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Sound Energy


Sound Energy Created by: Linnea, Winson, Glenn at C.U.N.Y Brooklyn College Fall 08 Edu 713.22 O Connor – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sound Energy

Sound Energy
  • Created by Linnea, Winson, Glenn at C.U.N.Y
    Brooklyn College
  • Fall 08 Edu 713.22 OConnor

What is sound energy?
  • Sound is a vibration or wave of air molecules
    caused by the motion of an object. The wave is a
    compression wave where the density of the
    molecules is higher. This wave travels through
    the air at a speed dependent on the temperature.
    A sound wave contains energy, which in turn means
    it can make things move. However, if the wave
    strikes something solid, the wave will bounce
    back -- an echo. Sound energy can be changed into
    other forms of energy, e.g. electrical energy,
    and vice versa this is one of its properties
    that allow us to communicate by telephone.

Sound Energy
  • The picture on the left shows how sound is
    dispersed without any interference or movement
  • The picture on the right shows how sound waves
    clustered in the front, sound waves that are more
    clustered together produces louder sound
  • Which explains why an ambulance sounds louder as
    it approaches us
  • Animation from http//

  • The website helped us organize information about
    sound in various categories
  • Description
  • Experiments
  • Lessons
  • Interactive
  • Fun
  • Interesting Sound Energy topics
  • Students will be able to explore the website and
    learn about sound energy with ease. This way
    students can learn about sound energy at their
    own pace in their own sequence.

Man Made Sound vs Nature Sound
  • Man Made Sound
  • Honking
  • Screaming
  • Drilling
  • Clanking of metals
  • Nature Sound
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Ocean
  • Jungle

  • When you shout into a well, the sound of your
    shout travels down the well and is reflected
    (echoes) off the surface of the water at the
    bottom of the well. If you measure the time it
    takes for the echo to return and if you know the
    speed of sound, you can calculate the depth of
    the well fairly accurately.
  • From http//

  • Echolocation is a way for animals to locate preys
    using sound waves
  • They emit sound pulses that bounces off their
    preys to determine the distance, size, and
  • Bats, Dolphins and Whales are known to use
  • Pictures from
  • http//
  • http//

Sonic Boom and the Sound Barrier
  • As a jet fighter exceeds the speed of sound, it
    pushes the air molecules away forming a white
    halo around the jet.
  • An enormous sound is also generated when the
    sound waves are compressed and cannot get out of
    each others way
  • As you see on the bottom picture, because the jet
    is traveling than the speed of sound, a person
    wont hear the sound until the jet passes him/her
  • Pictures taken from
  • http//

Sonic Boom Video
  • Here my own real life experience of a sonic boom
    on a Navy Ship
  • As you can see, we dont hear the explosion sound
    until the jet passes us.

  • In one of our MST Lessons The students rotate
    around the various sound lab stations and make
    observations. They then have to make a holistic
    graph of one of the stations. Here is an example

Web 2.0The term "Web 2.0" describes the changing
trends in the use of World Wide Web technology
and web design that aim to enhance creativity,
communications, secure information sharing,
collaboration and functionality of the web.
  • This website
  • http//
  • Is a database where people can upload sound
    snippets. You can hear a cat meow, or thunder
  • It is a great source for podcasters who want to
    find sound effects for their own podcasts or
    share sound effects.

  • To pose questions about sound energy to students
    and have them search the web
  • Students will use the Filiamentality website to
    hunt for the answers for that particular website.

  • Web Integration
  • Give each student two pieces of paper with the
    exact same questions on each.
  • Allow students in small groups to discuss and
    write down their answers to the questions on one
    of the papers.
  • After students have had the opportunity to
    discuss possible answers to the questions
    introduce the different websites on the board and
    allow them to search the internet and see if
    their answers were correct.

  • This lesson is intended to have students listen
    to various different kind of sounds
  • It tests their knowledge on objects that creates
    sound, their location and to identify it Pet
    Manipulative Task 5, Unknown Objects

How Do We Hear Sound?
  • Experiment
  • Data
  • Place different audible objects throughout the
  • Go to a different location ask the students to
    close their eyes and try to have them guess using
    their ears only where in the classroom the object
    is located.
  • After I return to my start point they will then
    chart in their science books what direction they
    thought the sound came from and what the object
    sounds like it could be and what material its
    made of.

Online Resources
  • Interactive
  • Virtual Tour
  • Sound Card
  • Museum
  • Chicago Museum of Sound
  • Web 2.0
  • Sound Energy Healing
  • Pudget Sound Energy