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The Legend of Moses


P1 The Legend of Moses Alex Whebby ACS 11 C-Block Mr.Crowe Due Friday, April 3rd – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Legend of Moses

The Legend of Moses Alex Whebby ACS 11
C-Block Mr.Crowe Due Friday, April 3rd
  • Moses was born in a time when the Hebrews were
    slaves in Egypt.
  • The Pharaoh at the time Ramses I sent his
    soldiers to kill all the Hebrew boys so that they
    could not grow up to fight against him.
  • Moses mother sent him into the Nile river in a
    basket to keep him from being killed.

  • Moses Sister watched him along the Nile to make
    sure that he was safe.
  • The Pharaohs daughter came to the river, and
    found Moses. The pharaohs daughter took him in to
    live with her.
  • Moses sister Miriam came out of hiding and told
    Pharaohs daughter she knew someone suitable to be
    the babys nurse.
  • Moses own mother.
  • The pharaohs daughter took him in to live with

  • Moses grew up as an Egyptian Prince, Living a
    relatively peaceful existence.
  • He still couldnt never forget that he was a
    Hebrew on the inside.
  • One day an Egyptian was ruthlessly beat a Hebrew
    slave to death, Moses was so enraged over this
    that he killed the Egyptian.
  • Moses the fled Egypt to avoid Persecution.
  • Moses would One Day return to free the Hebrews

The Return
  • Moses returned to Egypt
  • He met the Pharaoh and told him to free the
  • Ramses was an extravagant builder, His projects
    would never be possible without slaves.
  • Ramses refused to free the Hebrews.
  • Moses told him that Ten Plagues would come and
    ravage Egypt.

Holy Seat Of The Pharaoh
  • The last of the Ten plagues that ravaged Egypt
    was the worst.
  • It killed the Eldest son in all Egyptian families
    killing even the son of the Pharaoh.
  • The Hebrews were spared this as they were told to
    mark their doors with the blood of an animal.
  • The Pharaoh was so upset at his loss that he let
    all of the Hebrews free.

  • The Pharaoh became enraged at the loss of his
  • He sent his army to chase down the Hebrews.

The Parting of The Sea
  • The Egyptian army was gaining fast upon the
  • The Hebrews were stopped at the banks of the Red
    sea, but Moses received a message from god and he
    raised up his staff and the Seas Parted.
  • When the Egyptians tried to cross the Moses
    raised up his staff again and the sea closed in
    around them.

The Deserts Trials
  • The Hebrews were free from the Pharaohs tyranny
    but were still subject to the trials of the
  • The Hebrews quickly ran out of food and began to
    blame Moses for their misfortunes.
  • Moses proclaimed that god would give them food.
  • God sent down white food that tasted like honey
    which they called manna he also sent flocks of
    birds that the Hebrews cooked and ate them.
  • When the water ran out Moses stuck a rock with
    his staff and water burst forth from it.

The Commandments
The Hebrews had travelled to mount Sinai Moses
climbed up to the peak of the mountain during a
thunderstorm, God gave Moses the Ten
Commandments. Two tablets which had written upon
them laws of how to live your life. When Moses
returned to his followers they had already made a
new God for themselves a Golden Calf, Moses
Destroyed the Idol and the Commandments he went
back up the mountain to ask God for forgiveness
and to write the Commandments upon a new set of
tablets. Moses promised God that the Hebrews
would keep all of the commandments and follow
Dont Steal, Or kill And stuff
Dont be bad
The End
Hey we dont talk..
Thank god thats over