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Global warming


GLOBAL WARMING - Wikispaces ... Global warming – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Global warming

Global warming
  • It is when the temperature of the earth increases
    globally and this happens due to affect of the
    green house gases on the atmosphere.
  • Examples of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide,
    water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane )

  • They are produced in many ways, and weve
    become desynthesised because they are involved in
    our daily lives so much so, that we dont even
    notice when we are producing them anymore.
  • For example the usage of cars, plans,
    ships,., etc.
  • especially the factories and oil refineries.

What happens globally
  • It may sound to us that all that is going to
    happen world wide is just rising up of the
    temperature, but it is not only that and we will
    also have other changes in the climate, scientist
    say that what is going to happen is that each
    state of climate will be acute in the amount of
    its happening
  • Some places might face changes in the climate.

What causes it
  • Global warming as we stated earlier is caused
    by the greenhouse gasses,
  • and this is caused due to the smoke coming out
    from factories, oil refineries,
  • cars, trucks, plans, boats,.,etc.
  • all of these gasses that come out mainly as
    smoke rise up to the upper part of the atmosphere
    (the Ozone)

  • And when they accumulate they cause the
    blocking of some of the infra-red rays that are
    coming from the sun and used to be reflected
    outside of the earth. The trapping of more of
    these rays means the increase in temperature
    world wide and that leads to all the changes in
    the temperature and in other words known as
    Global Warming.

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How it effects us
  • with all the pollution and changes in the
    temperatures and climates some of us may find
    difficulties in living and adjusting to it this
    fast, an example of this is the number of people
    that died in the 2003 heat wave in Europe
    exceeded 2000 people, animals also can be
    affected by this global climate change and here
    in Canada we are witnessing a part of this

  • we are witnessing the extinction of the polar
    bears in the North pole
  • And in other countries it caused the
    migration of animals and wild life that used to
    attracted tourist and that caused the governments
    of those countries a great loss, hence the people
    of those places have suffered a great loss them

  • In some countries it even affected the
    natural sties like in Tanzania the top of the
    famous mountain Kilimanjaro has suffered a great
    amount of melting and its ice is nearly finished
    and in a few years there will be no more
    Kilimanjaro ice beaks.

What it adds up to
  • The result of this impact will be devastating if
    we as humans dont find a solution for this
    problem soon, Drastic effects will take place if
    pollution continues like this each day. It has
    been predicted that in just less than fifty
    years, because of the remarkable rise of CO2
    levels, the temperature will increase as well

  • CO2 level is hand in hand with temperature, so
    if the CO2 levels increase, the temperature will
    increase, too, and vise versa. Also there can be
    a dramatic rise in sea levels in the next fifty
    to seventy years due to the melting ice shelves
    of Greenland and Antarctica. In fact, if that
    were to occur, sea levels will rise 20 feet.

  • This is a small graph showing us the CO2 levels
    and the temperature extending several years
    before and going up to the year 2000.

  • Here is how some places are going to turn out
    when the sea levels rise ..



  • Safety from this view we cover the people that
    believe that there is no such thing as global
    warming, and these people are one of the greatest
    things that will effect us ,because they will not
    stop or reduce the consumption of the materials
    that cause and increase this crisis,
  • and this will cause a bigger and sooner impact
    on the world.

  • Ethics from this view we will cover issues
    that relate to the ethical human life, that is
    all humans are the same and we all deserve a
    chance to live, even with animals, humans agreed
    that they are living creatures and that they
    should also be given a chance to live.
  • When we look at the issue from this point of view
    we find that,

  • A lot of people are going to be casualties of the
    mistakes of others.
  • We find that certain places will get effected
    more than others and the people living in these
    areas are going to be the ones that are greatly
    effected, even the animals fall under this
    category and even more innocent than the humans,
    because they

  • did not do anything to ruin the environment, and
    most of them are hopeless and facing extinction
    and some are have no wear to escape like polar
    bares and many others.

How do we fix it
  • There are a lot of ways to help reduce the effect
    of Global warming, we can use hybrids instead of
    regular cars that run on gasoline and diesel, we
    can start searching for new sources of energy to
    rely on instead of OIL, we can reduce the amount
    of power we use in our homes and work places. We
    can also find alternate sources of power for our
    homes and daily lives.

What is needed to study global warming
  • The branches of sciences that are needed to get
    to study the issues of global warming are a lot
    and some of them are Earth Science, Earth Science
    is just basically to study the planet Earth.
    Earth Science branches out to Geology,
    Meteorology Oceanography Astronomy
  • Chemistry ,Biology ,. etc.

Where to study those courses
  • There are several universities in Ontario
    especially that provide a variety of courses.
    There is Queens University that includes the
    Department of Geography. It branches out into
    many different courses, for instance, Human
    Geography which relates to the effects of
    globalization, multiculturalism. Earth System
    Science, this introduces the essential processes
    and interrelationships between the atmosphere,
    oceans, etc

  • There are also Geographical Perspectives on
    Global Change programs as well as Water
    Resources, and many more. Other universities
    include the University of Western Ontario where
    they provide courses such as Environmental
    Science, Ecosystem Health, Earth Science and the
    like. Also University of Toronto, York
    University, University of Waterloo, University of

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