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Fostering and Developing the Quality Culture at the University of Prishtina


Fostering and Developing the Quality Culture at the University of Prishtina Stakeholder - related Quality Culture June 2014, Croatia – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fostering and Developing the Quality Culture at the University of Prishtina

Fostering and Developing the Quality Culture at
the University of Prishtina
Stakeholder - related Quality Culture
June 2014, Croatia
Project consortium
  • The first project in grant holders role, many
    challenges bureaucratic financial system and
    capacity building. Learn by doing
  • Success indicators specific partner roles and
    responsibilities, successful partnership history
    on joint QA projects.
  • Post- festum dilemmas trade union and/or
    regional university in consortium would
    facilitate external stakeholders involvement.

Overall objective of the project
  • The overall objective of the project was to
    foster and develop the Quality Culture at all
    levels such as teaching, learning, research,
    administrative and student support services while
    taking into account perspectives of
  • internal and external university stakeholders

Quality Culture vs. Quality Assurance ?!
Are we training for the race or racing
for the train?
  • External stakeholders
  • Active role
  • x Formal presence and observation

Fitness for purpose stakeholder-related quality
Should university shape the society or society
the university?
In project ACTIVELY participated
Acting Stakeholders Role In activity
UP academic staff Internal QC awareness raising campaign, Workshops, Research evaluation standards, Study -visits, QA strategy, Self-evaluation process
UP administrative staff Internal QC workshops, Career Fair, Quality day at UP
UP Bachelor, Master and PhD students Internal Week of student involvement on QA processes,, Trainings for students ,Career Fair, research evaluation
Alumni's External Building up a network for internships, Career Fair
International experts External European Quality Assurance Forum, Trainings
Ministry of Education External Almost all activities
Ministry of Health Ministry of Labour and Welfare External Guidance for students with disab. and spec. needs
Public and private companies External Career Fair, Transition from university into the job market, Building up a network for internships
Media External Number of activities
National and international professional networks External Building up a network for internships, Career Fair,Fedora
Succeeded on getting on board the internal
and external stakeholders
University of Prishtina
  • gt 55 000 students, gt1500 teaching staff (
    full-time part-time), gt450 administrative
    staff. Annual budget approx. 28 mio Euro.
  • UP aim ( UP Statute, Article nr6, university
    mission) Integration in to the European Higher
    Education Area and European Research Area.
  • Implementing Bologna Process recommendations
    since 2001.
  • The biggest and oldest university in country.
    Quality management and metrics are the same for
    arts, engineering, medicine ?! Different
    sub-cultures to be considered. Comprehensive
  • Students representation (voting positions)
    Senate 7, Study Commission 2, Faculty Councils 2,
    Quality Assurance Committee 1.
  • Steering Committee 4 (out of 9) external
    members, including the chair. Industrial Advisory
    Board in one faculty.

Quality Culture broadcast towards stakeholders
  • Share of QA experiences with international
  • Challenge Mobilising senior staff to
    participate on QA activities
  • Lets communicate about enhancement of
    ACTUAL quality culture.
  • Trigger a sense of ownership and responsibility
    towards QA processes
  • We are Stakes and we are Holders but are not
    the only!
  • Not satisfactory number of students involved on
    QA activities
  • Shift to student-centred approach.
  • Empower stakeholder-related Quality Culture
    students, academic and administrative staff,
    alumni, potential employers and professional
  • Alumni engagement-a bridge between internal and
    external stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders willing to participate on QA
    activities covered by media.

Mobilization of internal capacity for change
  • Internal evaluation with external evaluators (
    Ireland model)
  • Accreditation ( Institutional and study
    program) obligatory by legislation.
  • Faculties We are always under the review...
    QA fatigue.
  • Project impact Link of internal QA processes
    with external quality evaluation-accreditation.
    University and Agency discussed and harmonized
    the two sets of processes in order to avoid
    duplication of evaluations.
  • From self-enhancement to change- hear various
    stakeholders voices.
  • Define roles and responsibilities.
  • Succeeded on boosting a sense of ownership and
    responsibility towards self-assessment.
  • Not always succeeded on closing the feedback
  • Domino-effect. Project outcomes replicated at
    other HEI in country.

Quality commitment vs. excellence
  • Step ahead on motivating internal stakeholders
    commitment vs. excellence by introducing the
    Quality Awards for Teaching Research
    Administrative Staff and Students. Missed
    Gratitude to external stakeholders.
  • Challenge Which are university main
    stakeholders? Which stakeholder is more
    powerful? Important? Stakeholders hierarchy.
  • Dilemmas Quality Award for Teaching to best
    teacher derived from student questionnaires or
    peer evaluation?
  • Let external stakeholders DECIDE about
    internal QA issues as Awards. Academics
    Consultancy involvement ok, decision-making ?
  • Guidelines on evaluation procedures for Quality
    Awards have never been approved by respective
    academic body. Quality Excellence not an embedded
    part of institution Quality Culture?

acknowledgement that even the best ideas cannot
always be imported into ones own institution.
(Examining Quality Culture Part III, EUA Report
Stakeholder biased research agenda
  • Mission of UP- Research activities. Statute
    publication on peer reviewed journals No
    specification on publication quality
  • Opportunity Internal stakeholders awareness
    raising for research standards. Embedding
    quality research in institution culture. Mission
  • Academic staff Networking, recognition and
    support among disciplinary peers
  • International community seeks for high
    quality research
  • Employers are seeking for applied research
    for benefits of industry.
    stakeholder to listen?

