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TDJ3M Tech Design Designing and Making Useful Objects from Duct Tape:


TDJ3M Tech Design Designing and Making Useful Objects from Duct Tape: The Wallet / Purse – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: TDJ3M Tech Design Designing and Making Useful Objects from Duct Tape:

TDJ3M Tech Design Designing and Making Useful
Objects from Duct Tape
  • The Wallet / Purse

  • The Common Duct Tape.
  • A million and one uses!

Millions of Uses. Here are some of them.
Fixing a Shoe
Taping your Vice-principal to the wall for
Fixing a broken CV Boot
Cant afford that new suit?
At last, the infamous wallet!
"Spare the ducttape, spoil the job." - Red
Green (In other words, don't spare the duct tape,
just get more!)
Dozen Red Roses, the gift that keeps on sticking!
Cheque Book
Belt and Buckle
"Uh-huh, I'm all taped up." Can be seen on the
set of the Red Green movie.
Guitar Strap
Back to school supplies. Backpack and Sandals
MacGyver Tip and duct tape in the news.
  • Reader Aaron writes in
  • When I was younger (early teens), I had a wart
    on one of my toes that wouldn't go away for
    years. I saw a podiatrist and a dermatologist,
    each of which took several turns dousing it with
    acid, freezing it, scraping it, injecting
    who-knows-what into it, and sprinkling it with
    Holy water to no effect -- I'd even tried every
    single over-the-counter wart remedy they made
    this sucker would not die. One day my dad came
    home from the pharmacist with some peculiar
    advice duct tape. My first thought was that he
    meant to affix duct tape to it, then rip it off
    like a leg waxing "ouch". No, he meant to put
    duct tape on the thing and leave it there. So, I
    started wrapping duct tape around the toe and
    leaving it there. Every week I'd snip it off,
    soak the foot in soapy water, then add another
    strip of duct tape. In a month, the monster was
    half its usual size. In two months, it was
    completely gone. Imagine that. Fourteen flavors
    of acid accomplished nothing, and duct tape
    solves it.

First things, first. It is called Duct tape,
not Duck Tape!
  • Originally designed for use to tape air ducts in
    houses where the duct work joins together.

  • There are so many brands on the market it is hard
    to know what to get. The general rule of thumb
    is You get what you pay for. Generally, the
    higher the price the better the duct tape. The
    higher priced stuff tends to be thicker,
    stronger, and more consistent. Consistency is
    very important if you want your projects to come
    out looking professional.
  • This means stay away from the utility/home shop
    grade of duct tape. It is ok for wrapping
    parcels, but this stuff is cheap and nasty. Your
    project will come out flimsy.
  • When you are first starting to use duct tape,
    stay away from the very high end stuff. The
    thicker stuff is much harder to work with.

  • You will see duct tape thickness measured in
    either mil (1/1000") or milimeters (mm). Here is
    a handy conversion table. Very roughly 1 mil
    0.025 mm. The original duct tape was 13 mil.
  • mil 8 9 10 11 12 13 mm 0.20 0.23 0.25 0.28 0.31
    0.33 I would roughly categorize the duct tape as
  • 8-9 mil is nasty utility grade
  • 10-11 mil is contractor/industrial grade
  • 12-13 mil is military grade

Medium End Grades
  • For prototyping, you cannot beat Nashua 300 tape.
    This tape is available at Home Depot as their
    "Contractor" grade. It is much thicker than
    utility tape but still very easy to work with. It
    also is a full 2" wide. The price is right too. I
    paid about 14 CDN for two 60 yard rolls. The
    problem with this tape is that the glue is close
    to the sides and the final product really picks
    up dirt.
  • If you need coloured tape, I have had very good
    luck with the Duck Tape brand coloured tape. This
    is the most readily available of the coloured
    tapes. Just be careful, the white edge of the
    tape shows up in the finished project.

