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Jimmy Carter Enters the White House


Title: Nixon and Watergate Author: Alyson Roach Last modified by: Piernick, Randall C. Created Date: 8/8/2007 6:50:01 PM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Jimmy Carter Enters the White House

Jimmy Carter Enters the White House
Election of 1976
In the 1976 Presidential Election, the
Republicans nominated the sitting president
Gerald Ford as their candidate
The Democrats nominated a relative unknown,
Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, who had once been
a peanut farmer
In a close election, Carter defeated Ford to
become the nations 39th president. Texas was a
key state in the victory for Carter.
Gerald Ford, Republican
Jimmy Carter, Democrat
Election of 1976
Carter won 40.8 million votes and 297 electoral
Ford won 39.1 million votes and 240 electoral
The Carter Years
Jimmy Carter was liked by many because he was a
Southern Democrat who was not a Washington insider
But Carters Presidency was troubled by the Iran
hostage crisis and an economic downturn
Economic Problems Continue
  • Carter increased government spending to put more
    money into the economy. Result Rising inflation.
  • Then Carter cut government spending. Funding was
    cut for social programs.
  • Businesses failed more people lost their jobs.
  • Then asked for an increase in government
  • Voters had enough of his economic policy swings.

OPEC is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting
Countries and it was founded in 1960 by five
founding members Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi
Arabia and Venezuela.
One of the factors that caused inflation was the
rising price of energy like gasoline heating
  • OPEC Member Nations agree on how much oil to pump
    and at what price to sell their oil.
  • OPEC decided to use oil as a political weapon.
  • In response to the U.S. support of Israel, in
    1973 OPEC placed an oil embargo (ban) on any
    nation that supported Israel. This included the
    US Western Europe.

Middle East Turmoil
  • Trouble began in the Middle East following World
    War II with the creation of Israel.
  • The conflict led to four wars between Israel and
    numerous Muslim-dominated Arab countries
  • During the wars, the United States supported
    Israel due to our close Judea-Christian ties.

Gas Shortages
The OPEC oil embargo led to gas shortages in the
United States and throughout the world.
Gas prices skyrocketed and people were limited to
the amount of gasoline they could buy.
The fuel shortage became known as the US Energy
Crisis due to OPEC raising prices
Gas Shortages
The embargo was meant to force Israels allies to
desert it.
The embargo was called off in March of 1974
without achieving its goal.
Long lines and hours of waiting to get gas were
common sights in the 1970s.
Conserving Energy
  • As President
  • Carter asked
  • Carters goal was to cut the nations dependence
    on foreign oil.
  • Called for increase in coal production.
  • Funding for research on renewable energy sources
    such as solar, sun, power wind power.
  • Citizens to make fewer car trips use more
  • Homes, offices schools should be kept cooler in
    winter and warmer in summer.
  • Automakers began to produce smaller cars with
    more fuel-efficient engines.
  • US greatly reduced the use of foreign oil during
    the late 70s

Carters Foreign Affairs
  • 1978, Pres. Carter negotiated that the Panama
    canal would be given to the nation of Panama on
  • Central goal Promote human rights. Carter cut
    aid to countries that violated the rights of
    their people.
  • US pressured RussianPremier Brezhnev to stop
    mistreating dissidents (pp who disagreed with
  • US-Soviet Tensions
  • Soviets invaded Afghanistan
  • Brezhnev refused to withdraw forces.
  • Carter ordered embargo on the shipment of grain
    ordered US Olympic team to boycott the 1980
    summer games in Moscow.
  • Détente had fallen apart.

Camp David Accords
  • One of the greatest achievements of Carter was
    in his foreign policy.
  • Carter negotiated a peace agreement between
    Israel and Egypt that was known as the Camp David
    Accords, signed in September 1978.
  • Egypt recognized Israel and Israel agreed to
    give up some of the territory it had captured.

Iran Hostage Crisis
  • Iran was a country that ignored human rights.
  • US backed Shah or leader of Iran for 2 reasons.
  • Major oil producer
  • Iran bordered the Soviets. US believed it would
    keep Soviets out of the Middle East

Carter allowed the Shah of Iran to enter US for
cancer treatment. This angered the
revolutionaries. They took over the American
Embassy in response to the U.S. allowing the
former Shah of Iran to come to the U.S.
Iran Hostage Crisis
The Iran hostage crisis was a diplomatic crisis
between Iran and the U.S., when 52 Americans were
held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979
to January 20, 1981
Iran Hostage Crisis
  • They demanded that U.S. send the Shah back to
    Iran in return for the hostages. Carter refused.
  • They were not released until after Carter was
    defeated in the 1980 election and left office.
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