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Implementing an Apologetics/ Discernment Ministry


Implementing an Apologetics/ Discernment Ministry Motive LOVE Mission With a central focus on the person of Jesus Christ and a complete dependence on his grace we ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Implementing an Apologetics/ Discernment Ministry

Implementing an Apologetics/ Discernment Ministry
  • LOVE

  • With a central focus on the person of Jesus
    Christ and a complete dependence on his grace we
    must seek
  • To Equip the body of Christ with a reasoned
    defense of the truth
  • To Engage the culture in love
  • To Effectively evangelize those without Christ
  • Do this by
  • Sharing common goals and resources with other
    like-minded ministries in a collaborative
  • Plant in the Local church effective ministries
    focused on a biblically mandated defense of the
    Christian faith
  • Provide a correct understanding of the
    Christians worldview
  • Act as an enabler to provide an effective
    evangelistic effort to the society in which we

Primary Objectives
  • Objective 1 To equip the body of Christ to
    present a reasonable defense of Christianity by
  • Establishing and cementing the basics in
    essential biblical truths
  • Enabling disciples to meet the assault of
    humanistic and post modern reasoning
  • Preparing for evangelism in a culture where a
    belief in God is not already foundational
  • Making available Biblical and Apologetic
  • Fostering discernment skills within the body to
    protect and defend from false beliefs
  • Objective 2 To Engage the culture and carry the
    message of Christ by
  • Discussing relevant cultural concerns
  • Showing unbelievers that Christianity is
    supported by history, scientific evidence, logic
    and reason, etc.

Five Reasons Why We Need Apologetics
  • First we are commanded to defend the faith
  • 1 Peter 315 says, "but sanctify Christ as
    Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a
    defense to everyone who asks you to give an
    account for the hope that is in you, yet with
    gentleness and reverence.
  • Second, we need apologetics because there is a
    constant, growing threat of apostasy within the
  •      2 Pet 21  says,  But false prophets also
    arose among the people, just as there will also
    be false teachers among you, who will secretly
    introduce destructive heresies, even denying the
    Master who bought them, bringing swift
    destruction upon themselves.
  • Third, we need apologetics because it provides
    the cement that helps Christians know their
  • Fourth, we need apologetics because of the
    external threats from other religious and the
    culture at large.
  • 1 John 519 says,  We know that we are of God,
    and that the whole world lies in
  • the power of the evil one.
  • Fifth, apologetics reinforce the evangelical part
    of our mission.

Values of an Apologetics Ministry
  • Truth
  • Sharing (I Peter 315)
  • Protecting / Defense
  • Discernment
  • Serve Equip the Church
  • Outreach
  • Love God with all your mind / Renewing the mind
  • Be Transformed
  • Necessity for Grace

The pastor and church that learn to use
apologetics in its proper place will find that it
becomes a very effective handmaiden to
evangelism. Apologist Peter J. Grant
Equip Existing Ministries / Support Others in the
Adult Education
Small Groups
Community Outreach
Foreign Missions
College Ministry
Media Library
Elementary Education
Counter Cult Ministries
Public Worship
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
Elementary Education
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Start Young
  • Coordinate with Sunday School Director
  • Occasional Spots in Elementary Worship
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Curriculum Inserts
  • Worldview Primer
  • How to Watch a Movie
  • Parent Training

Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Comprehensive Reasonable Faith Course
  • Cycle (Every 2 3 years)
  • Bi-Monthly Updates, Topics
  • Available Curriculum
  • Evangelism Training
  • Provide Resources, Contact Person for ?s
  • Graduation Gift Must Have Resources
  • Teacher Training Resources
  • Parents Leaders take convincing
  • BreakPoints
  • Field Trips
  • Mock Drills

College Ministry
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Develop College Level Class Series
  • College Support Groups
  • Intellectual Mentoring
  • Events, Speaking
  • Newsletter or Websites geared to Students Out of

Adult Education
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Hermeneutics
  • Ethical Issues
  • New Believer Training
  • Work with Existing Teachers
  • Adult Education

Media / Library
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Regular Articles Church Newsletter, etc.
  • Book Reviews
  • Build Discernment/Apologetics Library
  • Promote Resources Display Prominently

Small Groups
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Train Leaders in Discernment/Apologetics
  • Provide Curriculum/Resources for Groups
  • Evangelism Training
  • Sponsor Outreach Groups
  • Offer to Teach Group for 2 Months
  • Revitalize Groups/Mid-Week Meetings

Local Evangelism
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Community Outreach
  • Street Evangelism
  • Methods/Tactics
  • Lifestyle Evangelism

Foreign Missions
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Apologists are Part of Missions Team
  • Boundaries are Ideological not Geographical
  • Develop with Missions Leader
  • Help Establish Church Vision for Missions
  • Sending Resources for Overseas Partners
  • Sponsor Apologist as Missionary
  • World Religions Training
  • Pre-Trip Evaluation/Equipping
  • Overview Resources
  • Cult Tactics

Counter Cult
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Awareness Classes
  • What is Popular in Your Area?
  • Evangelism Aids
  • Coordinate with Oversees Missions Groups
  • Assimilation of Ex-Cult Members
  • Support Groups
  • Dont Under-Estimate Challenges
  • Find Professional Counselors in Your Area
    Adequate in Cult/Abuse Issues
  • Use as a Spring Board

Public Worship
Discernment / Apologetics Ministry
  • Guest Speakers
  • Pastor Preach Series on Tough Questions (FAQ)
  • Dramatized Skits Plays
  • http//
  • Publicly Pray For and Commission Apologists
  • Church Wide Reading Campaign (can be made
    available via book or internet)


Discernment /Apologetics Ministry
  • Invite Guest Speakers
  • Seminars, Workshops
  • Surveys, Research
  • Media Spots before Services
  • Bulletin Quips
  • Occasional Sermons
  • Issue Awareness

  • For Questions or Help in Setting up an
    Apologetics Ministry
  • Contact Hiram Sutton via email at