High End Grade
  • For high end tapes, I like the Duck Tape brand
    Professional series. This is much thicker than
    the medium grades and has a very shiny, smooth
    finish. However, you tend to get bubbles in the
    finished project. This is about 7 CDN for 45
    yards. Gorilla Tape is really strong, though a
    bit more expensive (14 / roll)
  • For the ultimate high end duct tape, go to Lee
    Valley. They have the original duct tape,
    although in 1 7/8" width only. It is much thicker
    than regular duct tape with a smooth finish that
    crinkles. This is about 12 CDN for 60 yards.

Tools You Might Need
  • Olfa Knife
  • X-acto Knife
  • Metal Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Cutting Board
  • Duct Tape
  • Pen or Sharpie

The Duct Tape Wallet and Purse
Making the Wallet 1
  • Step 1 The first step is to create a large
    sheet of duct tape 8.5 inches by 7 inches. This
    is the key to any duct tape project, with a sheet
    of tape you can make anything! Rip a strip of
    tape at least 8.5 inches in length and place
    sticky side up on your working surface. rip a
    second piece of equal length and place sticky
    side down half way over the first strip. Fold the
    rest of the strip facing up over the second
    strip. Flip over the two strips and place a third
    strip sticky side down covering the remaining
    sticky part of the second strip. Flip the sheet
    again and continue extending the size of the
    sheet until the needed size is satisfied.

Sequence of Pictures 1-4
Sequence of Pictures 5-8
Making the Wallet 2
  • Step 2 Trim the edges, fold the wallet in half
    and tape the sides to create a large pocket to
    hold bills.

Sequence of Pictures 9-12
Making the Wallet 3
  • Step 3 To create credit/business card pockets
    create another sheet 4 by 3.5 inches.

Sequence of Pictures 13- 16
Making the Wallet 4
  • Step 4 Fold 1.5 inches over. To create two more
    pockets, repeat the step above and then tape the
    two pieces together, taping the second pocket a
    little lower on top of the first piece.

Sequence of Pictures 17-18
Making the Wallet 5
  • Step 5 Tape the edges of the pockets and then
    tape the whole piece to the large pocket. To
    create another pocket, leave the inside part

Sequence of Pictures 19
Making the Wallet 6
  • Step 6 Make a sheet of tape (as in the first
    step) larger than your ID card. Cut the sheet so
    the outside part of the frame is slightly larger
    than the height and width of the ID. Cut the
    inside .5 centimeters, (big enough you can see
    you picture and info, but small enough the ID
    can't fall through the opening. Now trim the
    outside so it is slightly larger in all
    directions than your ID. Tape three sides of this
    window to the inside of your wallet, or on top of
    the credit card holder. It'll take a some trial
    an error to get it right, but it will be a great
    addition to the wallet. When your done, the ID
    should be able to slide into the untaped side of
    the holder, and once in, not fall through the
    open window.

Sequence of Pictures 20-23
Sequence of Pictures 24
Making the Wallet 7
  • Step 7 Tape the completed pocket to the large
    pocket and again you can create an extra pocket
    if you wish by leaving the inside part un-taped.

Sequence of Pictures 25
Making the Wallet 8
  • Step 8 This is the completed wallet. There are an
    infinite ways to personalize this design. Some
    ideas I've embeded in mine are coin pockets
    within the large bill pocket and placing flaps on
    the credit card holders so business cards don't
    fall out when the wallet gets dropped.

The Finished Product 26
Add Personal Touches
  • Gromets for chain-drive wallets
  • More sticky vinyl for initials
  • Various Fruit stickers
  • Use different colours
  • Add velcro for deluxe wallets
  • Weave duct tape for textured look

Cammo Wallet
Design Brief
  • You are tasked to design and make a usable duct
    tape wallet, purse or small accessory bag to keep
    money, valuables and other personal belongings.
    The object must only be made of duct tape. You
    may use different types of duct tape but no other

Example of Corel Draw Layout for Concepts
Example of Good Ideation Process. It includes
thought process and lists ideas.
Where to Start? Links to Cool Duct Tape Stuff
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//

Duct Tape Funnies
Have fun and good luck.
  • "Duct tape is like the force It has a dark side
    and a light side and it holds the universe
    together." - Carl Zwanzig