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Factors That Affect a Person When Choosing a Partner


Factors That Affect a Person When Choosing a Partner What is the purpose of dating?! Would you know after a few dates if a person was right for you or not? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Factors That Affect a Person When Choosing a Partner

Factors That Affect a Person When Choosing a
  1. What is the purpose of dating?!
  2. Would you know after a few dates if a person was
    right for you or not?
  3. Is there only ONE true partner you were made to
    be with in this world?

Journal Question Topic Ideal Mate Date 11/29/12
  • REALLY think about what you want in an ideal
  • Draw a van diagram in your journal and write
    characteristics of an ideal date/bf/gf on one
    side, and the other side characteristics of a
    future husband or wife. The center is for
    similarities in both.
  • Now, go over each characteristics you have wrote
    and put a check next to those you would be
    willing to give up, circle those you might bend
    on, and put a start next to those you would never
    give up in a mate.
  • Lastly, make a list of things that are
    turn-offs and aspects in a mate you know you
    definitely do not want or know would not work out
    in a relationship.

1 The Parents Marriage(s)
  • Traits that you admire about your parents are
    also traits that you look for in the future.
  • Dislikable characteristics of your parents are
    traits that you consider undesirable.

2 Personalities That Blend
  • The differences between you and your partner need
    to be complimentary.
  • Complimentary means that these traits blend in a
    way that helps your marriage grow.
  • REMEMBER What are the three factors of your
  • Heredity, Environment and Response to

3 Shared Interests
  • The factor that often brings couples together.
  • Helps build companionship.
  • Helps keep the marriage (aside from children)
    fresh and alive.

4 Cultural Background/ Religious Beliefs
  • Religious Beliefs
  • A marriage of two of similar faiths have the
    greatest chance of success.
  • Affects all areas of a persons life.
  • Cultural Backgrounds
  • Different cultures teach different roles.
  • Celebrations and crises may differ.

5 The Age Factor
Society Acceptable -men should be older than women -women should date younger or the same age. B) Maturity -any marriage in which one of both of the partners is immature may be at risk of divorce.
C) Statistics Say -a difference in age is probably not what determines the success or failure of a marriage. D) Greatest Success -those who wait until their late 20s any early 30s for marriage are most likely not to end in a divorce.
6 Education
  • Education affects a couples communication.
  • You want to be able to have an intelligent, but
    not overwhelming conversations with your partner.

7 Work
  • 1 place to meet each other.
  • Work schedules can affect a persons marriage.
  • Determining household work may cause conflict too.

8 Income
  • Some may argue it as the most important factor.
  • If worries about financial situations take its
    place, love may fade.
  • 1 reason why couples argue.

9 Family Approval
  • Its been proven that there is a strong
    relationship between family approval and
    successful relationships.
  • In the end, it is your decision who to marry,
    what your feelings are and beliefs.

10 Similar and Realistic Expectations
  • No matter how wonderful you think your marriage
    may be, it will never be perfect.
  • Most peoples expectations are TOO HIGH! For life
    in general and for marriage.
  • It is important to inform your partner of your
    wants and needs before you get married.
  • Without knowing a partner, you may find marriage
    full of conflict.

Mystery 11 ATTRACTION!!!
  • It doesnt make the TOP 10 Factors List, but its
    an important thing not to over look.
  • In theory, you are attracted to a person based
    off the 10 factors alone, but if a couple is not
    physically attracted to each other even in the
  • it could be the end of the couple as well.

Love can bring the most happiness and the most
  • Now we will watch clips showing how people are
    choosing each other.
  • Use the worksheet to answer how the characters in
    each clip chose each other.
  • You may pick 1-11.
  • You may reuse factors each skit.
  • AND each clip may have a few factors in each.
  • Base you answers off the clip you see, not off
    the whole movie.

Movie Clips
  • Titanic
  • http//www.youtube.com/watch?vNvoJFlLkXm4
  • Notebook (start at 120)
  • http//www.youtube.com/watch?vn0uZjkBRoyo
  • Meet the Parents
  • http//www.youtube.com/watch?vKe2Ho4JqgsI
  • Big Fat Greek Wedding (425-600)
  • http//www.youtube.com/watch?vQcAL5ljKvqE
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • http//www.youtube.com/watch?vILT70PICagI
  • Yes Man
  • http//www.youtube.com/watch?vNtkL0TsSYKk
  • Legally Blonde (700-930)
  • http//www.youtube.com/watch?vbUbD-rHSQHs
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