Democracy Matters works to deepen democracy by getting private money out of politics and people back in. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Democracy Matters works to deepen democracy by getting private money out of politics and people back in.


Democracy Matters works to deepen democracy by getting private money out of politics and people back in. What Democracy Matters is About Democracy Matters is a non ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Democracy Matters works to deepen democracy by getting private money out of politics and people back in.

  • Democracy Matters works to deepen democracy by
    getting private money out of politics and people
    back in.

What Democracy Matters is About
  • Democracy Matters is a non-partisan organization.
  • Goal Get Money out of Politics
  • Belief People with money buy influence in our
    Government through campaign contributions and
    everyone suffers because of it.

  • Founded by NBA player Adonal Foyle.
  • Over 60 chapters at campuses all over the United
  • Members are mostly College Students but High
    School are becoming involved recently.

The Problem Money in Politics
  • It takes Money to run a Campaign.
  • Hire Staff
  • Print Materials
  • Run Ads on TV and Radio
  • Coordinate Volunteers
  • 95 of Americans cant afford to contribute or
    dont care too.
  • Rich people and large Corporations can afford too

The Truth About the System
  • Since the Wealthy contribute they expect
    something in return.
  • Politicians are forced to address the needs of
    their contributors because they need the money to
    get re-elected.
  • If they do not address their contributors needs
    the contributors will give their money to someone
    who will.
  • The system makes money just as important as the

As a Result
  • Politicians ignore the needs of 95 of Americans
    because they dont contribute.
  • Laws are passed that hurt the majority of
    Americans but help the rich get richer.
  • Because the laws they pass are unfair it leads
    Americans to distrust the government.
  • Special interests have a stranglehold on
    Sacramento. Heres how it works Money comes in,
    favors go out. The people lose. Arnold
  • I get donations from business and individuals,
    absolutely. Theyre powerful interests who
    control things. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • There are two things that are important in
    politics. The first is money and I cant remember
    what the second is. Senator Mark Hanna

Money is not the root of all evil in politics.
In fact, money is the lifeblood of politics.
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay
What Contributors Gave Got
  • Rich People
  • Gave 1.8 Billion from 1999-2002.
  • Got 1.35 Trillion tax cut over 10 years.
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Gave 140.2 Million from 1989-2004
  • Got Legislation that allows them to collect
    Child Support from people who cant pay.
  • Defeated legislation that would have restricted
    Marketing of credit cards to teens and people
    with poor credit.

What Contributors Gave Got
  • Auto Manufacturers
  • Gave 90 Million since 1989
  • Got Weak fuel economy standards and huge profits
    on SUVs due to a loophole that exempts them from
    half the fuel efficiency standards.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Gave 108.4 Million since 1989
  • Got Legislation forcing Americans to pay the
    highest prices in the Industrialized world for
    Prescription Drugs.

Why it matters to YOU!! Student Loans
  • The 1993 budget deal included a provision that
    would have cut interest rates on Student Loans
    from 8.25 to 7.1.
  • The Banking and Lending Industry claimed that
    rate would not allow them to make a profit. (Even
    though people can get mortgage for a house at
    lower rates)
  • So the Banking and Lending Industry gave 5
    Million in campaign contributions to Congress
    last year and now the rate can go as high as
    9.80. (In 1995-96 Congress received 15 Million
    in contributions from the Banking Industry.)

Why it matters to YOU!! College Students
  • According to the Higher Education Project, In the
    1970s a Pell grant covered 84 of tuition at a
    four-year college. Today it covers less than half
    of that and declining.
  • The Wall Street Journal Online reported that
    College costs prohibit 43 of qualified
    middle-income students from attending a four-year
  • Senator Edward Kennedy reported that College
    Tuition at public colleges increased by 14 last
    year. More than 100,000 students are in danger of
    dropping out of school due to increased tuition

Why it matters to YOU College Students
  • Printing and Publishing Industry
  • Gave Over 77 Million since 1990
  • Got Selling over priced text books
  • Ability to make minor changes to a book and sell
    it at the new book rate
  • Influenced Universitys to sell new textbooks
    instead of old versions.

Why Corruption isnt a surprise
  • The Harvard Institute of Politics did a study
    that shows 64 of 18-24 year olds do not trust
    the Federal Government to do the right thing.
  • Another study done by Harvard shows that 60 of
    young people are civically involved but only 16
    are involved in political groups.
  • The discrepancy is because all young people know
    the system is corrupt and that participation
    would make very little difference.
  • Money in Politics is why we think the government
    is corrupt.

The Solution Clean Elections
  • Clean Elections the idea that a candidate who
    is running for office only receives campaign
    funding from the public. Clean Elections is also
    known as Clean Money.
  • Candidates receive only money from the public, no
    other type of contributions are made to a

How it Works
  • Candidates must gather a certain number of
    signatures and 5 contributions from the public
    to run for office.
  • Once they have met the requirements for running
    Clean they must agree to not raise or spend
    private money for their campaign.
  • The Candidate then receives funds from the Clean
    Elections, Clean Money fund to run their
  • THATS IT!!!!!!

Clean Elections
  • Will receive funds for both the Primary and
    General Election.
  • Candidates have the choice to run Clean or not
  • If a Clean Election candidate is outspent by a
    privately financed opponent they are entitled to
    funds that make the spending equal.

Where does the money come from?
  • The money to fund Clean Elections is already
  • Clean Elections can be funded by Tax that you
    already pay.
  • With the Check-Off system you can divert where
    you want your tax dollars to go.
  • You are not paying more you are just telling the
    government where you want your tax dollars to go.

Benefits to Clean Elections
  • Anyone can run for office. All it takes is a few
    signatures and 5 donations.
  • Since all the money comes from the public the
    Politician can address the needs of the public
    because they are the contributors.
  • Elected officials will be able to concentrate on
    getting helpful legislation passed and wont have
    to worry raising money to re-elected.

Clean Elections in Action
  • Maine and Arizona have the strongest laws
    supporting Clean Elections but laws are either in
    legislation or on the agenda in at least 35 other
  • In Maine ¾ of their Senate and ½ of their House
    are Clean Election candidates.
  • In Arizona since Clean Elections has become law
    they have seen an 23 increase in voter turnout
    since 1998.

Clean Elections in Action
  • Hannah Pingree
  • Maine House of Representatives
  • Ran when she was 25 years old.
  • She is in her 2nd Term in office.
  • At 28 years old she is still the youngest
    Politician in the Maine House.
  • Runs on a Clean Election system and has had
    convincing victories in each Election.

How You can Help
  • Lobbyist Disclosure Law Petition
  • Pennsylvania is on the only State in the nation
    without a Lobbyist Disclosure Law.
  • Getting the Lobbyist Disclosure Bill passed is
    the first step to start to implement a Clean
    Election system in Pennsylvania.

Here at Bloomsburg
  • Our Chapter is by far the Best Chapter in
  • Meetings are held just about every Thursday at
    6pm in 113 Old Science.
  • Meeting Times are listed on the Today page to
    the right under Events.
  • Our Website http//

  • Each group will explain to you how their area is
    affected by money in politics
  • Joe Environment
  • Erin - Civil Rights
  • Ashley Consumers and Workers
  • Jess Womens Rights/Issues

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