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Persuasion See It My Way What Is Persuasion? Persuasion is a type of writing designed to change the way a reader or listener thinks or acts. Persuasive writing can be ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Persuasion

  • See It My Way

What Is Persuasion?
  • Persuasion is a type of writing designed to
    change the way a reader or listener thinks or
  • Persuasive writing can be found in
  • speeches
  • newspaper editorials
  • essays
  • articles
  • advertisements

Building an Argument
  • A sound persuasive argument consists of
  • a clearly stated opinion
  • relevant reasons for that opinion
  • evidence that supports each reason
  • Evidence may take the form of facts, statistics,
    examples, anecdotes, or expert testimony.
  • Most persuasive writing also includes a call to

Types of Persuasive Appeals
  • Logical appeals focus on facts in order to
    persuade the audiences brain that the writers
    opinion is correct.
  • Spaying Fluffy will prevent her from getting
    certain types of cancer.
  • Emotional appeals attempt to persuade the
    audiences heart of the writers opinion.
  • If Fluffy is spayed, she will be a healthier,
    happier companion.
  • Ethical appeals target the audiences sense of
    duty or of right and wrong.
  • Preventing unwanted litters of kittens is
    everyones responsibility.

Persuasive Techniques
  • Persuasive techniques often appeal to the
    audiences emotions or ethics. Extreme forms of
    persuasion are called propaganda.
  • Some persuasive or propaganda techniques include
  • loaded words
  • glittering generalities
  • bandwagon appeals
  • testimonials

Persuasive Techniques
  • Loaded words carry strong emotional associations.
  • Our awesome volleyball team won the tournament,
    pulverizing the Jarvis Highs horrible team in
    the final.
  • Glittering generalities are a kind of loaded
    words. These overwhelmingly positive statements
    ignore any evidence to the contrary.
  • Laugh-a-Minute is unquestionably the funniest
    television series ever to air.

Persuasive Techniques
  • Bandwagon appeals imply that everyone agrees
    with the writers opinion and warns readers or
    listeners not to be left out by disagreeing or
    failing to act.
  • Clearly, no one opposes recycling.
  • Dont be considered a dinosaur by failing to
  • Testimonials are endorsements by celebrities or
    other well-known personalities who have no
    connection to or expert knowledge of the product.
  • After I won the Super Bowl, what I wanted most
    was a big bowl of Malloys Chicken Chowder.
    (said by a player in the game)
  • Moms like me know that nothing keeps kids going
    like Malloys Chicken Chowder. (said by an
    ordinary Mom)

Faulty Arguments
  • Common kinds of faulty reasoning, or logical
    fallacies, to watch for include
  • circular reasoning
  • hasty generalization
  • name-calling
  • either-or reasoning
  • false cause and effect

Faulty Arguments
  • Circular reasoning occurs when the reason for an
    opinion is simply the opinion stated in different
  • Taylor Swift is the best singer in the world
    because shes so talented and good at what she
  • A hasty generalization is a statement based on
    insufficient evidence.
  • A student driver hit another car last week if we
    allow students to leave school for lunch,
    accidents will increase tenfold.

Faulty Arguments
  • Name-calling, also known as an ad hominem attack,
    occurs when a writer attacks a person who holds
    an opposing view rather than attacking the view
  • People who think students should remain on campus
    for lunch are cowards who hate freedom.
  • My opponent is a bleeding-heart liberal who is
    soft on crime.

Faulty Arguments
  • Either-or reasoning occurs when a writer
    describes a situation as though there were only
    two choices when in fact there may be several
  • If you love cats, you obviously hate dogs.
  • False cause and effect occurs when a writer
    asserts that because one event follows another,
    the first event must have caused the second.
  • Wearing the new uniforms, our track team lost
    therefore, we must return to wearing the old
    uniforms immediately.

What Have You Learned?
  • 1. Which kind of appeal does this statement make?
  • In a democracy, it is every citizens duty to
  • a. logical b. emotional c. ethical
  • 2. A sports star who endorses a soft drink is
  • a. loaded words b. bandwagon appeal c.
  • 3. Stating that people who disagree with the
    writers opinion are selfish is an example of
  • a. name-calling b. either-or reasoning c.
    false cause and effect

The End