  • Introduction of research standards reflecting
    perspectives of internal and external
    stakeholders. QA tools for research. Build a
    research database with publication. Comparative
    research potential of departments/faculties.
  • Research standards portfolio circulated to
    academic units of UP mobilizing staff through
    peer workshops to reflect

Publish or perish!
Succeeded on Triggering a debate on university
research agenda
  • Self-reflection
  • What are the main quality metrics to measure the
    research? Ethics.
  • Quantity vs. Quality. Citations, h-index, impact
    factor, ISI journals vs. Scopus
  • Convergence of academic promotion criteria in
    different countries.
  • Comparison to research productivity of regional
    and European peer departments/universities.
    Discipline-oriented evaluation standards?
  • Commercializing university research agenda
  • Obstacles identified
  • Divergence between university traditional
    research portfolio and industry research
  • No entrepreneurial spirit. Reluctance to change.
  • Promotion depends on publication but not on
    research grants. Incentives.

Failed On gathering feedback from all
departments and building the all inclusive
research database
Dont expect immediate results youre
building a culture, not a machine. (Nygaard)
Stakeholders hands-on QA strategy
Gather inputs external stakeholder needs and
requirements. Employers The best indicator of
quality is the employability and students
performance on the job market after graduation
  • Challenge Consensus on main stakeholders list
    Faculty vs. University stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders rank Importance, Influence.
  • Building a mutual beneficiary relationships
  • Our experience Bank sector the most
    responsive stakeholder

QA Strategy seeks external stakeholder involvement
  • Participation in consultancy bodies such as
    Industrial Advisory Boards.
  • Involvement in evaluation bodies such us
    Internships, on-job-trainings.
  • Exchange of information for issues at stake such
    us joint research projects, scholarships, joint
    events etc
  • Periodic feedback via questionnaires as study
    program evaluation, evaluation of university
    alumni on job performance, identification of
    study program gaps.
  • Active involvement in university life guest
    lectures, Career Fair, donations.
  • The relationship between the labor market and
    the University is in need of development. However
    due to the burgeoning nature of the labor market
    in Kosovo at the present time, addressing its
    skill needs is the proverbial case of chicken
    and egg?. Developing a System of Quality
    Enhancement in a Post-Conflict University
    Environment the Kosovo Experience (Ahma
    Ibrani 2009) http//

Peer- to- peer interface internal
stakeholders-external stakeholders
  • Voicing internal stakeholders QA experiences to
    international forums and vice versa. Moving
    from local level to international level.
  • Changing the roles of internal and external
    stakeholder- added value New opportunity for
    senior academic staff acting as member of
    external reviewer panel at international
    university. Obstacle No experience-no interest!
  • Motivating staff to take advantage of this
    opportunity. Offer appropriate trainings.
  • Nourish the Quality Culture at many levels!
  • Study visits to partner universities of
    management, academic and administrative staff.
    Reflection on strategic planning and daily
    university life.
  • Reinvent the wheel again or spread good
    principles and knowledge
  • while respecting
    institution identities

Students' role as 'participative' as active and
reflective rather than 'directive'
  • Most UP study programs equip students with
    specific study field competencies. Labour market
    needs general competencies. How to survive
    after graduation?
  • Advance student support services.
  • Foster students aspiration on their field of
    studies, their career development and their
    active participation in shaping university life.
  • Organize student-attractive trainings
  • How to approach the labor market
  • How to present yourself in a job interview
    The importance of
    internships during studies
  • Workshop on CV writing
  • Organize events with focus on students
  • Prepare students on transition from
    university to labour market.

gt10 000 students attended
Equal opportunities for all internal stakeholders
  • Equal opportunities- Inclusive Quality Culture
  • Support services to all students and staff
    achieving their academic goals.
  • For the first time university gathered in the
    same discussing table all relevant stakeholders
    Ministries Education, Health , Labour and
    Welfare, experts, students with disabilities and
    special needs
  • Obstacle Lack of NECESSARY infrastructure for
    students to attend.

  • Event venue voiced essential student needs.
  • Alumni database job opportunities, trainings,
    life-long learning opportunities, scholarships,
    networking for all regardless.
  • Student database_at_ Career Centre Registered
    students are kept informed about HE reforms,
    students role, trainings offered, job
    opportunities, volunteer work. They agreed to
    transfer their data on alumni database after

Link students with potential employers
  • Link internal stakeholders students and staff
    with external stakeholders public institutions,
    private national and international companies.
  • An opportunity Career Fair
  • Win- win scenario.
  • University reputation in society.
  • Motivate students to volunteer on joint event
    organizations. Offer them more responsibility.
    Issue volunteer certificates.
  • Motivate business community by offering them
    promotion to society. Media coverage TV.
    Possibility of talking with best students.
    Internships. Network with other national and
    international companies.
  • Academic staff motivation link with industry. A
    sponsor for your project?

Thank for your attention!