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DNA (Do Now Activtiy) aka bellringer


DNA (DO NOW ACTIVTIY) AKA BELLRINGER Try to, in your own words, define energy ENERGY + THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS FORMS OF ENERGY KINETIC Electrical Thermal (heat ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: DNA (Do Now Activtiy) aka bellringer

DNA (Do Now Activtiy) aka bellringer
  • Try to, in your own words, define energy

Energy The Laws of Thermodynamics
Forms of Energy
  • Potential
  • Kinetic
  • Electrical
  • Thermal (heat)
  • Light
  • Motion
  • Sound
  • Chemical
  • Gravitational (height)
  • Elastic
  • Nuclear

Energy is not created or destroyed
  • The amount of energy in the universe is finite,
    though it is a very large amount, and constant
  • Energy can change forms. I.e. an electric fan
    converts electrical energy into the kinetic
    energy of the fan moving.
  • Objects can exchange energy with their
    surroundings (recall that this is one of the
    definitions of being alive)

Energy in living things is transferred by atp
  • Energy transfer molecule
  • We convert energy in food into ATP, which can
    then carry energy to where it is needed

Energy Coupling
  • In the body, endothermic and exothermic reactions
    are often connected, so that the energy released
    from one reaction can drive another reaction

Any Time energy changes forms, some energy is
lost from the object
  • The energy is not used up or destroyed, but it
    leaves the object as heat
  • The same is true of chemical reactions, there is
    always some energy lost to surroundings as heat

Every chemical reaction loses energy as heat
  • I.e. when we make a protein from amino acids, we
    lose some energy
  • This energy can no longer be used for work

So Whats the point?????
  • In everything we do, we lose energy as heat
  • So we need an energy input
  • So we eat food

Cellular Respiration
  • We convert the chemical energy in food into ATP
  • The ATP can then be used to do work
  • Examples of work
  • Flex a muscle
  • Cause a chemical reaction
  • Active transport of a molecule

But where does the energy in food come from?
  • Photosynthesis
  • Plants convert light energy into chemical energy
  • Or animals convert plants chemical energy into
    chemical energy

But where does the energy from sunlight come from?
  • Chemical reactions in the sun release heat and
    light energy
  • At some point the sun will run out of fuel and
    stop releasing energy (but not for a long time)

Energy flow of Mr. Mahon throwing a ball
  • Nuclear energy in sun ? light energy ? chemical
    energy in plant ? chemical energy in animal ? ATP
    in animal ? Kinetic energy of arm muscles ?
    Kinetic energy of ball
  • At every single one of these steps, some energy
    is lost as heat (eating really does warm you up)
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