LHC Monitoring Page 1
  • CMS Global On-line and Off-line DQM GUI
  • CMS Detector Condition Page including trigger
    rate, run summary, magnet history etc
  • Secure shell (SSH) tunnels to access XDAQ
    executive processes that run in a private CMS
    network at SX5
  • CMS TV Page for public overview of LHC and CMS
    Status, Live Event Displays, etc.

Remote shifts
  • From 2011 all subdetector shifts moved to ROCs
  • Dubna
  • FNAL offline mode
  • MSU
  • Task of the shifters
  • Offline DQM, Run registry, Run certification,
  • Online DQM, alarm checking, slow control
  • Shifts covers 6h in daylight (local time)

JINR participation in remote shifts
  • Since 2011 JINR ROC takes part in remote shifts
    for CMS.

Examples of Displays
CMS DAQ Status
LHC Beams Status
Run Registry
CMS Event Display
Examples of Displays (HCAL)
GRID access and data transfer
  • JINR remote operational center (ROC) is an
    integral part of regional center JINR Tier-2
  • The experimental data are transfered from CERN
    (Tier-0/RDMS Tier-1) as well as from another CMS
    Tier-1 centers
  • PHEDEX system via global GRID infrastructure CMS
    for bulk transfer to JINR Tier-2
  • data transfer from Tier-2 to JINR ROC via sftp
  • FileMover - individual file transfer to JINR ROC
  • User transfers via GRID/sftp to JINR Tier-2 and
  • All data are processed at JINR Tier-2 and
    analyzed at JINR ROC within a few days

Local monitoring of system resources
To prevent overheating and overloading of the
server local monitoring was organized. It shows
current core temperatures, disk and memory usage,
user processes and so on.
Video conferencing
  • ROC video conferencing functions used for
  • Communications between shifters
  • Local team meetings
  • Participating in remote seminars
  • The equipment used for the communications is
    Tandberg MXP550.

  • JINR ROC was founded
  • The first year of operations OK
  • Meets all requirements
  • Since 2010 the centre is involved in CMS
    operations and remote shifts
  • Dubna ROC is participating in the remote shifts
  • Future plans
  • More CPU power for express analysis
  • More disk space for temporary data storage
  • Upgrade local monitoring system
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