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Hydrogen Economy: Is It Reasonable or Not?


Hydrogen Economy: Is It Reasonable or Not? By Mike Stephany and Anthony Crawford Reforming Fossil Fuels A fuel processor (a reformer) is used to split the hydrogen ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Hydrogen Economy: Is It Reasonable or Not?

Hydrogen Economy Is It Reasonable or Not?
  • By Mike Stephany and Anthony Crawford

What is a Hydrogen Economy?
  • An economy that uses hydrogen as power for
    automobiles and electricity as an alternative to
    fossil fuels
  • An option to replace our fossil fuel economy and
    all its negative effects to the environment
  • It is a more environmentally friendly process of
    creating and using energy

Fossil Fuels
  • When burned they release poisonous gases into the
  • Our present economy is entirely dependent on
    fossil fuels
  • Cars, trains, airplanes, power plants are all
    powered by fossil fuels
  • There are four major problems that fossil fuels

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Air Pollution
  • When fossil fuels are burned they produce more
    than just carbon dioxide and water
  • Poisonous Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide and
    unburned Hydrocarbons are emitted every time
    fossil fuels are burned
  • This is due to the internal combustion engine
    even with restrictions to be more environmentally
  • Catalytic converters slow down the process of
    pollution however hydrogen is a better alternative

Air Pollution cont
  • Cars and factories are making this issue of
    pollution a big problem in major cities
  • Layers of the ozone are in danger of
    disintegrating from this pollution
  • No ozone no air

Environmental Pollution
  • Main causes supertanker oil spills, oil well
    fires and pipeline explosions
  • Supertanker spills reek havoc on marine and local
  • Minor spills are frequent but the big ones are

Global Warming
  • For every gallon of gas burned by automobiles,
    5LBS OF CARBON DIOXIDE are released into the
  • Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is slowly
    raising the temperature of the earth by the
    greenhouse effect
  • Global warming is not a theory, it is how the
    planet is warming that is still unclear to
    present day scientists

Global Warming cont
  • The melting of the polar ice caps is proof that
    the planets temperature is rising but scientists
    are not sure if it is due to the emission of
  • This could potentially lead to the destruction of
    all costal cities

  • Gas prices have been soaring above 4 dollars
    because the United States cannot produce enough
    oil to reach its demand
  • We import oil from Middle Eastern countries that
    jack up the prices because oil reserves are
    running scarce and because they hate us
  • This problem could be solved if we simply could
    rely less on oil and more on a homemade power
    source (hydrogen power)

Advantages of Hydrogen Energy
  • Making use of Hydrogen energy we can
  • Eliminate pollution of fossil fuels
  • Bring a halt to the production of greenhouse
  • Break away from our dependence on countries of
    the Middle East
  • Obtain the production of Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen can be produced and distributed anywhere
    there is water and electricity

Common Questions
  • Where does Hydrogen come from?
  • How will we transport and distribute it?
  • How will we store hydrogen?

Where does it come from?
  • Unlike fossil fuels, Hydrogen is/was not stored
    for millions of years for us to simply pump and
    refine to put to use, so what do we do?
  • We can create hydrogen by the process of either
  • a. Electrolysis of water
  • b. Reforming fossil fuels

Reforming Fossil Fuels
  • A fuel processor (a reformer) is used to split
    the hydrogen from hydrocarbons, which are present
    in oil and natural gas
  • Problem When hydrocarbons are split the carbon
    dioxide is also released
  • No air pollution, but a greenhouse gas is
  • Although this is not the best process, it is seen
    as an easy transition to a hydrogen economy

Reforming Fossil Fuels cont
  • This process is used in cars that are considered
    fuel cell cars
  • Since there are not hydrogen stations like there
    are gas stations, using gas (good source of
    hydrogen) is the easiest way to obtain hydrogen

Water Electrolysis
  • The process is done by splitting a water molecule
    to produce a Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Major Advantage It can be done anywhere
  • i.e. A box can be put in your garage that
    completes water electrolysis therefore hydrogen
    is there anytime for your own use
  • Unlike R.F.F., this is the ideal of a hydrogen

Water Electrolysis cont
  • Hydrogen from renewable resources Pure hydrogen
  • In order to have a pure hydrogen economy a major
    task must be accomplished
  • Using electricity to produce hydrogen, but to use
    electricity not dependent on fossil fuels
  • Some Solutions Nuclear power, Hydroelectric
    dams, Solar Cells, and Geothermal Power

The Future
  • Seems likely that nuclear power or solar power
    generating will become dominant to produce
  • Several challenges have to be completed
  • Doubling the electrical generating capacity
  • Power plants double and replace fossil fuel
  • Nuclear Plants cause a political and
    environmental problem
  • Solar plants pose the problem of extreme costs
    and a reasonable location

  • Hydrogen is considered a bulky gas and hard to
    work with unlike gasoline
  • Compressing hydrogen requires much energy and
    still has less energy than the same amount of
  • Theres a solution though It can store as a
    solid with Sodium Borohydride (borax contained in
  • NaBH4 releases hydrogen, then becomes borax which
    can be recycled.
  • Once storage is standardized, hydrogen stations
    must be developed

  • There must be a standard storage development
  • All hydrogen-car manufacturers must use the same
    standardized method to store hydrogen such as
    NaBH4 in order for a network of transportation
    and stations to be developed

So Is It Reasonable?
  • It may take some time, but it is reasonable if
    the proper steps are taken
  • Transition to fuel-celled-powered automobiles
  • Replace fossil fuel plants with and double
    solar/alternative energy plants
  • Standardized method of storing hydrogen energy
  • Develop a network of transportation and hydrogen
  • This revolution will be expensive at first, but
    as the transition is made costs will become less
  • In the end, a Pure Hydrogen Economy is hoped to
    be made

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