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Pre-class Activity 9/11


Pre-class Activity 9/11 Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that it undergoes. What is matter? Be prepared to give two examples of matter that can be ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Pre-class Activity 9/11

Pre-class Activity 9/11
Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes
that it undergoes. What is matter? Be prepared
to give two examples of matter that can be found
in the classroom
Chemistry and Matter
  • Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes
    that it undergoes.

Anything that has mass and takes up space
A measurement that reflects the amount of matter
  • What in the universe isnt matter?
  • Energy
  • Why arent the terms mass and weight
  • Weight is not only a measure of the amount of
    matter, but also a measure of the effect that
    gravity has on matter

Scientific Method A Systematic Approach
Draw conclusions and revise hypothesis
Theories are supported by many experiments
Theory vs. Law
Provides an explanation of what occurs in nature
Merely states what occurs in nature
Arise following many, many experiments
Qualitative vs. Quantitative
  • Hot
  • 300o

Temperature Height Mass Length
Pre-class Activity 9/14
  • A scientist owns fish that are very sensitive
    to changes in temperature. One morning, after a
    huge storm, he came into the lab only to find
    that all the fish in his tank were dead. He
    suspected that there might have been a power
    outage due to the storm, in which the power to
    the heater may have been interrupted. To test
    this, he measured the temperature of the tank,
    only to find that it is normal.

Identify the observation, hypothesis and
experiment in the paragraph above. Does the
result of the experiment support the hypothesis?
Homework Read The Milk Lab, continue with HW
assignments 1,2,3. Homework Assessment 1
Thursday 9/17, Element Quiz Friday 9/18
  • A set of controlled observations that test a
  • Key Terms
  • Variable A quantity or condition that can have
    more than one value
  • Independent Variable A variable that is changed
    by the investigator in an experiment
  • Dependent Variable A variable the changes in
    response to the independent variable
  • Control A standard for comparison

Experimental Design Example
The Effect of Temperature on the Respiration Rate
of Fish
What is the dependent variable? What is the
independent variable? What would be an
appropriate control? What is the relationship
between respiration rate and Temperature?
Pure vs. Applied Research
  • Gaining knowledge for the sake of knowledge
  • Vs.
  • Gaining knowledge to solve a specific problem

Mrs. Pavs Milk Lab Write-Up
  • Pupose To determine if milk type affects the
    migration time of food coloring in the milk
  • Hypothesis If whole milk is substituted for
    skim milk in the milk experiment, the food
    coloring will migrate slower.

Materials In addition to materials listed for
the milk lab, whole milk was added
Procedure Refer to written procedure for the
milk lab. The migration time of food coloring
was measured by using a stop watch to record the
time that it took for the food coloring to
migrate to the edge of the petri dish.
Results The time for the control (skim milk)
was 4.8 seconds. The time for the experimental
group (whole milk) was 3.2 seconds.
Conclusions The hypothesis was confirmed by the
data because the migration time of food coloring
increased for whole milk as compared to skim milk